kat bat

My cat’s name according to my family: kitkat, Kat-Bat, wubbles, dummy, trash cat, idiot number 2, khoshy, toilet cat

What his name actually is: Khoshekh

BATMAN RACEBENDING: requested by absentlyabbie

Mom thinks I’m too short. My sensei thinks I’m too ‘girly’. But just like the principles of jujitsu—I use their expectations against them. That will be their weakness. Not mine. Let them all underestimate me. Let them think they have the upper hand over the little girl. Let them relax while the adrenaline leaks out of their systems. Let them believe they’re closing their grips on a shrinking violet. And when their guard is down and their pride is rising… let me kick their butts up around their ears.”

kat graham as barbara gordon/batgirl i/oracle

Note: Abbie was talking about The Vampire Diaries don’t deserve Kat so I would love to see her play a role like this. Plus this gives me a chance to cast Gina Torres as Commissioner Gordon, but that’s for another graphic…