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Hey I just wanted to comment on the "Kill Your Gays" association with Buffy to say that they started the trope, but probably unintentionally as they were the first show at all to have a featured lesbian relationship. Tara and Willow became official only one year after American TV had their first major (out) lesbian character (All My Children's Bianca). All previous instances (3) were merely single kisses, even the lesbian wedding of Friends didn't show them kissing.

That’s very interesting to know, thanks!

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I always liked them never talking about Jesse again because I feel like that set up the real cavalier attitude the townspeople seemed to have towards mysterious disappearances and strangely violent deaths but that said it was still odd

Well, on the one hand, that’s a good point. On the other hand, the Scoobies were by definition the ones who didn’t play dumb when confronted with this stuff, the ones who were in the know and who didn’t make up lame explanations for all the weird things that were happening. 

I get what you mean, but in my opinion, there’s just something so fundamentally wrong about not mentioning someone who was such a big part of your life, especially after how the way Jesse died shaped Xander as a character. A lot of less emotionally relevant characters were mentioned during the series run after they had died, think Snyder or Larry (who, yes, had way more screen time but never truly meant anything to any of the Scoobies…) and yet Jesse was always forgotten. 

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Sorry I'm apparently blowing up your askbox tonight but I was reading your Doublemeat Palace commentary and wanted to put in my two bits for that too. Anyway, that was always one of my favorite episodes because I felt it really captured that inverted horror movie essence. The fast food setting gave the opportunity to introduce a lot of B movie stuff the show had mostly phased out right down the bad lighting

I would be such a liar if I said I don’t like having my askbox blown up, so thank you!

Even though Doublemeat Palace most definitely doesn’t make my favorite episodes list, I can totally see the appeal. The fast food industry is the perfect setting to set that eery, doomy vibe. And I kinda loved the twist.