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Monofell: Dawn of the First Day

On the First Day of Chara, Doodle gave to me…

A little spark of inspiration.

I don’t know if Doodle’d be okay with me doing this. But…well…here we are. This is just my own little attempt to fill in the blanks between the panels.

Day 1: The Flower

Monofell belongs to @pc-doodle / @monofell-au


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Apparently Ian said to focus on the “storylines” and not the ships? Honey, HONEY, there hasn’t been a real storyline since season 3. Julie Plec and Caroline Dries STOPPED storyline in season 5 for a ship YOU were a part of, they went against canon! This show has no consequences, no follow through, no actual movement, no character growth, the writers were OBSESSED with basically only illustrating Damon being lovesick for THREE seasons. Even Caroline’s storyline this season was about Steroline. Yeah Liz died and yeah she turned off her humanity because of it and what was the consequence/outcome of all that? She and Stefan have to “wait”. Elena erases her memories of Damon so she can live her life and instead of exploring a storyline revolved around Elena reinventing herself or rediscovering herself the “consequence” of that action was simply that Damon had to get her to fall in love with him again. Tyler’s storyline was falling for Liv. Matt’s storyline was… … Enzo was obsessed with Sarah. Alaric’s storyline was Jo and vice verse. The only actual storyline that was good was the conflict between Kai and! Bonnie and guess what? Julie killed Kai! So if you want the audience to stop focusing on the ships, TELL THE WRITERS TO WRITE A GOOD STORYLINE.

martinstilinsk  asked:

oh my god i'm so sorry that the cast said those things, it's all uncalled for especially the hypocritical comment ginny said, you know what screw the show fanfiction is more often than not way better than the actual show itself. i hope you read some nice fluffy swan mills fam fics and curl up by the fire and drink some hot chocolate or whatever because you don't deserve to be feeling like this, k?

i love u a lot you’re such a great friend, kat i wish i could hug you right now!!! the fact that i can’t hug you is stressing me out!! thanks a&e

and btw… u bet ur ass im gonna read fluffy swan mills fam fics aksjhfsaf

Y’all. Y’ALL. [Spoilers]

I was going to watch TVD 7x10 and do my review of it even though I was sure that TVD moved to Fridays but then my friend texted me what happened and I just couldn’t bother because holy shit did I not CARE. None of it sounded appealing. What she texted me: “Omg now I feel guilty for watching this instead of doing my work!”

Like, bruh. This is bad. I remember when TVD was like, “Work can WAIT. It’s Thursday and TVD is ON.”

So this was a Damon-centric episode. Shock. And it revolves around the fact that Damon has to admit to feeling guilty about being rude to Lily when she was dying for him to be able to wake up and get out of the Phoenix Stone because he’s reliving a moment in his history, the first time he got blood on his hands, and at that time he wanted Lily to comfort him. This is his hell, guys. This is what JP and CD saw fit to punish Damon with in a stone that’s meant to torment you with your worst experiences. Oh and Stefan is already out of his Phoenix Stone so we don’t even see what his experiences are because who cares when you’ve got Damon to coddle?

And then when he wakes up, he thinks he’s still in hell or whatever and he stabs Caroline in the stomach, snaps Matt’s neck, knocks Stefan unconscious and he slams Bonnie against a wall so hard that she bleeds. And when I read that my first instinct was, I don’t care because everyone is going to forgive him in some capacity anyway. Him stabbing Caroline is probably why Alaric is short with him in the flashforwards and why there’s tension but even that, there’s ONLY tension. I mean sure there may be more than tension in the episodes to come but I mean Damon put Alaric’s children at risk, he stabbed Caroline in the BELLY, there should be more than tension, there should be a constant “stay the FUCK away from me and my family unless you want to DIE” vibe happening, idgaf if he did come out of a hell dimension place, which he got out of because he admitted to wanting his mother (I still can’t get over this).

And Bonnie. Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie. She spends months trying to get Damon out of the Phoenix Stone. She manages to get Stefan out. And apparently Stefan is short with Bonnie throughout the episode for not being able to get Damon out and then when she manages to get Damon out, he’s ungrateful, and then later on he slams her against a wall and harms her. AGAIN. My friend doesn’t really pay much attention to Bonnie’s treatment but even SHE texted:

“N u know at some point I thought there was going to be some sort of break through in the show. Cuz when bonnie “brought him back” the first time he’s all ungrateful *again* to her. N she’s all like ur welcome … n I’m exhausted I just used up all my magic to get u out. N in the present stefan is getting snippy at bon for not bing able to get Damon out. N I’m just like umm… ok this is more bonnie bashing than normal. But it led to nothing.”

No one can tell me that JP isn’t illustrating some anti-black treatment toward Bonnie and that there seems to be some sort of conscious-subconscious vendetta against the character AND Kat because no one puts a character through seasons of being mistreated and used and hurt and put down and have that character NOT snap and break and turn against the people who did this to her. It just does not happen, if there is a character who has been treated like Bonnie has, there is a point where that character says ENOUGH and dipsets or explodes. If the fucking Mindy Project can have an episode in which Mindy feels like she’s being taken for granted and so leaves the office and the practice falls apart without her and people come running to her begging for forgiveness and for her help then TV-fucking-D can DO THE SAME THING. And I’m sorry, I’m just going to say it I feel like it’s some sort of jealousy. I don’t know. I pay attention to the way Ian and Paul act around Kat, I have posts about it, the dynamic these three have, the chemistry these three have, this need Paul and Ian seem to have to get all of Kat’s attention, this inherent competitiveness that happens when those two are together around Kat (no one is saying it’s romantic but it’s there), I just feel like Julie can’t take it and she takes it out on Bonnie. Or any time Kat has some serious onscreen chemistry with a male lead like Kai or Kol (not much of a Kolonnie fan but I can appreciate good fucking eye sex) that has to be shut DOWN immediately. NO ONE CAN TELL ME THAT THIS ISN’T PERSONAL.

Edit: I have just been informed that Damon stabbed Caroline in the chest. So I mean, yay for not doing something to deliberately harm the fetuses specifically but like dude, you have a thing for maiming pregnant women. You still put Car and the children at risk. So like.