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hey kat, i'm kind of in a really bad place right now, so i was wondering if you had any cute pet headcanons you could share? maybe about team 7 or the rookie 9, to be more specific

(Happy AU, as always, because I am 157 cm of fluff incarnate. 💕)

- “I’m going to be Hokage!” is their catchphrase

- For everything

- as in “Naruto you stole my dumpling!” “Yeah, well, I’m going to be Hokage!”

- or “Sasuke make me a cup of tea.” “I’m going to be Hokage Sakura make your own tea.”

- Kakashi has no idea what to do with this, so he warily encourages them

- Right up until he realizes it is the world’s best goad

- “Maa, Sakura, you’re looking very Kage-like standing on the water so easily maybe other people should practice more because this is definitely a skill Hkage should have”

- *cue stampede to learn water-walking*

- or “Hokage need to be able to do paperwork quickly, so whoever can finish theirs and mine first definitely has the makings of Hokage”

- Iruka is horrified because they had whole classes on manipulation,  shouldn’t Sakura at least recognize these techniques??

- The joke’s on Kakashi, though: Team 7 definitely makes his life as hard as humanly possible with their competitiveness. 

- Who can train longer than Gai? Who can scale the Hokage Mountain first using only their hands? Who can eat the most ramen in one sitting?

- Gai is Overjoyed, clearly his Greatest Rival has the Most Youthful Team besides his own.

- Team 9 gets dragged into comparisons, and when they start to lose, things get Personal. 

- Of course, challenging Team 7 is somewhat like dropping a lit match into a tank of petrol, so. 

- Sarutobi gets the damages reports and breaks out the sake. He’s Too Old for this shit. 

- Puppy piles are totally a thing. Random puppy piles, because Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke tend to keep going until they drop where they’re standing and the other two then use them as a bed. 

- Once a week at least Kakashi stumbles out of his bedroom before his morning coffee, trips over them, and lands flat on his face. 

- About 70% of why he signs them up for the Chuunin Exams is so that they’ll become someone else’s responsibility and stop sleeping on his floor. 

- (Ha. They will never stop sleeping on his floor. Kakashi knows over 1k jutsus and he will Never Get Rid of Them.)

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Au where KAKASHI is somehow the one to die/commit suicide(that sounds wrong cause of his dad's death but) and Rin is the one left alive. What would Obito do??? What would Rin??? Minato and Kushina??? Idk don't ask me

Rin never thought she would survive the war. 

Not ever. Not really. Not after Obito, Kakashi, Minato, Kushina. But she did, survived and grew and lived, and now - 

Now this is her price, she thinks, staring at the three faces in front of her as she tries to hide the tremble in her hands. 

Uchiha Sasuke, last loyal Uchiha and prodigy.

(NO, Obito had screamed, dragged down into the earth by a twisted shape, stark and horrifying under a red moon.)

Haruno Sakura, top kunoichi with a head full of a little girl’s dreams.

(The splatter of blood, the way the light faded from Kakashi’s eyes as her sword punched through his chest.)

Uzumaki Naruto, jinchuuriki and orphan, worth everything and nothing in Konoha’s eyes.

(She feels the stirring inside her, thinks the name she never allows herself to use. Thinks of the stark-black seal on her stomach and Minato’s hands drawing it, desperate to seal the beast into someone again before another nation stole its power.)

“Morning!” she says, and smiles at them, three children in shades of innocence, entirely unprepared for the world that’s about to swallow them whole. And it’s her job to make sure that world only takes pieces of them, leaves just enough behind that they can still be useful. “I’m Nohara Rin, your jounin sensei. It’s so nice to meet you.”

The second episode of Season 7 “fills in what happened with Emma after the end of Season 6,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis. As it does so, Kitsis says that fans of Emma, Hook and the “happy beginning” that they earned will “feel happy, and relieved and, like anything, they’ll want more.

[x] Eddy Kitsis

These are good words. I LIKE THEM.

(and, if you’ll pardon my salt - they came out of Eddy’s mouth, which is a lovely, if surprising, change of tone from him… in the eleventh hour…)


Favorite Dominic & Katherine moments → #7

[Kat impresses Dom by saying (without actually saying), she made out with people without it being a relationship]

K: We were talking about this today, has it [Clary & Jace] ever really been a relationship?
D: It hasn’t been a relationship.
K: It hasn’t, it’s been an almost. So many times.
D: We like made out a few times, but there are a bunch of people I made out with that I’m not in a relationship with. Not anymore… So much… But in my past.. Like, you can’t tell me every person you’ve ever… [made out with is a relationship]
Maybe you [Kat], ‘cause you’re quite innocent and lovely and Angelic.
K: No.
D: No?
K: No.
D: No?
K: No.
D: Well, on screen doesn’t count.
K: No, I’m saying no.
D: Good for you!
K: Yeah, thank you!
D: Yeah, get it girl!

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Sees art of Obito with kittehs. Dies. Resurrects to think, 'Transformation jutus. PEOPLE COULD BE ANIMAGI.' Now I have a want for Obito and A MASSIVE WHITE WOLF DOG (with an eye scar and Sharingan) because Kakashi would turn into a massive wolf dog to not have to do anything. Paperwork? Sorry, zero opposable thumbs. Actually teach kids? Nope, gonna chase them to raise their endurance. (Sad feels: being a wolf dog to avoid dealing with everyone dying.... TAT)

“I swear to god, you are the biggest asshole in existence,” Obito tells the massive white wolf-dog sprawled across the couch. He gets a happy huff in response, and Kakashi rolls over, offering his belly. 

“No,” Obito says flatly, crossing his arms over his chest. “No, you do not get belly rubs for traumatizing your genin. I am the one who had to convince them it was safe to come out of the Forest of Death. Do you know what Kushina would have done to you if you were the reason her son got eaten by a giant bear? Because I don’t think puppy eyes would save you.”

Kakashi rolls over, whines, and drops his head on his paws, giving Obito a pitiful look. 

Obito knows exactly what that one means, and he narrows his eye. “You bastard. I am fully aware you dragged me out of that cave-in, but even that isn’t enough to get me to ward Kushina off of you forever. Man up, and I mean that fucking literally, you jerk.

There’s a long, considering pause. Then Kakashi groans loudly, heaves himself off the couch - 

And slinks under the coffee table.


“I hate you,” Obito tells him. “Fine. Sleep there. I’m locking the bedroom door. Good luck getting in without opposable thumbs tonight, asshole.”

  • The Vampire Dairies: 2009-2017
  • Pretty Little Liars: 2010-2017
  • Teen Wolf: 2011-2017
  • Rip my life ><

The Bold Type | Season 1 Episode 7: New Promo