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I freakin hate cheating and hate that a lot of tv shows have storylines like that for drama when they can do literally anything else. But how often do we get a show with a Muslim lesbian and a black queer girl? Together? Can you let people enjoy things? Some people finally feel represented and seen because of these characters and this relationship. It’s important and I’m going to continue to support them. It’s not perfect but I still love it.

“dumbledore’s gay!!1!1! but it wasn’t relevant to harry’s journey!!1!” two can play that game then; in fact, the entire hogwarts staff is gay! madam hooch? lesbian. professor sprout and madam pomfrey? they’re married! madam pince is a snippy recluse with what she thinks are unrequited feelings for professor grubbly-plank. professor mcgonagall and professor sinistra exchange sappy letters via owl from their respective towers.

and it was never mentioned because it wasn’t relevant to harry’s journey

#Lams for Kat

Ok OK so heres how this is gonna work

As most of you know, Kat (also known as mydearjack) has been away at rehab. So I was thinking, to show our support we could all stockpile and make Lams drawings for them.

For five days starting tomorrow, I’ll post a one word lams prompt for you to either draw, write or whatever you want to do for it. The point is, overload the tag with nice messages art and writing to surprise them when they get back.

A lot of people are always hating on Kat and saying her portrayal of Clary is awful. And it breaks my heart because you can tell how excited she always is about the show and her character, she’s always trying to answer questions about Clary in the most professional way and it always puts a smile on my face when she starts a video with “hello, angels”. She might not be the best actress but I’m so tired of watching actors and actresses not really being into their own shows and characters, I’m grateful to have such a lovely young girl play a fighter and be excited about it.

I’m so tired… don’t have the energy to write. I’m sorry guys. :(

But, some good news… for me anyways. I get my herbst braces taken off tomorrow, which will be such a relief, although my actual “braces” will still be there for another year or so. But at least I get to get THIS thing out of my mouth! :D *happy dance*