kat-hat  asked:

If I may ask, who is the blonde Kak? The one that isn't from JJBA. I've seen him referenced in JJBA posts.

He’s one of the many Clamp Kakyoin Rip Offs. Specifically Angel Kakyoin (Kohaku) from Wish. Not to be confused with

Archangel Kakyoin

Hot Topic Demon Kakyoin

Glasses Kakyoin

Whiny Kakyoin

And so on

i finished wind waker today, FINALLY… as i started it like two years ago and have been trying to chip away at it (even tho this summer i just restarted it all together)

it was really good, i totally get how it’s many ppl’s fav zelda games!! it was very good if not quite tricky, hehe. great style and great cast of characters!