Bonnie: Let him go.
Cade: And why should I do that? Damon sold his soul to me.
Bonnie: Like you said, we share the same gift. I won’t let you take him without a fight.
Cade: I was hoping you’d say that, but I warn you: if you attempt to keep Damon’s soul on this plane, your mind will surely shatter.
Bonnie: I… said… no!
Cade: Or maybe your body will give out first, leaving Elena Gilbert to wake up in a world without her lover or best friend.
Bonnie: Shut up!
Cade: For the last time, release Damon, or risk losing more than him.

When you notice shattering gems is not exactly killing them…

Is more like breaking them apart so theres little pieces of their mind spread around and they can still regenerate portions of their bodies to look for the others and be whole again…

Why no one is talking about that?