When they met for the first time Kärmes wasn’t gaseous like he usually is and he almost died. Long story and I’m not going to write it, the point is Kärmes was making a cool escape from a place and Kasvoton was also escaping from another place and Kärmes was dying because of the coldness and wetness, fire is his thing not snow and then on top of that Kasvoton tried to eat Kärmes
later they became best buddies its magical, also a long story

1. Holding hands, also titled holding an arm alternatively Kärmes is really bored and is complaining and Kasvoton doesn’t get it 

ericandy’s 30 day OTP challenge: “You can use any fandom you like” more like yes you should use your lame OCs!! Also this is more of a friendship otp or something uhh ok not really but it’s not a romance either it’s just otp 5ever……
Uh what? I haven’t even finished the 30 day monster girl/guy challenge yet? Pfftftfhfthf no no noo can’t hear youuu