Microscopic thread embroidery of the Kasuti

Microscopic thread embroidery of the Kasuti - Craft depicting Medieval India

Kasuti embroidery, a fine handicraft that involves threadwork in the miniature and minuscule variety, is done on the handloom saree varieties as Ilkal, Kanjeevaram and Mysore Silk though it can also be done on other exclusive varieties.

It generally has patterns like gopura (an ornate monumental entrance to a Hindu temple), temple gateways, chariots of deities, palanquin, lamp pillars and conch…

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Delicate, Intricate & Elegant: Kasuti

Indian embroidery is a mélange of distinctive styles. No wonder, an Indian woman’s wardrobe is ever hungry to possess a piece of every state! Embroidery lovers are in for a treat at The Handmade Collective-III (Oct 31-Nov.04, 2012). On display will be an impressive range of Kasuti work on Ilkal saris, accessories & khadi kurtis! Take a peek at what will be showcased at the festival.Exquisite, classy, chic & elegant clutch purses at the Kai Krafts stall  that I am sure, will fly off the shelves in no time!Pair this up with an evening wear & see your style quotient shoot up.These also make great souvenir and gift ideas!

Kasuti embroidery is a unique craft of Uttara Karnataka district or North Karnataka district. Motifs of chariots, birds, animals and flowers, bearing a close resemblance to Rangoli (floor art) are typical Kasuti patterns.The famous Ilkal saris of Karnataka also owe their popularity to the fine Kasuti embroidery that adorn the saris. It is a tradition to have a couple of Kasuti saris thrown in as part of a bridal trousseau in Karnataka.Kasuti embroidery designs range from simple geometrical patterns to highly elaborate and complex designs. This delicate embroidery is done by counting the threads of the weft and the warp of the fabric.  The other unique feature of this craft is that the front and the reverse of the embroidery look the same! This craft was traditionally done and is still practiced by women. A fascinating feast for the eyes & the senses, Kasuti comes transformed in contemporary forms defining richness, style & elegance. Take home this irresistible piece of Karnataka @ The Handmade Collective-III (Oct 31-Nov 04, 2012).  #4, Ashley Road, Off Brunton Road (Behind Hotel Ajanta), Near Trinity Metro Station, Bangalore.

                   –Blog post by Gita Venkat, volunteer, A Hundred Hands