Well found the game to the cute plus-size girl.
Yeap, a lovely groping game. 


Lollipop Chainsaw [P4] Fat Female Characters In Gaming & Killing Zed 

Today I talk about Kurumi, the full-figured character from the game that’s never going to get made, Hachi Koi, and I kick Zed ass.

Brevity is the Soul of Wit, Divides...

*Makes long post in response to a blog chain regarding Kasugaoka.*  

*Realizes he could have just summed up the first two paragraphs with:  "Well, I HAVE already seen some overweight women in anime, but… they do tend to be tragically “Gonk”.“*  

Would have been a much easier read, and, relatedly, would also mean I wouldn’t have to worry if people are going to come to the false conclusion that I’m trying to be argumentative.  WHOOPS!  

Especially considering my ultimate point was just how much I adore Kasugaoka for… well… looking adorable :-p.