-For Kasumisty, in honor of my birthday!-

A forest like a cathedral, the trees taller than buildings and of so many kinds that to a proper botanist it would be been evidence of an intent behind the forest, something more than the mindless scramble for survival and competition that made a natural forest. Oaks stood with elms, birches under the shadow of towering redwoods, palm trees twisting around taller but broken trees like living crutches to hold them upright and save them, and mixing through the roots of them all were the sprawling roots of a mangrove tree that was nearly several miles in diameter and the core of the forest.

Here, in a place where the branches of all these different trees had aligned to shift just so, bending in such a way that the canopy of their collective layers opened up and let down the sunlight, the darkness illuminated was a beautiful sight. Soft and comforting, like a peaceful blanket pulled around the senses, coating the sharp edges of the world in gentle shades. The surface of the trees, ragged and craggy and smooth and plated all in their own idiosyncratic turn, were like a city in miniature, and reflected the light in curious and beautiful ways.

A hand pressed against the bark, slender fingers nudging gently against the crags of the bark and fingernails (untrimmed and shaped into nearly claw-like shapes), tapping inquisitively against the surface.

Short hair rustled against a feminine jawline, and a smile broke out on the face of Tomas the forest wizard. He looked up at the immense forest, all these different and diverse trees together in harmony, their natural energies coursing around him as though he were the riverbed that the water moved through, and he smiled wide.

Around him, much larger than him (though mostly in length than girth), was the pink shape of a rainicorn, long and strong and flying through the air as gentle as a leaf on the wind. A cutely rounded equine head turned to regard him curiously, blond curly hair flopping around extremely cute glasses.

After a moment, Kasucorn regarded Tomas and said, “You did all this?”

Tomas nodded, more than a little shyly. “Y-yeah. I did.”

Kasucorn clapped, her hooves coming together with a loud click, hard and strong. She flew up, her tail swishing by and sliding over his back, seemingly unaware of it. Tomas blushed bright, looking up at her and grinning like a silly boy.

Up flew Kasucorn, higher and higher, and her body was a pink tracery up high, moving among the branches. She loudly said, “This is amazing!”

Tomas kept grinning. “You really think so? I just, I just thought it was a waste with the wasteland here and no one living here or doing anything, so I just… y’know. Made some trees.”

He considered, looking around the forest speculatively. The root by his foot was bigger than his house.

“Okay, I might have gotten kind of ambitious,” he conceded.

“It’s very impressive,” Kasucorn said, flying down. Her thick and beautiful body curled around Tomas, and he gave a startled squeak as she landed, her underside on the ground and her nearly twenty foot long body around him like the coils of a snake, tightening around prey that didn’t even know it was doomed until it was far too late.

Her blonde mane flipped to one side, bright against her pink. Tomas stared, dazzled by the colors, and giggled nervously. “You really, you think it’s good? I was thinking of going to Wizard Town and showing some people-“ He stopped. He reddened, shifting from side to side. “But a lot of the wizards there are jerks. I don’t think they’ll like it.”

Kasucorn threw her hair. “Of course they will. Look at what you did, it’s amazing.”

“…if you say so…”

“I know so!” A coil nudged against his belly, and he giggled. “C’mon, trust me.”

Tomas smiled. “Okay.”

Kasucorn suddenly faced him, her face in front of him. “Do you for sure trust me?” she said, suddenly authoritative.

“Yeah,” Tomas said, blinking and eyes wide.

Her coils tightened, all around him. And Tomas realized that he was trapped a moment before her pink body wrapped snugly around him, pinning his arms and legs together. Slowly she floated up, Tomas in her grasp, the small boy squirming delightfully against her body. He stared up, afraid for a moment, and relaxed as her face neared, submitting to her will.

“Good, then!” Kasucorn said cheerfully, and kissed him.