I can’t stop watching this. This video always inspires me to make an awesome cosplay and go to Katsucon or Otakon. Someone should go with me!


D --> Katsucon 2

(( ooc: I was going to write a post in character about when I went to the spa earlier today but too tired right now.

I met some really cool people at the Homestuck Draw Meet. Also at the 6 PM, but I missed the Q&A in the morning which made me a sad pony. :<

I spent the first half of the Homestuck Draw Meet writing humorous notes as Equius telling people to draw Dirk and Equius as centaurs. I think I managed to collect them back at the end. I hope no one found them obnoxious. I should have a number of entries for CentaurQuest, though. >:3

Which reminds me, I’m also totally interested in centaur fanfiction or fan songs. Though I can’t commission that since it’s not allowed. I may try my hand at writing some too… ))

So I’m home for katsucon and it was really fun and i got to see a lot of old friends. 2 people recognized me from my tumblr which blow me away. 

Im going to take a nap now then upload some of my pictures and show you all my sweet loot.