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hold on, they said that there wouldn't be 7 seasons anymore? and then said that season 4 would be the last? i didn't know either of those... :( when did they say that, could you link to the interview/article please?

At the beginning, the show has planned as airing 7 seasons – it would include all the books. But they they couldn’t get the rights of characters like Clarice Starling And Buffalo Bill, MGM didn’t give, so they had to give up on Silence of The Lambs story arc. Then, Bryan Fuller had said on his Twitter, season 4 (or 5 I can’t remember, sorry) would be the finale of the show. 

I saw those news on several sites, also on here and twitter, sorry, couldn’t find link…

Now we’re hoping that one of other tv channels might air season 4 & 5.

kastour asked:

4, 13, 16, 39, 40, 41, 45, 46. i expect an equal or greater amount of questions from this list in my ask.

4: Favorite region?

Maybe like Sinnoh? ahhh I’m not sure, I’m thinking of it in terms of just geography and I seem to remember Sinnoh having some pretty cool locations.

13: Favorite human character?

Gary Oak, as if you had to ask. Also N is a really interesting character, the way he’s written. He’s normal and sincere with a touch of crazy which makes him believable.

16: First lv. 100?

Well this is awkward. I’ve never actually gotten a Pokemon to lvl 100 ._. I planned for my first one to be a wild lvl 100 Magikarp from the Resort Area, but after hours of trying to find one, the best I got was a lvl 99. Yes, I could just level it up once but that’s not the point.

39: Most treasured Pokémon?

Gonna go to the TCG here for a sec. I think my most treasured card would be my Gardevoir ex. It was my first (and only) ex that I pulled at the time and one of the only times I had the upperhand over my friend in terms of rarity who got cards but the buttloads. It is so awesome and shiny. Alternatively, the collection of Unown cards my girlfriend gave me which spelled I LOVE YOU which was pretty cool and awesome.

40: If you could put one thing into Black 2 and White 2, what would it be?

A more mature plot. BW’s plot was a step in the right direction and I know we’ll never see a Pokemon game with a higher ESRB rating than an E, but a really dark Pokemon game could be interesting…

Alternatively, the ability to erase HMs on the go. Or you know what? Just get rid of cut. I’d be happy.

41: Least favorite human character?

The rival/best friend from fourth gen. I RAN INTO YOU, 1 MILLION DOLLORZ PLZ LOLOLOL. That got old fast.

45: Ever attempted a Nuzlocke run? Did you succeed?

I did on Red. Things were going mostly smoothly until the cave after the first gym. I’ll never forget that Rock Grunt’s Raticate that killed them all. The thing is, I probably could have beat him if I’d planned more carefully. I just got worked into a frenzy after the first death. Their blood was on my hands.

46: Would you approve of a sixth generation?

So long as there are interesting and compelling reasons to keep me playing, then why not? Also more Pokemon is a good thing. I might get some flak here, but I almost hope to see thousands one day… The depth a game like that could offer would be incredible. I also assume that the Pokemon formula would change a bit by then