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*casually transplants my own thoughts about icarus onto one of my original characters partly because, in that shiny new context, they’re a convenient way for me to explore said oc’s feelings of self-loathing because it doesn’t even take a psych 101 class to listen to him talk about icarus and get that he’s actually talking about himself — and partly because basically all of the most popular readings of icarus from about the romantics forward annoy the shit out of me*

(like yes, the original icarus story was blatantly an attempt at going, “listen to your parents all the time without any room for error or else you will literally die” — but man, that doesn’t change how icarus legit did something totally asinine. i mean, the story can easily be used to cow kids into behaving however their parents want, just like the pro-conformity fairy tales that guillermo del toro points out in his one quote about how you can have repressive fairy tales or anarchic fairy tales. but solely within the context of the story, icarus is just told not to do something dangerous because it will get him killed.

he comes from privilege, given how respected and well-off daedalus was until he and icarus got tossed in prison because theseus made off with ariadne and couldn’t be punished for killing asterion. still, icarus has no GOOD reason to think that the basic rules of reality — i.e., “these wings are held together with wax; heat melts wax; the sun is hot. therefore, if you fly too close to the sun, the wax will melt and the wings will fall apart and you will crash into the ocean and die” — do not apply to him. but that would imply that icarus is even thinking, which he isn’t.

there is no actual rebellion in any of his actions because he doesn’t think about anything he does or do any of it with a purpose. he gets a thrill, he chases the thrill past the point of potentially lethal danger, and he dies. that’s it, that’s the grand story of icarus. a good modern analogy for him, a good way to explain him and his story without painting it too nicely, would be a guy who gets himself killed by base-jumping without taking all the proper safety precautions because he’s like, “ugh, fuck, that’s so boring, what even is the point of listening to all of that boring safety shit, i have a trust fund, it doesn’t apply to me.”

which is so close to how this particular oc views himself that…… hey, why would i even pass up the chance to dig into his characterization and also vent my ongoing annoyance with nearly two centuries of people treating icarus like some big tragic rebel just because his father was usually a fuckbishop and some assholes have spent an even longer amount of time telling the story as a way to terrify children into toeing lines that are not usually as legitimate as, “do not do this blatantly dangerous thing, you will literally die.”)

Five things that make me cry like a baby every time:

* Jadzia’s reunion with Kor in “Blood Oath.”

* “Oh, there was a time when I was a power…” and basically everything Garak and Julian say or do to each other in “The Wire.”

* Jack: “How long have you known?”
Ten: “Ever since I ran away from you.”

* “Hey, dick. Read your dumb email. Really enjoyed it. Guess what: you may have been my BEST friend, but we both know I was your FIRST friend. And what I know but you don’t know, because you have mental issues, is that you’re never going to have another one. Because (all caps) NOBODY ELSE WILL EVER HAVE MY PATIENCE WITH YOU.” (Troy Barnes, four-part text message, “Pillows and Blankets.”)

* “We’re inside a locker. It’s where I spent a lot of time in junior high. …I’m not stupid. You can see I’ve increased the square footage. It’s a metaphorical locker. It’s a place where people like me get put when everyone’s finally fed up with us. …I’ve run the simulations, Annie. I don’t get married. I don’t invent a billion-dollar website that helps people have sex. I don’t make it into Sundance, Slamdance, or Dance-Pants — Troy invents Dance-Pants in 2019; don’t tell him, he needs to stumble onto it.” (Abed Nadir, “Virtual Systems Analysis.”)

Who just looked at Sirius/Remus fanart and seriously thought it was Dean/Cas femslash until she noticed that “Dean” was shorter than “Cas” and had mysterious scars on her face? And then had to read the tags and caption before she got that it was from a different fandom entirely?

hint: yeah, no, it was me. …whoops?

So, I just offered to write Sterek and don’t know how I feel about this. But in my defense, the friend I offered to write it for had a truly horrific day and I’d like to make her smile. Just, until I get her list of favorite kinks for the two of them, I’m sort of staring at them and going, “uhhhhhh… I don’t even have any idea of how to start this or where to start with you knuckleheads. :/”

…I know that my headcanon is that “Stiles” is a nickname from Scott, though. Because they met when they were like five, and he couldn’t really spell or pronounce Stiles’s first or last names, and Stiles was super-stoked that someone gave him a nickname, and that’s when they became best friends. Because they were five and that’s how best friendship works when you are five.

and my headcanon for cis girl Rule 63!Stiles and Scout (cis girl Rule 63!Scott) is the same thing, just… Stiles’s first name is Genya, which is a diminutive of “Yevgeni,” like how “Genim” is supposed to be a feminine name, and she was named for her maternal grandmother. but this is another story entirely.
1. You know what I relate to? Megara from Disney’s Hercules saying that she has weak ankles. (this is a roundabout way of saying that I sort of toppled over and twisted my ankle while walking back to my car after class tonight. not very badly, but enough to be massively irritating and vaguely uncomfortable.)

2. Dude, I wish I had Tumblr Savior on LJ. mostly so I wouldn’t need to stop following certain comms I really like, because I could just block the entries in them that I really don’t want to look at.

3. On the plus, I figured out how to tie the disparate elements of one fic together while driving home, and it involves Cas and Anna freaking out and pulling knives on each other in Sam ‘n’ Jess’s kitchen while Jessica stands there going OKAY I AM JUST NOW GETTING USED TO THE IDEA THAT DEAN AND CAS ARE BROTHERS WHO HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER, WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE. .___.

(in fairness, Cas and Anna have no idea what’s going on here either, or why they’re looking at someone with a human face and seeing angel!face, and it’s probably lucky for everyone that Sam and Dean are out of the flat, because otherwise both of them would be dying of either embarrassment with their fuck-head brother for holding a knife at one of Jess’s friends, or trying to tackle Cas which excuse you, Dean, is not exactly approved behavior for someone whose recently-seriously-broken leg is still healing.)

…basically, I figured that the dangling loose end of Azazel was a potential road to go with tying stuff together, and… I can’t not see Azazel as an angel. which brought up, “is Cas a fallen angel or not.”

and basically, it’s more fun to assume “yes” because it leads to things like, “conveniently, there is a hunt around Stanford, so Dean and Cas can stop going stir-crazy with not killing monsters. inconveniently, its name is Gabriel and Cas flips his shit a little bit in the middle of the, 'put stake in Trickster’ phase of the plan because hoLY SHIT, PEOPLE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE SIX BLAZING WINGS OR LOOK LIKE THAT, THAT IS *NOT* A PAGAN GOD, IT’S SO MUCH WORSE.

Dean: …no, shit, fuck, uhm, no, it’s definitely… you’re totally a pagan god right, Trickster.

Gabriel: ………yes. >_>”

and Azazel skulking around, terrorizing Cas, Sam, and Anna because… hmmm. well, if your brothers are going to save your girlfriend and you’re going to insist on staying at Stanford, Sammy, he’s just going to have to fuck with you. Like a LOT.

…also, this is the AU where Jessica is an anthropology grad student and keeps trying to turn Dean and Cas into a case study, which Dean doesn’t mind but Cas uses as a excuse to justify REALLY NOT LIKING YOU JESSICA (which is really more based on Dean ogling Jessica in her Smurfs t-shirt, because sometimes, this Cas Winchester is a petty, jealous little fuckbishop).