kassie depaiva


(on what Blair would do differently in the new year) “Maybe take a couple of her red dresses out of her closet and save them only for Todd.” – Kassie DePaiva, Soap Opera Digest, January 2, 2007

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Eve: There’s a part of me–I mean, a very detached part of me who knows that the way I feel about Jennifer is really screwed up and has been for a really long time. But it doesn’t help that everybody in this town–I mean, absolutely everybody–thinks that she walks on water, and that everything is just my fault, has to be. All my fault. Well, it’s not my fault. It’s not all my fault, anyway. I’ll never forgive or forget what her son did to my daughter, what he put her through. You know, Jennifer’s not blameless, either, here. Okay, you know, here I go, I start, and–I start and I just can’t stop. But I gotta stop. Gotta stop, ‘cause it just takes me to a bad place, and I can’t go there, because my daughter needs me.

Eric: You know, I think telling me what you just told me was really brave. 

Eve: That’s not brave. Talking. Changing how you think and what you do, now that’s brave. Eric, you really helped me tonight, so thank you.