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Shark Emoji Review

A big friendly shark with an adorable shine in their eye! Traditional colors, possibly a great white? Looks like they’re about to ask you how you’ve been and give you a hug. 10/10

Looks like a meany, but is a tough guy with a heart of gold. Pretty shade of blues, like a blue shark! Not as detailed as Apple, but still ready to do business. Will beat up anyone who hurts you and give you a kiss. 10/10

A bold lil fella (pun intended) who ends up getting into pretty risky situations! Cute face of shock, yet curiosity and wonder. Very simple look of a not-so-simple great white. A good baby. 10/10

Don’t confuse this one for a dolphin! This is a shark through and through! Has the curious and gentle face of a thresher, yet no long tail. That doesn’t stop them! I support them. 10/10

Apple’s smaller, and not as detailed, sibling. That isn’t anything bad! Gentle colors and a tiny face to support such a cute shark. Most likely also has a Facebook and posts how much they love their friends. 10/10

Big and shy pal. What has you so sad? Could really use a hug. But, when they hug back, it feels like hugging a teddy bear! An ambigious shark. Cute color that fits their character. 10/10 (+a hug)

Looks like they just took a picture of a random great white. What a beautiful picture though! Looking good! 10/10

Dude with an attitude. A beautiful and confident smile that could draw in anyone. Their dream is to one day have a motorcycle gang and rule the sea. No one tell them it’s hard to ride a motorcycle with fins. 10/10 (+wishes for the best)

Ahh!!! Scared you, didn’t they? Looks like they look up to Jaws! A big fella with cute lil eyes and gleaming teeth. Wants to be a big movie star someday, practicing their moves for their Jaws-not-a-ripoff movie. Bet they will do great! 10/10

Complains: Not enough sharks. That’s it. They’re all beautiful.



I just really wanted to point this out.

BUT who knows, maybe Lena just really wanted a balcony so she got one built in the middle of the season, but why didn’t she get one built from the start?

And I don’t really know how fast construction of a balcony is but there was a week or less than a week in-between the events of 204 and 205. I guess it might be possible to get one built within that timeframe when you’re the CEO of your own company?

OR she really just wanted to have some sort of connection with Supergirl since she did state that she’d like to work more in the future.

A Luthor and a Super, working together?!? *GASP* SCANDALOUS!


I think Jackson is really talented

at looking at his members like he’s going to kiss them.

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