s/o to namjoon must have been feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOO much emotion, was clearly overwhelmed with it, but still held it together like jungkook’s final button because BTS relies on him as their leader to keep it together™ and make the speech, and he really pulled through. he didn’t break, he wobbled, but he made it, he did it. Namjoon is the best leader in the entire world yall just sayin


It was so much fun! Currently I’m in a car, making my way to Chicago to visit for a few days and then it’s OFF TO TROTCON! 10 hour drive means a lot of sleeping and… a lot of Pokemon Go WHAT.

It was SO MUCH FUN meeting all you lovely people! Thank you so much to everyone who attended the panels I was on, who made the time to visit my booth, and who tracked me down as Blank Canvas to say how much they enjoy my work, aaaaaa. <333 Definitely going to go back next year! WAAAAAHHH

also yes i drew this while in a car and stopped at a mcdonalds to post it. class.

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HEADCANON: young!Laurent was afraid of thunder and whenever a huge storm hit Arles, he would go into Auguste’s room in the middle of the night to seek comfort. Auguste, half-asleep, would peel back the sheets and allow his little brother to crawl into the bed. The two Princes would fall asleep together, Laurent feeling safe and sound.