Fëanorian Appreciation Week March 2-8 - Wednesday: Caranthir

Kasiopea’s Caranthir with Haleth is still my visual image, after all these years! (http://kasiopea.art.pl/en/home)

“But Haleth was proud, and unwilling to be guided or ruled, and most of the Haladin were of like mood. Therefore she thanked Caranthir, but answered: ‘My mind is now set, lord, to leave the shadow of the mountains, and go west, whither others of our kin have gone.’” –The Silmarillion.

And the citation spawned a hundred Caranthir/Haleth fanfics. I used to think it was a coming-of-age passage into the Silmarillion fandom to write one. Like Fingon rescues Maedhros, Maglor meets Daeron, or one’s own Nírnaeth Arnoediad story. (I know tastes have changed and there are new requirements these days.)