kasimova's art

Art by kasimova-daria.

Dumela the Flamebringer (sometimes “Dumela of Two Clans”) is the pridelord of the Flame Pride, a leonine subset of the once glorious Saberclaw Empire.  Entrusted with the generalship of the late Matriarch Saberclaw’s forces, he waged war against the Shattered Hand Remnant in an endless struggle to stave off orcish aggression while preparing for the expansion of the saberon into nearby territories such as the Overgrowth.

Prior to receiving the boon of the Sun Stone, Dumela was a savage competitor of Saberclaw and the Sun Clan; however, he became her loyalest companion when she brought lucidity to his darkened mind.  His worship of her majesty was such that he often placed himself in danger so that she might be spared harm. 

As the Matriarch’s right hand, Dumela was prized for both his fearlessness and boundless strength.  He was wounded in combat with the former gladiator, Bloodkill, and was later aided by Blythe Atwood in recovering from his injury.  This friendly gesture saw him place trust within the off-worlders, later known as “humans,” and in turn it was his voice among those that dissented that saw the humans granted audience with the Matriarch herself.

Dumela was present at the Battle of the Bleeding Valley, where Tsavo the Quick betrayed the saberon and aided Gra’ba the Ogre-Lord in staving off complete defeat.  As Tsavo slew Saberclaw, Dumela went into a rage and stalked after the fleeing traitor.   In turn, he was captured as Tsavo lied to his fellows and informed them that it was Dumela that slew their all-mother.  

Dumela has seen been made to fight in gladiatorial matches at the convenience of Tsavo, who beats and starves him when he is not prevailing against the odds.  With each day that passes, the flame he is known for wanes a little more – yet his ire and the feelings he holds for Blythe Atwood keep him from surrendering to the fatigue he knows.

He was last seen engaging Bloodkill in a death match, though the outcome is not yet known.  According to Hathshira,  Dumela intended to die so that the cubs and others of the Sun Clan might be spared.