kasia slupecka


Really simple steps of how I paint snowy environments.

Some people were curious how I work on my enviro paintings.

These are basic steps with a little bit of commentary.

The secret for me are custom made brushes and clipping masks.

If it is Your way of working You will find this tutorial useful and easy to follow. For me this is the fastest way to create snowy enviros.


My ‘Thank You’ tutorial to all 4000+ awesome people who decided to follow my art blog :) It’s great to share art with the Tumblr community :)It was often requested  tutorial. I cover here in more details how I work. My basic workflow.

If You find it helpful please send me a note! I would like to hear some feedback.

The process video for my Edward Elric fanart.

Really basic steps.

First - really crappy sketch, just to give You idea of what You want to do (pose, character, anatomy). Later, while working, I will change some stuff from the original sketch,

Second step. Black and white pass. I really quickly establish lights and shadows.

Third step. Slap some color on. You can do that by just using layer opacity options (overlay, color, multiply - just play around and check what fits best! :) ) 

Aaaand then…. it’s just rendering and polishing it. This is the time when I fix the mistakes I’ve done (lights, anatomy etc.) Not much more can be said. Just render the skin, hair, clothes and metal to the point it feels good enough. 

And voila!

Hope You’ll like it! :)


TODAY is the day! :D

I’m selling my 2 best sketchbooks. You saw all of them in my gallery.

1.My original sketches in A4 Moleskine sketchbook. 96 pages filled with art.

2. Original sketches in A5 Moleskine sketchbook. More than half pages filled with original art.

It took me 4 moths of work to complete them.
They look like art book but not published and only one piece exist. You can be the only person in the world who have original artist sketches.
For sure it’s fun thing for every art loving person :)
I will add also greeting cards with my art and with dedication to the buyer.

I love all my sketchbooks and I am very proud how they look. I really would prefer to leave them to myself. BUT.
My goal is to be able to fund my further art education. And by selling sketchbooks I’m collecting money
Buying the sketchbook You are helping me to reach my goal! (that means You must be a good person :D)

Starting price for the A4 sketchbook is 400 USD
Starting price for the A5 sketchbook is 350 USD.
If interested send me a message.
I’m waiting for the best offer.
I’m planning to end sale on May 14th.

Thank You for all support and interest! Love Ya!