kasia kowalczyk

PROJECT 365: Day 52 - Jan. 8, 2013

Devils Tower. Wyoming.

We had a magical morning hike around the tower. It began to snow gently and the sun finally showed itself.

                                   CHRONICLES  OF A SAD SACK…                                           

                                        I made myself a bandit mask.

 Now when I return to Los Angeles, no one will recognize that I am a Sad Sack.

My special skill is being a Tall Woman (5'10" & up).

I never thought I’d find myself in the offices of SAG, filling out the forms to become a member. I am a filmmaker so sitting in the offices of the Screen Actors Guild, pretending to be an actor, felt so fraudulent. Then things only got worse when I happened upon the form asking me to fill out a myriad of special skills. 

Special Skills? Who knew something so simple would have me sweating balls. Sure I’ve been on a horse and played baseball but when it comes time to put it in writing… to say that I excel at it, I fold. I start to second-guess everything I’ve ever done. Can I really play badminton? Is being mediocre at bowling really a skill? Does being a badass at Scrabble count as a skill?

My page of skills was starting to look very blank until I spotted a box with the words “Tall Woman (5'10” & Up)“. What? Placed next to abilities like martial arts and boxing, it seems out of place. Apparently, some people can be a ninja or others can just be tall. Both are somehow a talent, perhaps not equal, but together nonetheless as something special. I can’t imagine walking into an interview and being asked what I do…then only responding with, "Oh, I’m tall.”

Sadly, this was only one of 3 skills I felt confident in saying I had. It’s hard to dispute my vertical abilities so I placed a check next to that “skill” and finished my paperwork. Now it’s official, if you need to hire someone that conquered the skill of being tall, I’m your gal.

PROJECT 365: Day 64 - Jan. 20, 2013

Moab, UT. Arches National Park.

This morning we hiked through some glorious scenery and I fell from the sky. Tal took photos for evidence.