Headcanon #1

Birth & Awakening, the Power of Darkness…

From the -not really consensual- Union between the Primordial Babylonian God of Darkness, Abzu  and one of the multiple Greek Deities of Dreams, Phantasos..

Two children were born. A boy named Skia and a girl who did not even had time to be named. Skia was born from the power of the darkness controled by their paternal figure, Abzu , while his sister was only the slight light remaining into the heart of their maternal figure, Phantasos..

The new born deity, already seeing this like a threat to his existence, quickly drowned his own sister in the darkness, making her a part of himself and swallowing the last hope of the Greek Deity to break free from the Babylonian God.

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  • 5: Firm Kiss

His left arm snaked to Phantasos’ waist, while his other hand cupped the Portrayor’s chin. Without even blinking, he connected their lips together. With him supporting the other god, he tried to be a little pushy, even though there were still some gentleness on his closed lips. Once he was done, he stepped back and pat him on the head. “That’s for your great work.”

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Send me a star ( * ) and I’ll fill this out.

What are you to me (check all that apply)?
[] A stranger.
[] A friend.
[] A best friend.
[x] A crush.
[] A girlfriend/boyfriend.
[] A fiance/fiancee.
[] A husband/wife.
[] A family member. 
[x] An enemy

Where did I meet you?
[] A bar.
[] A party.
[] The movies.
[] The internet.
[] Work.
[] School.
[] Church.
[x] Other. “Italy”

How long have I known you?
[] A year or less.
[x] Two or three years.
[] Four or five years.
[] Six to ten years.
[] 11+ years.

I think you are (check all that apply):
[x] Annoying.
[] Kind.
[] Rude.
[] Generous.
[x] Selfish.
[] Frugal.
[] Fickle.
[] Funny.
[] Polite.
[] Daring.
[x] Cowardly.
[] Sweet.
[x] Attractive.
[x] Ugly.
[] Messy.
[] Neat.
[] Cool.
[] Dorky.
[] Smart.
[] Stupid.
[] Immature.
[] Mature.
[] Weird.

If you were caught in an explosion, I would (check all that apply):
[] Get you to a hospital.
[] Check to see how badly you were hurt.
[] Tell you things that I was unable to before.
[] Panic.
[] Cry.
[x] Gladly let you be

If I saw you right now, I would (check all that apply):
[] Hug you.
[] Smile.
[] Be happy.
[] Kiss you.
[] Tackle-hug you.
[] Talk to you.
[] Slap you.
[] Yell at you.
[] Be secretly loathsome of your presence.
[] Do nothing
[x] Kill you

What are my feelings towards you? (check all that apply)
[x] I like you.
[] I love you.
[] I’m IN love with you.
[] I enjoy your company.
[] I wish we talked more.
[] I want to see you.
[] I miss you.
[x] I hate you.
[x] I wish I’d never met you.
[] I enjoy seeing you suffer. 
[] Who are you? 

If you died, I would (check all that apply):
[x] Not care.
[] Be sad.
[] Cry.
[] Never recover.
[] Die of heartbreak.
[x] Be glad.

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If we kissed?

[x] Quickie.
[x] Tongue.
[] Softly bite your lip.
[x] We wouldn’t.
[] Long and meaningful.
[] Let’s hit up the bedroom.
[] You remember last time?
[] Awkward…
[x] Lol no.

Would I go out with you?
[] Yes, definitely.
[x] No. “I would never go out with an enemy.”
[] I want to, but it wouldn’t work.
[x] Maybe. 
[] Nope, you’re like family.
[] You’re cute, but probably not.
[x] Just simply not my type.
[] If I knew you better.
[] Already did.
[] I don’t know.

If we took a picture together, we’d be…
[] Hugging each other.
[x] Just chilling.
[] Holding hands.
[] Kissing.
[] Acting dumb.
[x] Normal picture.
[] You holding me from behind.

You are…
[] Cute/Pretty.
[] Good looking.
[] Sexy.
[x] All of the above 

You + me + room = …
[] Movies.
[x] Cuddling.
[] Hanging out.
[x] Kissing.
[] Playing games.
[] Everything.
[x] Wouldn’t let you in.

You should…
[] Hit me up.
[] Be mine.
[] Marry me.
[] Reblog this so I can send you a heart.
[] be studying
[x] “Just leave me alone.”

If we got married, I’d…
[x] Divorce you.
[x] Make kids.
[] Take your money and bounce.
[] Smash every day.
[] I would cheat on you.
[] Be faithful.
[] Kill you in your sleep 
[x] We wouldn’t

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"So Hot" --kashoshapantasosu

If you saw me in the Shower, I would:

[] Pull you in
[x] Yell “Get Out!’
[x] Pull you in and make out (after yelling, oh well-)
[] Pull you in and get wet
[] Ignore What you’re doing

If we kissed by accident, i would:

[] Keep Kissing
[] Bitch slap
[x] Be in shock
[] Push you away

I love your:

[x] Style 
[x] Body
[] Boobs/Penis


[] Your number
[x] A Hot Photo of your muse

Should I reblog?:

[] Yes
[] No
[] “You did.”