RAPTURE SURVIVAL GUIDE WELCOME TO RAPTURE Who You Will Encounter: Atlas (radio) New Enemies: Thuggish Splicer Leadhead Splicer New Weapons: Wrench Pistol Plasmids: ElectroBolt - located in the lounge at the Gatherer’s Garden Tonics: None Audio Diaries:  “Hole in the Bathroom Wall” by Steve Barker - located in the Kashmir restaurant on the “Dames” bathroom floor “New Year’s Eve Alone” by Diane McClintock - located on the bottom floor of the Kashmir restaurant on top of a table

Lamb Tikka Masala with rice, spicy Chicken Madras, and Tandoori Naan at Kashmir Restaurant. It’s expensive for what you get, but that’s just the way it is in Vieux-Montreal. Still it’s the best Lamb Tikka I’ve had and the Chicken Madras listed as “slightly spicy” was waaaaay to hot for me but more than enough to satisfy my chilihead boyfriend.


138, rue Saint-Paul Est, Montréal, QC H2Y 1G6 (We had a hard time finding it, but its on the south side of the pedestrian-only section of Saint-Paul. Keep and eye out for the sign. It’s up a flight of stairs on the second floor.)