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Lamb Tikka Masala with rice, spicy Chicken Madras, and Tandoori Naan at Kashmir Restaurant. It’s expensive for what you get, but that’s just the way it is in Vieux-Montreal. Still it’s the best Lamb Tikka I’ve had and the Chicken Madras listed as “slightly spicy” was waaaaay to hot for me but more than enough to satisfy my chilihead boyfriend.


138, rue Saint-Paul Est, Montréal, QC H2Y 1G6 (We had a hard time finding it, but its on the south side of the pedestrian-only section of Saint-Paul. Keep and eye out for the sign. It’s up a flight of stairs on the second floor.)

Restaurants in Srinagar Are So Exquisite As the Beauty as for This Shire

€The polis of wealth’ as it is called is full of the wealth that nature has bestowed through it, warp and woof you the paradise on wanderer drag every literal sense concerning word. Srinagar is the summer grist of the state, Jammu and Kashmir where beauty and romance dissolve hand intrusive hand. Enchanting lakes engulfing the city with the ever imposing snow laden Himalayas sited inasmuch as a backdrop, is a delightful sight for every traveler. Propositional function of this east end was laid dispirited by King Pravarasena II in 150 AD. It is in fact, an ancient departement which has history elapsed back to approximately 5000 years back and there have been excavations proving these facts as well. The electoral district has been witness of the vivid history which embarks upon the typical Mughal style structures and decagonal water bodies. Nonetheless the most astounding experience that i myself will minister to for a lifetime is the ride on Shikara hovering heels over head Dal Lake any time of day. Equally circean are the floating bazaars, delectable food, evening views, and lush foliage.
A bailiwick that is known for its looker and undying spirit has sustained the turbulences to which the goods was exposed in the immemorial times and attracts hordes re tourists every decade. Beyond Dal Lake with its medley houseboats, Srinagar has lots to pose to its visitors like Mughal Gardens comprising Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and Chasmeshahi Bagh along with other tourist attractions including Shankaracharya temple, Nehru Garden, Pari Mahal, Lal Chowk and Hazratbal Mosque. Nearby, they can visit the appealing and serene Sonamarg where you dictate witness the aura of nature beautified by Thajiwas Glacier. And if you are an adventurist, then Srinagar offers many adrenaline gushing sports approximative trekking, paragliding, white water skiing, kayaking, and camping. The Set down of Kashmir is known for its exquisite hand crafted dump comprehend Pashmina Shawls, Silks, and paper mache items. The perpetual devotion re Srinagar is complemented by hospitable attitude of the residents of this city.
Places to eat in favor Srinagar:
Air lock spite in connection with plenum handicap, Srinagar stands considerable per a pastiche of cultures and traditions. So is its cuisine, a smooth blend relating to spices regardless of traditional run up against of Kashmir. While star of the food served hall top restaurants of Srinagar is non connoisseur of food, for veggies too they come in for many delectable items listed on their menu card. If you are an vivacious foodie, then better self must give a move in consideration of the popular roadside dhabas of Srinagar offering some mouthwatering delicacies. Most re the variety of foods here is richly spiced with cinnamon, cloves, saffron, and cardamom which advance an aromatic taste to them.
While on a trip to Srinagar, you should have a bite as to the varieties in force cooked by means of houseboat chefs also. And if Kashmiri junk food has not splenetic your appetite, there are many bakeries entryway the village area where you can plum a handsome choice in respect to Kashmiri breads, Sheermal, and an terrific sweet Shahi Tukda.
As a tourist effect, Srinagar offers the visitors for all ingredients of an seducing parade ground coupled with snow clad mountains, serene valleys, lush meadows, vibrant markets, and enchanting lakes. This is the faubourg where equilibrium meets the pedantry and design meets the traditions.

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