kashi is dumb

I feel a little bad about that prior post BUT

Like wow regarding Livio’s art I really try to like it (Going by the philosophy of the more you see it the more you get used to it) Or well even understand it but I’m always so disappointed about the lack of any emotion  besides a wide open mouth indicating that the character in question probably is upset.. or angry.. or in pain who knows??

At AA I’ve seen him doing really neat sketching and lines but the moment he applies digital color its like whoa how did this happen???

I’m pretty sure IDW values him for always being on time and well doing everything by himself but for me its taking away the fun of reading a story.
It always had been a huge problem for me that when I don’t agree with an art style reading a comic/ manga is so much harder. I don’t focus on what is going on but on everything ever bothering me on this certain page.

There is SO MANY skilled people doing amazing work that I would LOVE to see in IDW….

One can dream…

Hey everyone!

I appreciate the interest in my art. It is very flattering but at the same time
not an invitation to ask for free art! :C

I rarely have the motivation for requests from strangers when the idea isn’t like literally blowing my mind.

I know other artist churn out tons of requests but then again everyone is different. I have quite a bit commission work to do and then there are my own ideas I still want to do eventually.

So I really don’t need any more stuff to be ‘told/asked’ to draw for free D:

Please don’t send artists random requests unless they ask for them!