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Credit To This Because It’s awesome and I think That’s where I got my idea actually O.o

(Artist has nearly died in creation of this)

Although Phil was the person used in this Mini Animation, I think it applies to everyone that we shouldn’t insult others when possible ^^; (I said “when possible” because sometimes we need to Okey?! Okay right I am the worst influence ever) Andddd This Gif Series took so much editing OAO Hope you enjoy and I get assignments starting next week so yeah… May NOT update for a while… (IM SORREH DX) Also im not sure yet but i PLAN to make a short Bonus part to this and a video version on Youtube -w-/ Stay tuned for updates.


Daddy Sasuke Drabble Sunday: Hide and Peek

Guest Starring: Kakashi Hatake & Ino Yamanaka


He was nose deep in one of his favorite installments of Icha Icha Paradise when a pair of ebony eyes appeared behind the book. The older male raised an eye brow at the child and took notice to her lacking supervision.


She popped up with a near toothless grin. “Yo-yo, Kashi!”

“Who supposed to be watching you today?”

Hikari giggled. “Ino-chan!”

The girl had a knack for slipping out of sight, matter of fact, she was good at sneaking up on people too. Kakashi closed his book and placed it beside him. “Don’t you think your parents will be upset to know you’re constantly running away?”

She shook her head. “Tou says weed out the weak.”

Kakashi sweat-dropped. Of course, that’s exactly something Sasuke would say. He leaned against the tree before patting the area beside him. Hikari wrinkled her nose before crawling onto his lap. “Eh?”

“Whatcha reading, Kashi-chan?” She pointed at the colorful book.

His visible eye scrunched momentarily in thought. “How old are you, Hikari?”

She turned to look at his masked face. “Ano, I’m five!” She raised both hands and giggled at her mistake.

“Can you read?”

“Um… A wittle.”

He nodded and picked up his book. “Then I’ll read you a story.”


Ino chewed at her lip harshly. “Hikari! Hikari!” She cupped her face. Sasuke was going to kill her! How do you lose a child? The blonde took a deep breath. “Where is she?”

“Where is who?”

Turquoise eyes widened at the deep voice behind her. Painfully slow, Ino spun on her heel to see both Uchiha parents. “Hinata! Sasuke! Hello!” She laughed nervously.

Sasuke frowned. “Where’s Hikari?”

“W-where’s Hikari? Geesh, I didn’t lose her! We are just playing Hide and Seek but for you think I lost your-”

“She ran?” Hinata interrupted.

Ino walked up to the young mother and clasped her shoulders. “I did! I did! Look, she-she was just there and now-”

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the blonde’s excuse, though he was secretly proud of the young ninja he was raising. “Hinata, could you?”

Hinata activated her Byakugan and checked the village and pointed west. “She’s in the forest with your old sensei.”

Sasuke’s eyes widened slightly before narrowing. “Kakashi.” He almost hissed and ran in that direction.


Hikari smiled Kakashi and gripped the edges of his mask. “You sure, Kashi-chan?”

He lifted a thumbs up. Hikari giggled and pulled down the mask and gasped. “Kakashi!” Sasuke shouted. Hikari blocked his view of the gray-haired man’s face.

“Tou!” She turned just as Kakashi rolled his mask back in place.

“Ah, Sasuke.” Kakashi greeted.

The angry father marched over. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Hikari jumped in her father’s arms. “He read me a story and showed me-”

“What?” He bit out and looked at the book hanging from the man’s hand. “You read her that?”

Kakashi stood. “Just a bit.”

Sasuke’s eyes flickered red. “You old pervert.”

“No, no, Kashi isn’t a preserve!”

Kakashi cooed at the sweet girl and Sasuke shook his head. “A pervert.”

“What’s that, Tou?”

Sasuke blinked. “It’s…”

Kakashi crossed his arms. “What is it, Sasuke.”

The Uchiha narrowed his eyes at his former sensei. “I’ll deal with you later.”

He gave a thumbs up before disappearing. Sasuke grumbled and started their walk home. There was something bothering him more than the fact that…that idiot reading his daughter such flith.

“Wait, he showed you his face?”

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so??? hey guys, its been like 3 weeks since my last one but this is gonna be my one year, and 2k ff. I’ve been on this shitty website for 1 YEAR. i have been slowly rotting my life away on tumblr (actually this is my 4/5 years on tumblr, ive had many tumblr accounts but its my 1 year on the anime side), mom, are you proud of me? well im not saying i regret it, because I’ve met amazing people; such as zhane, Sarah, Chester, Mar, Madi, Vibs and so much more. I love them all. I’ve learned so many things, watched so many things i don’t think i would have watched. This has been an experience i never wanna give up, i want to have everyone i met, everything i have learned and watched to stick with me forever. If we aren’t friends, or i don’t follow you, or you don’t follow me, i still love you guys so much, i cherish each and every one of you with all my heart. I hope the years?? months?? to come get better, and i get to meet more of you. Thank you for following me, thank you all for existing, for those of you that aren’t following me and still are on here i hope one day you notice me. (PS. its not my 1 year yet it will be on the 8th of September but who has time to wait a week)

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