=] pass that positive!


Hindi ko alam pero bigla na lang din ako napangiti kanina nung nakita ko s'ya.. Biglang na-enlighten yung aura ko. hehe! Akala ko nga di ko s'ya makikita ngayon eh. Pero God is great talaga! =]


Hindi lahat ng masamang nangyayari sa buhay mo e masama talaga. Minsan pa nga para pala yun sa ikabubuti mo. Sabi nga nila, may dahilan kung bakit nangyayari ang mga bagay-bagay. S'yang tunay! hehe!

Malay mo pagsubok lang pala yun. O kaya hinayaan yun ni God na mangyari para mahayag ang greatness and love ni God. Then what’s the best you can do? Trust God! wala ng iba pips!


Ang pagkain kapag libre, soooobbbbraaangg sarap!!!!

beethoven virus

Maestro Kang: So you, Kang Gun Woo, by your values at this moment, are you happy?

Let me ask you one thing. What about you, wanting to learn how to conduct?


Young Gun Woo: I wanted to learn


Maestro Kang: So then?


Young Gun Woo: I’m just going to leave it as a dream.


Maestro Kang: A dream? How’s that your dream? It’s immovable. That’s a star on the sky, something that you can’t have, something that you can’t even strive for, something you can only stare at- a star. Look who’s talking about some ridiculous and absurd story about stars now.

You need to do something. You need to, even for a little, struggle, try hard, or at the very least. Make plans to make a change. A change as small as your smell or color by all doing that, you can call it your “dream”. Do you think it’s your “dream” if you just used the word to describe any idea? If it was that easy then why don’t you make being a doctor, professor, lawyer and prosecutor, everything-your-dream? Why not?

I’m not telling you to achieve your dreams. I’m telling you to at least dream the dream by trying. Actually, all this talk is useless. What should I have to care about? The who’s going to regret it the rest of their lives is you. ‘I’m nothing more than this.’ ‘I don’t have any dreams.’ ‘I couldn’t dream anything.’ ‘I’ve been eaten up by life.’ Live the rest of your life while tormenting yourself. By the time you die, maybe you’ll die with your last word being ‘conducting?’ and a scream.

Episode 5 part 2