it started in a stairwell
it started in my car
we started out like kids
falling with the snow, laughing at the dark
you said it ended kinda funny
i guess it had to end
and you can bury something as deep as you want to
but that don’t mean it’s dead
and you know I’m sorry
and I know I was wrong
but, honey, I’ll make it right with you
from now on
and you been movin’ round in circles
while I kept a straighter line
but look at that, we wound up right back here
we’re just on the other side this time
and there’s gotta be a reason
i’m still standing at your door
and you always said you were a hopeless romantic
well here’s that hopeless romance you been waiting for
and I know you took a lot of chances
and sometimes you feel too tired to carry on
but if you let me in, I’ll be the man you wanted
from now on
—  Kasey Anderson