kasey park


So this is a drawing I did probably back in 2015ish when I was still trying to figure out my style and stuff, I’ve always liked this drawing but as you can see there’s no date. So I decided to remake it in honor of my friend and favorite Tumblr blogger @happyhsouthpark her art is always super awesome and cute and she’s inspired me to start using my drawing tablet again and make digital art, so Kasey, this one’s for you! ❤️❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

how do kasey and jason (aka the kitsune) meet in the avatar au? ;o

oh! it’s Jasper! and in the Avatar AU, Kasey meets Jasper at the pro-bending arena, because Jasper’s little brother is a pro-bender and he likes to watch his games. Kasey offers to buy Jasper a drink because he thinks he’s cute, and Jasper originally brushes him off, gladly taking a free drink but not wanting to bother talking to him. Jasper doesn’t like to let anyone close to him in Avatar AU, because he’s secretly the Kitsune working for Dahlia. (As with most AUs, Jasper’s manipulated and used by others, leading him to have trust issues) Kasey continues to see him week after week and eventually Jasper realizes he likes Kasey back. That scares him a lot, and then Dahlia asks Jasper/Kitsune to capture Kasey for something she’s scheming and Jasper hates having to. He doesn’t want Kasey to ever find out that he’s the Kitsune. 

Sorry for going on a tangent!! here’s some old art of them :~)