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“Give Your Heart A Break” (Demi Lovato) KASEY

New cover!!! Please check it out and share? :]


I played a gig a few weeks ago and I made a friend later that evening who had taken this video, which she just shared with me! This is one of my newest songs called “I Didn’t Try” and I hope you dig it. <3

Day 13- A song that reminds you of a former friend

“Niki FM” by Hawthorne Heights

Nicole was one of my best friends starting in 7th grade until halfway through my senior year. We were still friends, but things came between us. Occasionally we text or see eachother, but it’s pretty casual.

She’s the reason I stumbled upon Hawthorne Heights and a lot of other bands, including The Devil Wears Prada, Atreyu, and Bayside. We kind of fell in love with the music scene together. My nickname for her was Nikill Bill…i know, rad, right??