BONJOUR, MY DEAR FRIENDS! Shut up, Kas, I can use French if I want to! This is a new blog created by said twin (while I was sleeping) and run by us for the Danny Phantom ship Iambic Prose! We shall be using this as a hub for art, fanfiction, prompts, ideas, and basically everything else! If it’s Iambic Prose then it goes! Holy shit that rhymed… Basically, if you love Iambic Prose? We have you covered! You can also find us at our blogs of ibelieveinahappilyeverafter along with Kas, who is kasena-a.

Also now and then you may hear some snarky commentary from my boyfriend, Al- “Don’t drag me into this.” Too late. Far, far too late my sweet… His talking will usually if not always accompany mine, and be in quotation marks. “This is cruel.” Love you too! His url is dirtypawsandtroddentrails. “You shit.” - Twin Kit/Wolf Al “…n…no.” Yes.

Don’t worry too much about them. They’re sappy nerds, and more likely than not, there will be content based off of their relationship. - Twin Kas

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So i got tagged by currently-lurking…let’s do this!

name?: Deborah
where are you from?: Jackson, Mississippi in the US of A
favorite color: blue, grey, black, green, and dark colors really
favorite band/music: Gym Class Heroes, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the disco, Green Day music style wise: alternative rock, soundtrack music(not film score), hip hop and basically anything I like listening to
write something cute in all caps: I THINK BOOKS ARE EXTREMELY CUTE!
tag 8 people you want to know better: phantomrose96, ghost-chicky
kasena-a, prplzorua, …im not sure who else to pick.

<3 photo of a photo of a Kasena woman of northern Ghana “takes a basket of millet grain to the flat roof of her mud-walled compound where she will spread it out to dry” - from the book Africa Adorned by Angela Fisher

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Hey, I went to the world of steven universe blogspot and decided to follow them on tumblr, and I don't think it's made by the crewniverse, cause on their tumblr, it says it's a fan blog. Do you know for sure that it's by the crew?

it is not!! i was misinformed!!

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Gravity Falls, or Steven Universe?

Gravity Falls!

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Storytime, by Nightwish

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