kyoukomiki  asked:

Hello beautiful person <3 Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this on to ten of your favourite followers.

iM so DONe WITH yOU U EGG that heart just looks massively passive aggressive

1. one time i sweet talked my way into getting two of those DBZ figures from the claw machine that came out a couple years ago for free but then i ended up wasting at least $30 trying to get the rest of the figures

2. parts of my body are hugely disproportioned like im p sure my right arm is longer than my left my right foot’s bigger than my left and one boob’s bigger than the other i’m wrath from fma 2003 basically stealin people’s boobs from the gate

3. bury me in skirts i love skirts so much

4. i should be an actor when i grow up because i can just think about madoka magica and cry on the spot no fake tears necessary

5. gay