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Kim Kardashian, Even Though Khloe Is My Favorite

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Can we just talk for a second about Kim Kardashian? I know, I know, everyone is always talking about one Kardashian or the other but lets forget for a second that she’s on TV and lets forget your personal feelings about her and her crazy family (whom I personally think are amaze) Let’s give homegirl some credit. Yes, she signed up to put her life out there to be judged and regardless of opinions, she’s still a person. She’s still a woman and she’s still someone’s mother. Girl gained some pregnancy weight, I mean, had she not people would be claiming baby girl North was an alien al la Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise/Suri debacle. I personally think she’s never looked better. Girl is on top of her game. Her style is enviable. Her body is disgustingly amazing and she looks happy. Haters are always going to hate but you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. So I give you props Kimmy K. You look great!