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Gom+Nijimura+Mayuzumi+Kasamatsu's reaction to their s/o like literally out of the blue saying "I want a kiss" or "kiss me"

Kuroko: It had nothing to do with the current situation, but he wasn’t dating you for your predictability. He doesn’t kiss you right away though, wanting to give you a few surprises of his own as well.

Kise: It takes a couple milliseconds of blinking and confusion before it’s all replaced by a grin. “I’d like one too,” he responds, leaning in to give you the awaited kiss you both longed for.

Kasamatsu: Flushing red, he looks at you as if you’d just sprouted a second head. Where had that come from all of a sudden?! You have to say it a second time before he finally takes any action.

Aomine: Almost on reflex, he leans over and plants one on the side of your forehead. He knows it’s not enough to sate you and purposely does so in order to get you to beg for more later.

Midorima: Your statement was so random, he doesn’t initially see it as a request from you at first. When you repeat it, he’s leaning down to give you one, the blush on his face almost too evident.

Murasakibara: Contemplating giving you a piece of candy by the same name, he decides that giving you what you actually wanted would be less trouble for him. The kiss tastes of sweets and makes you immediately ask for more.

Akashi: Quick on the uptake, he gives you a gentle kiss that lasts just the right amount of time to leave you feeling satisfied. “Whatever you wish for,” he whispers once you two break apart.

Mayuzumi: The look he’s giving you almost makes you think that asking for a kiss is an inconvenience to him, but he leans down and gives you one anyway. “You can’t just announce these things,” he complains.

Nijimura: There’s a roll of his eyes before he responds. “So demanding,” he mutters lowly before placing a hand on the back of your head to bring you in for a kiss. It’s short, too short, and definitely leaves you both wanting more.


We’re important. Good or bad aside, this is Kaijou High’s basketball team. It’s not because they were born first. The second and third years have been working hard and contributing that much longer than you. I’m telling you to respect that fact. Whether you’re from Generation of Miracles doensn’t matter, you’re a Kaijou first year now, Kise Ryouta. And I’m Kasamatsu Yukio, the captain of the team. You got something to say about that?

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kagami, kasamatsu, midorima where their crush gives them chocolate, and their teammates tell them to stop being shy and ask the girl out?

Note: giri-choco means obligatory chocolate that girls give to guys in Japanese Valentine’s Day, honmei-choco means the chocolate given to people they have feelings for (genuine instead of obligatory).

This also feels so typically shoujo manga, I’m sorry.


“What, you haven’t asked her out yet?”

That was Miyaji, bluntly speaking out his mind while autonomously practicing his footwork.

Midorima can hear Takao burst into laughter several feet away from the scene—the dark-haired athlete is lucky that you’re in the perimeter, because if you weren’t, Takao would already have a basketball shot exactly to his head.

Your intentions are simple and straightforward: to give him your homemade chocolates. You might not be confessing yet, since you feel like you haven’t prepared enough, but you’re sure that even someone as dense as Midorima is able to get the message. They are homemade chocolate cookies, after all. A girl doesn’t just give this to any person on Valentine’s Day.

The intricately packaged cookies are held close to your chest when you hear the upperclassman’s words. You feel your heartbeat speeding up exponentially once your brain processes the meaning behind that sentence, which doesn’t take much time: does this mean Midorima intends to confess his feelings to you?

A part of you that hates being disappointed tells you that it might just be a form of teasing, that the boy you’ve pined for so long does not actually return your affections. When you look at him, you bet everything you own that Midorima is going to look more disinterested or annoyed than flustered.

Imagine your surprise when you find him, towering in front of you effortlessly with that height, blushing and melting into a stuttering mess—you catch him saying something along the lines of “senpai, why” but his words are so jumbled and his voice shaky that you almost think you misheard. Midorima covers half of his face with his hand under the pretence of fixing his glasses, when in fact you can clearly see the eyewear pressed so tightly on its correct position.

Hope takes shape as butterflies in your gut, and with whatever voice you are able to muster, you tell him:

“Midorima-kun, I actually l-like you.”

The gym falls into a complete silence.

“I have for quite a while now!” You resume quickly so as to not prolong the awkwardness—you can feel stares pointed at your general direction and you feel your cheeks turning hot red, “so… please accept these?”

Your hands are now outstretched, offering him the packaged cookies.

“They’re… not giri-choco.”

At that, Midorima seems to be getting worse—if only you had the courage to look him in the eye rather than looking down on the gym floor, you would see him look as if he’s on the verge of crying, cheeks flushed red. He covers his face more blatantly now, while the other one shakily accepts your gracious gift. Miyaji, Ootsubo, and Kimura have to take care not to let their jaw drop down to the ground as they watch the scene unfold. As for Takao, he’s visibly shocked like the others, but there’s a glint of happiness in his eyes like he has been waiting for this moment to happen.

“Stupid…” Midorima murmurs, averting his gaze shyly—should he make eye contact with you, he’ll for sure faint from being overwhelmingly joyful at the fact that you actually like him back. “Why confess now?”

The two of you secretly know that if it weren’t for your sudden burst of bravery, it would take another year or more for him to gather the courage to ask you out first.


“Don’t forget to say ‘I like you’, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami’s usual first reaction of Kuroko sneaking up on him would be shock, but this time things are different. In addition to that, his face gradually turns as red as the strands of his hair, and when he slowly turns to you only to find the shocked look on your face, he feels like burying himself six feet deep.


“What? I thought you asked me to help you practice?”

You’re left to your own devices as the two friends banter, Kagami shouting at Kuroko most of the time for ‘not having good timing’ or ‘ruining his chances’, but truth be told, their words are nothing but meaningless noises to you—you are very much surprised at what Kuroko just said, not knowing whether the boy with thin presence means it or not. Taking Kagami’s reaction into consideration, it is likely that Kuroko indeed tells the truth, which means…

At this point you’re the one flushed beyond control, but deciding that it’s now or never—the two of you will undoubtedly be too awkward if you get to meet after this incident—you grab a hold of Kagami’s wrist, tugging him with enough strength as you jog out of the classroom. Kagami lets out a slight yelp from the sudden jerk, and his frustration directed at Kuroko is immediately replaced by anxiety as you lead him to a more secluded staircase, away from prying eyes.

“__________! I swear, it’s not what you—”

“I like you, Kagami-kun.”

His eyes widen, panic slowly diffusing into realization as he tries to comprehend your confession. You like him? The whole school year he’s been sending secret glances and watching you from afar, gradually trying to accept the fact that he’s always a bystander. Now here you are, telling him you like him.

“I… don’t know what that was between you and Kuroko-kun,” you say again, eyes down on the ground as if the tiled floors are the most interesting thing in the world, “but if you don’t like me back, it’s okay. I was—I just felt like it was the right thing to do. Telling you I like you, I mean.” You’re rambling now, and your cheeks are starting to gain color. The wrapped homemade chocolates you have been holding in one hand is starting to get cold, you realize—or is it just your senses being numbed, because of Kagami’s lack of response.

“Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. I-I’m sorry for dragging you all of a sudden…”

Just as you begin your swift escape, Kagami manages to grab your arm. You gasp, unable to release yourself from his strong hold even if you wanted too—you find yourself not wanting to run away, what with him suddenly pressing you against his chest in a tight hug. You can feel his rabbit heartbeat, pumping abnormally fast even as his arms around you tighten. One look to his face will tell you he’s nervous, but hugging you like this feels so right to him he can’t bring himself to let you go despite his apparent embarrassment.

It’s time for him to show you the result of his confession practice.


“Just ask her out already, senpai!”

Kasamatsu’s breath hitches in his throat, the shock causing him to freeze while he’s trying to accept the confectionaries you worked so hard on making. Kise has a knack of pushing his buttons, and Kasamatsu doesn’t know why he didn’t expect this to happen—you, his crush, entered the gym like a freaking angel, wanting to give homemade chocolates to no one other than himself, Kasamatsu Yukio, your upperclassman, and Kise just had to open his stupid mouth.

Under normal circumstances, Kasamatsu would be very, very pissed off at the golden-haired boy, and would undoubtedly resort to kicking Kise repeatedly until he calms down. This time around, he can’t, because look at your face: your mouth shaped into a small “o” (from the surprise, he assumes), your whole body seemingly at a standstill…

He knows he can’t keep his feelings for you a secret anymore, so in the heat of the moment, he encloses a hand around your wrist and walks toward the gym exit, making you follow behind him whether you like it or not.

Your mind is still racing. Kasamatsu is walking in front of you, eerily quiet. What if he’s annoyed of you, that you’ve interrupted practice just for a bag of chocolate cookies? What if he tells you he doesn’t want to see you again? You realize your thoughts seem so far-fetched, and you blame it on your hammering heart and your brain for overthinking every situation possible.

There are not many people around the premises—it’s dusk, and most students are going back home after club activities. You see several couples here and there, holding hands and enjoying each other’s presence more than they usually do, considering that it’s Valentine’s. Somehow you feel a tinge of jealousy tugging at your heartstrings, the want to be one of those people who loves and is loved in return. But you want only his love in return. Kasamatsu stands stone-faced in front of you, gaze focused elsewhere as you try to swallow anticipation like a bitter pill. He looks as if he is about to scold you, and so you brace yourself of what’s to come.

“Listen, __________. I… I like you. A lot.” Kasamatsu’s hardened expression quickly melts into that of embarrassment. “Stupid Kise blew it away already, I guess. I-I’m sorry about that.”

For a second your eyes meet, and like innocent middle-schoolers, both your face and his are flushed pink, and that’s when you’re too shy to continue looking at him. Kasamatsu acts similar, ruffling the hair at the back of his neck as an unintentional reflex to his shyness, but when you stretch your hand out to give him the chocolate again, his attention is all on you.

“Actually, Kasamatsu-senpai, I like you too—I’ve liked you for a while now, um, and these,” you say, placing the bag in his hand, “they’re honmei. For you.”

At that moment, Kasamatsu feels two things he has never felt before: the first being so faint and yet so aware at the same time, and the second feeling so full of happiness he wants to shout it out to the whole world—multiple times, if necessary.

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Aomine, Kagami, Takao, Himuro, Izuki, Nijimura,  Kasamatsu, and Mayuzumi's reaction to them coming home from work and finding their s/o and 5 yr old son sleeping inside the pillow fort they built while waiting for them to return.

Kagami: Standing in the doorway to the living room for a few seconds, he only stares at the sight in front of him. Everything feels completely innocent and sweet in that moment for him as he takes a mental image of his lover and his son napping peacefully together.

Izuki: His heart practically skips a beat when he sees the two of you sleeping underneath the homemade fort. Taking out his phone, he snaps a few pictures to keep for himself. He would’ve gone undetected too, if not for the flash and shutter sound of his phone’s camera app.

Aomine: There would be no way he would pass up the opportunity for a quiet afternoon with the two of you so, despite there being no cushions on it anymore, he lays back on the couch. It isn’t long enough before he can hear his son stirring awake, the fort tumbling to the ground as he kicks at the cushions.

Kasamatsu: There’s the faintest of smirks on his face as he sees the both of you sleeping soundly underneath a fort made of pillows and blankets. He still has some work around the house to do, but before he goes he turns on a fan and faces it in your direction so you both don’t overheat.

Takao: Half of him wants to jump straight into the pillow pile with the two of you, but the other half of him wants to keep the peace and cherish this moment for the rest of his life. Eventually he decides on the former, taking a running start to leap into an empty spot next you the both of you.

Himuro: A little sad that he’d kept the two of you waiting for so long, he strides over to your side and wakes you up my pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. Neither of you want to wake up your son though, instead opting to watch him rest as the two of you relaxed in this rare moment of silence.

Mayuzumi: He almost doesn’t notice when he walks into his home for the first time. He’s able to walk almost completely through his entire house before he realizes he hadn’t been greeted yet. When he finds the two of you, the thought of a nap is so inviting that he quietly lays on the couch beside the fort.

Nijimura: This couldn’t be good for either of your backs, right? As gentle as he’s ever been, he picks up his son and carries him carefully back to his room and places him in his bed. By the time he returns to the fort, you’re already awake and groggily rubbing at tired eyes, a smile on your face.

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Hello my dear! I was wondering if I could request a Yakuza! Kasamatsu where he originally kidnaps reader because her family owes a lot of money. But even when they manage to pay it off, he keeps her because he ends up falling in love with her? However, he lets reader decide if she wants to stay with him or leave?

A/N: Everyone is aged up, therefore, Kasamatsu is not his normal, blushing, can’t talk to women self. That’s all fun and good but I wanted something a bit different with this one and I hope you all enjoy it. Also, the essence of your ask is here just changed up a little. I hope you love it!

Kasamatsu sighs, rubbing the sides of his head. This is the part of his job he hates. No, scratch that, he hates his whole existence in this fucked up world he’s been forced to partake in but there’s nothing for it; he has nowhere else to go and he’s in too deep to ever get out.

Imayoshi smiles, that insincere, nefarious smile of his as their latest captive, or as he likes to call them collateral, is ushered kicking and screaming into one of the “guest rooms”.

“Quite the feisty one, eh?” he asks looking at Kise.

The blonde snorts but his eyes haven’t lost their gleam. If anything, they’re brighter. “Well if it were easy all the time that would spoil some of the fun, now wouldn’t it?”

Kasamatsu shakes his head, still perplexed how this can be the same guy they recruited a year ago.

They didn’t even have to work that hard to persuade him, in fact he came along a little too willingly for Kasamatsu’s taste. He remembers thinking Kise was a happy go lucky type of guy, all sing song voice and flirty eyes, which now given his job as a lure works well in their favor. But time has worn away that persona, at least behind closed doors, and Kise’s revealed himself to be quite the deviant and sadistic bastard. He thinks little of almost everyone, barely respecting his higher ups and that’s mostly due to risk of punishment.

You think you know a guy.

Banging is heard upon the locked door, the woman’s voice shrill and penetrating. “Kindly get her to stuff a sock in it, Kasamatsu,” Imayoshi orders.

The brunette grunts something akin to “yes sir” before striding to the door. He yanks it open sharply, a startled cry and wide eyes greeting him. He feels his heart almost stop; she’s gorgeous. Not just that but there’s fire, passion, drive in her eyes. She refuses to be a victim so matter how much she is one now.

“What the hell is this? I demand that you release me! Do you know who my father is?” she yells getting right in his face. Yep, she’s a brave one. He pushes her back hard enough to land on the bed before slamming the door and crossing his arms.

“One, keep your mouth shut or else I’ll make your stay infinitely less comfortable with a rope and gag,” he says, voice calm and even. He watches her swallow her retort. “Two, we’re very aware of who your father is. Are you aware of the debt he owes Imayoshi? Of the bad investments and the lying and the book cooking?”

Her eyes get wider and wider with every word he utters, tears clinging to long lashes. “I guess that’s a no,” he remarks leaning against the door. Closing his eyes, Kasamatsu inhales a deep breath through his nose then opens his eyes once more to meet her gaze. “The grace period ended and when Imayoshi sent his collector, your father couldn’t pay. So, you’re here as collateral.” He brushes imaginary dust from his suit just to avoid her eyes. “Which means, as long as you follow orders, you can roam freely in the manor. Well, mostly free, since I’ll be accompanying you to make sure you don’t run off or get yourself killed somehow.”

He opens the door, turning to look over his shoulder. “For now, I suggest you take a shower and change into something more comfortable. I’ll see to it that you get something to eat.” Then he’s gone, locking the door from behind which he hears renewed sobbing.

He sighs again. He really hates this.

Days later and he’s ready to punch a wall. He thought his new charge would have some sense of self-preservation but no, she challenges anyone and everyone she encounters, but mostly him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he hisses. “Are you trying to get yourself maimed? Or killed?” He’s got her by the wrist having just caught her trying to escape for the third time.

“You can’t hurt me,” she reasons, “If I’m collateral then part of the agreement must be my safe return, unharmed.”

“For someone who’s family is so deep in the business you sure are stupid about it. For one, your theory is completely wrong. The only reason you’re still in such good condition is because I’m in charge of you. But what exactly do you think will happen if you do manage to escape huh?” Kasamatsu snaps, his voice rising as he pushes up her against the wall, hands tightly squeezing her shoulders.

Her eyes are blown wide at his proximity and the intensity of his gaze. “You think this is a fucking game? That if you escape you win? Debt dropped because you were clever?”

He huffs, shaking his head and looking down momentarily before meeting her eyes again. “If you escape, what do you think the next step is in paying the debt? I’ll tell you. Imayoshi will merely up the cost. Instead of a live hostage, he’ll cut his loss and your father’s life short.”

She inhales sharply, tears leaking down her face. “And he’ll send me to do it as punishment for letting you get away,” he continues, tone bitter.

“That…that’s…” she stutters.

He glares deeper at her. “I hate killing, always have always will. I don’t want this life but I’m stuck to it like a curse. And,” he looks to the door, lowering his voice and hoping his initial outburst wasn’t overhead before looking back at her, “if you keep disobeying me, Imayoshi will remove you from my charge to someone more…adept at breaking people.”

“How true that is, my dear,” Imayoshi says from the doorway making both Kasamatsu and her jump. He strides forward, pushing aside his subordinate to roughly clasp her by the chin. Face inches from hers, he speaks in a low menacing tone, and though he looks at her, his words are for Kasamatsu.  

“If I hear that this little bird has spread her wings a bit too far one more time, I’ll let Hanamiya clip them. Understood?” He meets his eyes back to Kasamatsu.

“Yes sir,” comes the quick reply.

Imayoshi releases her chin, giving her a slight smack on the cheek. “Count your lucky stars that you’re in Kasa’s care, little bird. He’s one of our more…tenderhearted members.”

Standing to his full height, Imayoshi straightens his tie and jacket, sending one last look to Kasamatsu before turning on his heel and exiting the library. Exhaling a long breath, the remaining male takes her by the elbow guiding her out into the hall.

“Who…who’s Hanamiya?” she asks numbly.

Kasamatsu tightens his grip on her arm. “Trust me, you’re far better off not knowing. By the time his last collateral’s family paid off their debt the damage was already done.”

“What do you mean?”

He meets his eyes to hers. “She ended up in a mental institution.”  

Since the day in the library, things have been relatively easier with her, at least in terms of her sticking around. She’s still snarky and full of sass but mostly just to annoy him. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she was flirting.

But that may just be wishful thinking.

Because resistance is futile against this woman and he can feel himself succumbing to her charms. Especially when she smiles. It’s uncanny how much a simple tilt of her lips in an upward trajectory can lift his spirits, though he’s careful not to show any indication of such a thing.

Or at least he thought he was until Kise remarks, “If you keep making puppy eyes at her I’m going to puke.”

Kasamatsu sends him a glare but doesn’t respond, knowing it will only make him worse. The blonde snickers, parting with, “Don’t go falling in love with her. Either way, she won’t be staying forever.”

As he walks away, Kasamatsu clenches his fist, striking the wall in his irritation; Kise’s right. This whole arrangement won’t be indefinite. Imayoshi may be a patient man but he also has a reputation to maintain.

And everybody pays in one way or another.

It’s like self-fulfilling prophecy. Time has gone by rapidly and Kasamatsu can see the changes in her. She’s more relaxed around him, willing to smile more, even laugh out loud sometimes, usually over a book she’s reading or movie she’s watching. And he can feel the changes in himself. The unnecessary touches to her body, a guiding hand on her back as they walk through the manor, a hand out to assist her from her chair. The way he thinks about her constantly, even when he’s in his room and she in hers.

He knows it’s stupid, stupid and dangerous but they don’t call it falling for nothing and he’s falling hard and fast.

The manor is quiet, most of the other members either off for the night having a drink or a screw (or most likely both) or on jobs of their own. The past month has been building to this crossroad and Kasamatsu stands rock solid like he’s wearing concrete shoes, his eyes fixed on her face as she inches closer to him.

Her hand settles on his neck, sending shockwaves through his nerves but he remains still. Slowly she leans forward, breath teasing the sensitive flesh of his lips. “This is just…stress release, you understand?”

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” he asks bluntly.

“Screw you,” she breathes closing the distance kissing him harshly.

Kasamatsu can’t stop his hands from moving, one wrapping in her hair while the other locks onto her hip. “If you say so,” he counters huskily.

He pushes her into the mattress, mouth and tongue caressing every inch of flesh exposed. She arches and moans, holding onto him so tight he wonders if he’ll bruise. And when she crests her peak, moaning loudly, “Yukio,” he knows he’s a lost man.

When it’s over, he leaves at her behest, her reasoning that if they keep it to just fucking it’ll be less complicated. “Whatever,” he mumbles pulling up his pants and tossing on his shirt, not bothering to button up the latter.

It happens again three days later in the storeroom after dinner and then two nights after that in the pool house after dusk.

They both keep saying their trysts can’t continue, he because of attachment issues, she because the more she feels for him the more she feels a traitor to her family. But they can’t stop, it’s like an addiction, it goes beyond want to need and keeps getting deeper no matter how many times in so many words they tell themselves they don’t care.

The veil of mutual lies falls even lower tonight when Kasamatsu rises to leave and feels her hand wrap around his wrist.

“Stay,” she says, the word quiet in the dark, a plea as much as it is an order. And Kasamatsu realizes as he lays back down, drawing her into his embrace, that the roles of warden and captor have switched or at the very least become mutual.

Because he’s irrevocably in love with her.

The day comes, the day he’s dreaded since he first laid eyes on her. If he’s honest, he probably fell for her then, hair flying wild, eyes full of fear but determination. She was like no one he’d ever met before and he wants nothing more than to keep her by his side. But it’s not his choice, nothing in this god forsaken world he lives in is his choice. It’s orders, orders, orders.

And his orders are to take her home.

Through some miracle (more likely an extreme generous or unfortunate “benefactor”) her father’s debt is cleared. She’s no longer a captive of the Yakuza, but she’s definitely Kasamatu’s.

“I don’t want to go back, Yukio, I want to stay here. With you,” she confesses as he gathers her bag filled with items acquired during her time with him.

His head falls back on a sigh, arms going slack before he looks at her. “You know that’s not possible. And even if it were, I wouldn’t let you.”

She crosses her arms, finger nails digging into her small biceps, teeth mangling her bottom lip. He knows she hates showing weakness but she can’t help wearing her emotions in the open, her heart on her sleeve. “Why?” she whispers, eyes closing in effort to trap her tears.

He flops her bag on the bed to draw her into his arms, inhaling deeply to take in the scent of her. He draws back, hand caressing her cheek as he stares in her eyes. They’re so pure still, so full of hope and life and good that it pains him. Everything he’s ever wanted is right here in his arms but he absolutely will not keep it, will not keep her. Because she’s too good for his world.

A dark chuckle almost escapes his lips as memory takes hold of a boy from long ago, one wearing a high school basketball jersey and knee-high socks, who for the life of him couldn’t even speak coherently to a girl let alone do the things and say the words he’s done and said with her.

He opens his mouth but the moment is broken by a knock at the door. Separating from her, Kasamatsu opens the door revealing Sakurai, who bows low.

“I’m sorry, but the car is waiting,” he says voice shaking.

Kasamatsu nods once dismissing him. Turning back around, he walks to the bed and picks up her bag before placing his hand upon her back, a familiar gesture he doesn’t even bother hiding anymore. “Come on, it’s time to go,” he says quietly.

The drive to her home is silent, save for muffled sniffles coming from beside him. She insisted she ride up front, the last time she’d have to be by his side. As they reach her family home, Kasamatsu sees her face scrunching up in an attempt not to cry. She fails miserably. It pierces his heart but he can’t, he won’t be selfish. It’s for her own good that she returns to her family, even if they are tied to the business. There’s still time for her to get out, to make a life of her own away from it. Which means, away from him.  

He stops the car and gets out, popping the trunk to gather her bag before reaching the passenger door. Opening it, he holds out his hand but she won’t take it, won’t even look at him. “Hey, come on, they’re waiting for you,” he grunts.

She shakes her head. Groaning softly, Kasamatsu drops his burden to the ground and reaches in tugging her out, easily moving her smaller frame with his larger one. When she collapses in his arms he dies a little more inside. “Please,” he mumbles in her hair, “you have to go.” Her head moves back, eyes full of tears. Then suddenly, she puts distance between them just enough to rear back and smack him across the face.

“I love you,” she chokes out. He stays silent. “And I know you love me too Yukio, you may never have said it but I could feel it! I could see, can see it, right now, so why? Why are you doing this?” she shouts.

He grabs her shoulders roughly, pushing her back against the closed door of the car, bearing the weight of his soul in his eyes. “Because I love you too much to corrupt you! I’m nothing! I have nothing! You think I want to stay with the Yakuza, that I want to be Imayoshi’s errand bitch boy? I don’t have a fucking choice! He owns me! Body, soul, mind, all of it, until I die which could be any moment of any day!” He’s breathing hard, muscles tense and teeth grit. He grabs her chin, kissing her hard, hot and deep. He doesn’t care if anyone sees this, he’s making a statement and wants the whole fucking world to hear it.

Pulling away, their breaths mingle as he says softly, “I will love you until the day I die, but I will not let you throw away your life for me. Go, do magnificent things, change the world, just…live a little bit for me.”

He plants one last kiss before turning away and heading to the driver’s door, the sound of its slam the finality of his decision.

He means every word, he’ll die loving her, but he’ll sacrifice both of their happiness to keep her safe.

A month later, his assertion that he could die at any time almost comes to fruition. He’s sent on a job with Aomine as lookout but their target got the jump on them and he ended up stabbed several times. For all his hard ass talk and “don’t give a fuck” attitude, Kasamatsu had never seen Aomine drive that fast before passing out. It’s a miracle that he survived.

A week has passed since the attack and when Kasamatsu opens his eyes for the first time it’s to find her in a hospital chair by his bed. In his shock, he tries to sit up resulting in a groan of pain pulling her from twilight slumber. Instantly she’s up, one hand grabbing his while the other lays gently upon his cheek and he almost laughs at the irony that her last touch to him there was a bit more stinging. His body reacts to her automatically, head nuzzling into her touch.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he asks, tone weaker than he’d prefer.

She smiles softly, leaning down to kiss him and the feel of her, the scent of her, everything about her brings him back to life. When she pulls away, she whispers, “Hayakawa told me, or at least tried to tell me, what happened but all I needed to understand was you were hurt.” She places a hand over his mouth to cover protests she’s tired of hearing. “Stop, Yukio, please. I know you think you know what’s best, and to be honest, you’re probably right. But thanks to my father and brothers, this world is a part of me now. And if I have to live in hell, I’d rather choose the demons I keep company with.”

He takes in a deep breath, moving her hand and pulling her forward to kiss again, more deeply, more lovingly, than he’s ever allowed himself. Releasing her mouth reluctantly, he grunts, “And if I have to live in hell, I’d rather keep an angel by my side.”

And a week later when he returns to the manor, that’s exactly where she is.

  • Mom: Tell me about this boys from Kuroko no Basket.
  • Me: There’s Kuroko. He is invisible motherfucker who scares people and he is totally in love with Kagami. Kagami has double eyebrows and he looks like God but is only 16 years old. There’s also Midorima who has green hair and is obsessed with his fingers. He probably sniffs them. Aomine is japanese and has dark skin, nobody knows how. Akashi has two personalities, he is scary as fuck, but he just wants to be the best hairdresser in the Japan. Murasakibara is a giant who eats only sweets but is still athletic and slim. I'm so jealous. Kise he is...he is gay for Kasamatsu. They like sadomaso. Believe me.
  • Mom: I never asked, okay?
  • Me: Okay.

ourneverendingpossibilities  asked:

GABBY! I hope I get in this time!! OMG. But could I get a scenario with Kasamatsu where fem/reader is crushing over him, but he's so shy and 'ignores' her because he has a crush too? Semi angst with a fluff ending where they confess to each other would be beautiful please C;

Hi Tia! Hope this is satisfactory, although I’m not sure I interpreted the request right (´•ω•`๑)

Fem!Reader ahead

A wonder and a shame, how people sometimes just cannot see themselves as how others see them. The discrepancy between thoughts and reality, caused by insecurities and self-doubt, rises like steam fogging up a bathroom mirror. It is metaphorically like that simply because the perception one has of oneself is distorted. Blurred. Obscured. As if the whole notion isn’t sad enough, the fact that most good people are unable to see how good they actually are is what makes it sadder.

This story focuses on two people in particular who are unfortunate enough to only be able to see their clouded reflections in their bathroom mirrors. 

Your shower was too hot, you conclude as you absent-mindedly take note of interior of the modest bathroom that looks as if it has been covered in a white transparent blanket. That, or you took too long in the shower, which is most likely the case. Things haven’t exactly been going good for you, and your usually clear thoughts are easily polluted at times like these, surfacing most often when you’re in the shower.

You look at your reflection as you pass by a mirror, ruffling your hair with a soft towel. You immediately walk out of the bathroom. From experience, it’s better when you don’t dwell on what you see for too long. 

Three miles away from your home, Kasamatsu holds back a curse as he strums a chord that grates his ears. Who knows how many times he’s tried to get that part of the song right? (Dozens of times in the course of three hours, he keeps track in the back of his mind, but obviously that wasn’t enough.) Frustration occupies too much of his mind to let him focus on the instrument, and that mistake is what makes him snap, though it doesn’t visibly show. The only visual clue of his annoyance is the darkness in his expression, obviously forcing himself to calm down and set the guitar on its stand before falling face first on his bed.

He’s going to sleep in that position tonight—if sleep wins the battle against his thoughts, that is.

It’s hard to describe the distance between the two of you. Are you close? Are you not close? You find a hard time calling him a friend, since you’ve only been paired up in three projects throughout your school years in Kaijou, and you only talk occasionally outside of class. It doesn’t feel right to call him an acquaintance either, because you feel as though you know him more than a regular acquaintance would know each other.

You would have been more active in making an effort to interact with him if not for the fact that he seems to avoid you whenever you do. You account that to his shyness towards the opposite gender, which is half-adorable yet half-frustrating considering your… crush towards him. Yes, you’ve come to terms with your own feelings you have especially for Kasamatsu, and his timidity is doing a really good job blocking advances you plan on making.

But lately you feel that it’s actually not that. You consider yourself as a normal classmate to him, and you assume he thinks so, too. After all, you’ve shared a class for two years consecutively now. You figure that the shyness would at least dissipate by a little, but instead it has lately increased in its intensity. 

The only conclusion you can reach is that he somehow, in addition to his shyness around females, doesn’t really like you.

“What’s up?” 

Kobori’s question is undoubtedly referencing to the play Kasamatsu failed to execute just a few minutes ago during team practice. The captain’s face visibly hardened, probably an unconscious shift, and his voice somehow sounds off when he dismisses it as “nothing”. The difference in his behavior is acknowledged by the other team members, though they don’t want to confront him about it quite soon, and Kasamatsu knows this. His facade of being okay is slipping. In truth, his self-confidence is rapidly decomposing, replaced only by the black bile that is self-consciousness. 

His facade needs to be kept up.

“One more time,” he calls out to the team, and he would have convinced everyone in the gym with the firmness of his words if not for the way a certain darkness clouds his eyes right after.

Two hours later, he stands on the free throw line, alone in the gym as he sends basketballs flying consecutively. His basket rate has decreased by quite a lot, but he defends himself with the fact that nobody is watching and thus giving him no reason to pretend to be fine. There is rage deep in his gut and a loud voice in his ears telling him that he’s a failure of a person, that he’s not talented enough—the same voice calls him useless for working so hard without yielding any results whatsoever.

Kasamatsu slumps to the shiny gym floor, silence buzzing in his ears mixed with the light sound of crickets from outdoors. Why is it that during these dark times, he always thought of you? His infatuation for you, running far and long from the first year of high school, has taken a bad turn, pushing him further down the ground that is his self-esteem.

She will never accept someone so weird and talentless.

There are many variations to that sentence, he finds thorough occasions like this. Defeated, he runs his fingers through his hair before gripping on the strands so hard as if he was about to pull the roots out of his scalp. 

“Fuck,” he rasps.

It’s been two long weeks. He’s avoided you like the plague, like you’re filthier than pig fodder, and you hate yourself because of it. You’re working on a group project together with three other people, and it so happens that he would be perfectly fine around them but not with you. No reply to the “hello”s you say to him in the hallway. A curt reply whenever you ask a question. Pretending as if not to notice you as you offer him a seat during lunch time.

Your before bed routine for the past five days has been as follows: shower, look at your body in the mirror pulling at parts you despise, lie down on bed, and overthink before you cry yourself to sleep. He must hate you so much, and it hurts how you still have feelings for him despite how you resolve to hate him back for the way he’s been treating you.

But you can’t, no matter how hard you try. Curse him for being so captivating, so him that you can’t even push him away after he pushes you away. And then there’s the fact that you have a group project together… your other group mates must already notice what’s going on. You realize that you need to confront him about this, for your own sanity if not for that assignment you could care less about.

So after steeling your nerves for another five solid days, during which he still steers clear of interacting with you unless completely necessary, you corner him in front of his locker before class and grips his wrist as a countermeasure of him running away.

“Kasamatsu-kun, can you please meet me after school? I need to talk to you about something important.”

It was a clear-cut sentence, and there’s no way someone could misinterpret it or misheard it, and especially not a smart basketball team captain, at that. His wrist burns from your touch. His heart would flutter from the physical contact if not for your words that seemingly sent small needles into his chest. What could be the important thing you’re trying to tell him?

The rest of the school day seems like a blur, not only to him but also to you. Orange light bathes the classroom, signifying the hour most anticipated by students looking forward to ending the day and most dreaded by both you and him. Should the circumstances be different, you would be disheveled and blushing, because it’s only the two of you in the classroom, standing in front of each other.

“W-What is it, __________-san?”

You look down as if the floor is the most interesting object in the world. To think that you actually felt you were ready to do this.

“Listen, Kasamatsu-kun,” you begin, a hand fiddling with the edge of the table you are leading against. “I… notice that you’ve been avoiding me lately.”

His mouth suddenly dries and it’s hard to swallow. He himself is unable to look anywhere your way, not bearing to see what sort of expression paints your face. You sound like you’re hurt. By him.

“I just,” you continue against how your voice shakes, “w-want to know what I did wrong? Was it something I said that offended you or the way I treated you at one point in our friendship—I mean, I know we’re not really close, but I felt—”

You let that sentence die down into a sigh. Upset, you wanted to say, but immediately felt that you have no right to. You just told him the two of you weren’t really close, after all. So what if he upsets you?

“I’m sorry,” Kasamatsu whispers, a hand cupped in front of his mouth as he looks at his own feet. 

The words act as oil to the fire in your stomach. Yes, of course he’s sorry. Why did you see that coming? 

“Can you please answer the question, Kasamatsu-kun?” You say, voice breaking despite the stern tone you mustered up, and then you realize the wetness in your eyes.  

Kasamatsu must have noticed too, because he’s now looking at your face and the pained expression painted on it. Your eyes are reddening, a prelude to the tears that endeavor to escape the ducts at the corner of your eyes. The way your lips are slightly parched and how they tremble. The thought of him being the one causing you this sends a jab to his heart, the left side of his chest aching as if he’s been physically hurt.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he says, losing control of his thoughts and his tongue, “it’s a h-hard thing for me to explain and I—”

“Tell me anyway.”

That sends him on a flurry of words.

“—I’ve liked you for a while now, __________-san, and I’ve grown to realize that you’re too good for a person like me, and I’ve been feeling small and useless so I thought it would be best for me to just forget about how I feel for you by avoiding you altogether, but after a while it still won’t work—”

It’s as if you’re looking into a very clear mirror. His eyes redden, not unlike yours, darting around to avoid you altogether. His voice turning into a rough rasp, and how the words seem to spill out of his mouth. The feeling of panic and something akin to a bandage covering an old, painful wound being unraveled.

But neither of them matter when you hear his first words.

I’ve liked you for a while now,  __________-san.

And the tears pooling in your eyes flow forth, running down in big droplets down the skin of your cheek and you stifle a sob. The words he said were exactly how you felt towards him, how you thought you weren’t enough for someone as prolific as him, as popular as him, as perfect as him. He stops talking immediately when he sees you cry, seemingly put under a spell with a look of your tears.

Kasamatsu reaches out, his hand cupping your cheek, thumb brushing the droplets away and you melt. Despite the overflow of your tears, your sigh turns into a laugh accompanied by a sad look on your face. You only spare him seconds in confusion at the juxtaposition of emotions you’re showing to him.

“It’s funny,” you interject the silence, “painfully so, I would say.”

“What is?”

“I like you, too, Kasamatsu-kun. I also have now, for a while.” 

Steel blue eyes widen at the confession, something he thought he would only hear in his wildest dreams. 

“The funny thing is,” you say, eyes blurry, “what you said… they’re also exactly how I feel. I thought I was never,” you choke, “good enough for an amazing person like you, and with the way you were avoiding me, I thought you’ve finally realized that, so I decided to talk to you for one last time before getting out of your life—”

It’s as if the rest of your sentence fell apart when he pulls you into a tight embrace, your head buried in his chest and his face in your hair. 

“I am so sorry,” he says, “I didn’t… I didn’t know, I didn’t mean to. Oh God, how can I ever make it up to you,” he whispers into your hair, hand stroking up and down your back to calm down your sobs. If you weren’t resting your head on his chest, you would have seen him trying his best to blink back his own tears.  

The two of you stay that way, silent in each others presence and sharing warmth until you speak.

“…what now?”

At that, the old Kasamatsu makes his return, his cheeks so red he looks like he’s about to explode from the amount of embarrassment that he has to cover the bottom half of his face as if it helps. In his mind, there is only one way this can continue, and the thought of it sends more blood to his face. 

“W-Well, about that!”

You look at him, tears dry, with a face that says ‘slight amused’ at the display of his shyness, but deep in the pool of your eyes is encouragement for him to say the words—unless you say it first.

“Will you… be my girlfriend?”

You chuckle, suddenly feeling shy yourself. He beat you to it, as expected of the man you adore so. You gingerly place your hands on his chest, and when presented without any form of objection to the physical contact, you lean in—

—and kiss him on the cheek.

“I thought you would never say that,” he hears your voice amidst the rush of blood in his ears, and he knows that it’s a yes to his question. Kasamatsu pouts at how badly he’s handling this and how hard it is for him because of your utter cuteness, but somehow he finds the courage to trap your wrists in each hand.

“Come, I’ll walk you home,” he says.   

anonymous asked:

GOM+Kagami, Kasamatsu, and Takao s/o is a volleyball player, the s/o is like Hinata from Haikyuu, they have an amazing jump and athletic skill, but their receive skill suck (lol), I want to see their reaction when they go to their s/o volleyball match and see their s/o play for the first time, they are amazed by how amazing their jumping and spiking skill is, but also how bad their receive skill is because they accidentally receive with their face while screaming “HOGYAAAA!!”

Kuroko: Despite wincing after seeing you get hit with the volleyball, Kuroko doesn’t say anything about it. He’s actually proud of you for continuing the game despite what must have been a painful injury. He knows he’s be out for a while if it had been him in your place.

Kagami: So into the game himself, Kagami really doesn’t realize what’s happening until he sees you on your back on the floor, holding your face. It takes him a second to put two and two together and realize that you’re injured, but by the time he figures it out you’re already back in the game.

Kise: Screaming as the volleyball hits your face, he’s yelling at you from his spot in the crowd asking if you’re okay. You can’t hear him past the yelling of the rest of the crowd though, so he takes to texting your phone to ask you in a panic. He doesn’t realize it’s useless because you’ve left it in your locker room.

Kasamatsu: He had predicted this would happen, but he hadn’t expected for it to be so intense. Wincing as you recover from your injury, he yells from his spot for you to play closer attention to the game. This earns him a thumbs up from you, one that makes him fluster a bit in embarrassment.

Aomine: His grin has a hint of a grimace when he sees the volleyball collide with your face. You had been doing so well in the game up until that point, but you weren’t letting it stop you now. Aomine is actually impressed that you would continue despite the mishap.

Midorima: The moment he noticed the ball heading for your face, he looks away, not wanting to witness the impact. It’s clear by the gasp of the crowd and the screams from your teammates that the volleyball hit its mark. What Midorima doesn’t expect is your yell of retaliation as you continue the game.

Takao: A normal boyfriend would be totally worried when you got hit in the face with a volleyball, but Takao is laughing. Not because you were injured; he’s not that cruel. He’s laughing because the injury only seemed to fire you up more for the game. The opposing team was in for it now.

Murasakibara: There’s a sharp intake of breath from him when he realizes you’ve been struck with the ball and he almost cringes away from the game entirely because it looked so painful. But you made Murasakibara promise to watch the entire game and he always kept his promises with you.

Akashi: After your injury, he makes his way over to the bleachers where some of your other teammates are sitting. You’re still in the game when he gets there, which is fine with him if you felt well enough, but Akashi still wanted to be closer just in case your injuries were worse than they seemed.