かんらんしゃ + Youthful Lanterns

I personally love ferris wheels at night. There are so many colors that blend together to make something more beautiful that makes an individual want to get on the ride. You’ll simply feel like you’re on top of the world. 

I remember when I first went on a ferris wheel when I was a kid; the bright lights, the intimidating height of the structure, and the wonder I experienced while looking over a vast city. I felt like I was flying. 

In this picture, I wanted the lights to act as the vivid imagination of the individuals that remember their childhood when they first ridden on a ferris wheel and can recall the purest form of happiness. 

Now that I’m adult, I honestly can say/type that I still get that amazing feeling when I reach the top of a ferris wheel at night and see all of the lights down below. One of my favorite feelings.