kasai on air

The end of Raw Air

To sum up Raw Air 🦅

I consider first part of the Tournament was one big washout, especially Lillehammer. Trondheim was fine and Vikersund… I am quoting Pero ,, The dictionary doesn’t have enough words to describe this[…]“.
I know there were some controversy in team competition, I’ll admit, I also don’t understand the decision about restart, but I let it go and just enjoyed that amazing competition. In my opininon every single team which was on podium, deserved it

~All Polish competitors who jumped in contests in Vikersund broke their own records

~World record was broken two times in one day

~Kevin Bickner who broke US record and then his fall, I was so sorry for him and wish him a speedy recovery

~Kamil Stoch who was 15th (If i remember well) after Oslo and ended up on podium 🥈
And his victory today, my Champ is back 🥇

~Noriaki Kasai and his great jumps, I wish I would be in simular shape in  his age

~ I am also sorry for Milka boy, but it shows how much small mistakes and detalis means on skiflying hills. It made me upset to see him so sad, because they both (Kamil & Andreas) deserved this second place

~ Stefan Kraft, great winner of Raw Air and official owner of black plate  I thought it would be Andi, but no one can deny, he deserved it 🥇

I think I used "deserve” too many times today, but I don’t give a damn  about it. I am simply happy because I like all 3 guys who were on podium today (I mean competition) and just can’t wait to Planica, where I am going (unfortunately for only one contest, but it is still sth big for me), but I am sad because it is almost the end of this beautiful season To sum up Raw Air 🦅

And at the end, huge respect for Daniel and Kamil who were comforting Andi (of course also for other guys who said sth nice to/about Andreas, but I haven’t noticed that)

Crazy Ski Flying Competition in Vikersund

Here Final Results:

22th World Cup win for polish Kamil Stoch

2nd place for Noriaki Kasai, 44 years-old, simply a legend

3rd Place for Michael Hayboeck

WC Leader Stefan Kraft achieves a 5th place and win Raw Air Tournament

Andreas Wellinger Lost Raw Air Tourn. when he totally miss the last jump

Kraft and Stoch will fight for Overall World cup in Planica, the last WC stage