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                                             jerome valeska playlist  💎 requested  💎

 awolnation - hollow moon (bad wolf) [x] // the hoosiers - killer [x] // royal blood - you can be so cruel [x] // panic at the disco - crazy = genius [x] //  kongos - i’m only joking [x] // scissor sisters  - I can’t decide [x] //  shinedown - sound of madness [x] //  miracle of sound - joker’s song [x] // kasabian - underdog [x]

Workout Music Suggestions

Apologies to @asianbaybee for taking forever to get back to her with my suggestions - one thing lead to another and I kept putting it off, because I suck 

So without further ado, and to the sound of much disappointment, and many retro rock songs, and I love a bit of cheese:

Some Songs from my workout playlist

Fire - Kasabian 
Song 2 - Blur
Here it goes again - Ok go
Walking like Egyptian - The Bangles 
Rock this Party - Bob Sinclair
Gold Dust - Dj Fresh
Bomfunk MC - Freestyler
Take on Me - Reel big Fish
How far I’ll go (Moana) - Boy hero
99 Red Balloons-  Goldfinger 
Basket Case - Greenday
Black Betty - Ram Jam
We Will Rock You - Queen
Back in black - Ac/Dc
Creeping up the backstairs - Fratellis 
The Pretender - Foo fighters
Dragula - Rob Zombie 
Blue - Eiffel 65 
Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex 
Sexy and I Know it - LMFAO

That should give you an insight into my terrible taste in workout beats XD 

Oh my god. I finally finished chapter 7 of Splintered Darkness. I could cry. I basically wrote the fighting scene in one sitting? The one that has been terrorising me for more weeks than I care to admit. I think it was this Kasabian song from the new album that gave me gobblepot feels and inspiration. I’m going to cry and celebrate with raspberry frozen yoghurt and strawberries.

Oh and the story will be extended to 8 chapters. :)

DEVIL’S HIGHWAY, a demon road fanmix

listen on 8tracks

demon road - yeasayer // flirtin’ with disaster - molly hatchet // blood on my name - the brothers bright // harsh realm - widowspeak // teen angst - m83 // kingdom come - the civil wars // running battle - kasabian // snake song - emmylou harris // down the road - c2c // staint john - cold war kids // rocks and water - deb talan // laughing with a mouth of blood - st. vincent // worship me - laura marling // bonus tracks


This Video highlights the many faces of Finn Nelson From My Mad Fat Diary. The song used is “Days Are Forgotten” by Kasabian.

This song is a bit mainstream, but I love it! I hope you like it as well! Thanks for watching.