Los signos como personajes de Mirai nikki

Aries: Hiyama Takao

Tauro: Tsukishima Karyuudo

Géminis: Kasugano Tsubaki

Cáncer: Ueshita Kamado

Leo: Ikusaba Marco/Mikami Ai

Virgo: Houjou Reisuke

Libra: Kurusu Keigo

Escorpio: Gasai Yuno

Sagitario: Uryuu Minene

Capricornio: Balks John

Acuario: Hirasaka Yomotsu

Piscis: Amano Yukiteru 

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re: Karyuudo fansubs:

Karyuudo Fansub group takes great pride and joy with their subtitles. It is a collaboration with both non native and native Japanese speakers. They work tirelessly and very committed to their work. Many anime fans and movies are happy with this group as they help out with subbing these materials. These group always make sure to put their best forward and make high quality subs.

In lieu of the RK musical, the group did not know of the strict policy of the Takarazuka group and they have apologized and took down the youtube video. (They were harassed and verbally abused by many of the fans, was it really necessary?) Some were kind and politely ask them to take down, bless you people! A nice could you please put this down, is sufficient, rather than threatening them to court. Aslo, not everyone knows about these policies so it would have been nice if they people explained it to them in a proper way, NOT BARKING AT THEM!

So, for this particular comment on top of this page,  @glibray claims that their subbing is atrocious. Please be informed that since The Rurouni Kenshin musical has many old words/verses, it was the NATIVE JAPANESE SPEAKERS who did the subbing for this. I repeat, NATIVE JAPANESE SPEAKERS, check the page and you will see a Japanese person.

So is this person saying that Japanese speakers, can’t do proper preposition in their own lanauge???? Really??? Please do not be rude and think that you know the people behind subbing this. They are the real deal and they always make sure to give out accurate and high quality subs. Please have some respect. They work tirelessly and this kind of comment is cheap and plain ignorant.

Karyuudo is now more careful and actually will not sub any zuka shows anymore.

For those who wants their movies, animes and shows to be sub, ask nicely to Karyuudo and they might sub it for you.

Thank you and I hope people will stop being mean to this group, they really are the best people!

@glibray for the comments above

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the signs as mirai nikki diary owners

*i swapped the 3rd (Takao Hiyama) for Akise Aru 

aries: the 2nd- yuno gasai

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taurus: the 4th- keigo kurusu

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gemini: the 7th- ai mikami

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cancer: the 1st- yukitero amano

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leo: the 7th- marco ikusaba AND the 12th- yomotsu hirasaka

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virgo: the 8th (apprentice diary)- akise aru

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libra: the 8th- kamado ueshita

scorpio: the 6th- tsubaki kasugano

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sagittarius: the 10th- karyuudo tsukishima

capricorn: the 9th- minene uryuu

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aquarius: the 11th- john bacchus

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pisces: the 5th- reisuke houjou

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The signs as Mirai Nikki diary holders
  • Aries: Takao Hiyama (3)
  • Taurus: Yukiteru Amano (1)
  • Gemini: Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami (7)
  • Cancer: Kamado Ueshita (8)
  • Leo: Keigo Kurusu (4)
  • Virgo: Minene Uryu (9)
  • Libra: Yomotsu Hirasaka (12)
  • Scorpio: Yuno Gasai (2)
  • Sagittarius: Karyuudo Tsukishima (10)
  • Capricorn: Jhon Bacchus (11)
  • Aquarius: Tsubaki Kasugano (6)
  • Pisces: Reisuke Houjou (5)
Vanitas no Carte - Chapter One - English Translation Part One

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! :D  Here is the first part of my Vanitas no Carte translation. There are probably going to be five or six parts, maybe, I don’t really know. But, anyway, I hope you guys all enjoy this and about the notes section - if any of my French followers have anything to add or correct, please feel free to let me know! I just went off stuff I found online. 

Also, about the pictures, I didn’t include all pics (just some) since the chapter was so long. I’ll post a link to the RAWs. I don’t know if RAWs are up yet or not (I haven’t been in the tag yet), but if they are and you have the link, feel free to link it to me. If not, I’ll include the link once I find it. 

These translations are often quick and rough, so if you notice any mistakes or anything of the like, please feel free to let me know. It is always much appreciated. Also, please don’t use my translations for scanlations. And also, please try and support the series when and where you can when official releases and merchandise comes out. ^^

EDIT: I was informed that Yen Press was going with the transliteration of Amelia. So, that is what I will be going with from now on until we get any other type of official confirmation of name spelling’s and transliterations. :)

This post is long, and there are some pictures, so I am putting this under a Read More. Please enjoy!

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