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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Friends

(Our party has stayed out late drinking and dancing and bar hopping in a new city and find their way into a busy tavern, where there is already an arm wrestling match going on. We spot a familiar face–Kari, an NPC former adventurer who currently works as an extremely skilled magic user and enchanter for armor and clothing. The paladin bard, spotting her and not exactly being the shy type, decides to go surprise her and say hello…)

Paladin Bard:As we walk in, half-in-the-bag already, and we see Kari, I reach over, take the pitcher –still in [Ranger]’s hand…I don’t pull it out of her hand, but I grab it over her hand and pull her hand up with mine and take a quick sip out of the pitcher–

Ranger: Hey!

Paladin Bard: –and wander right over and come up right behind Kari–

Warlock: “Wait…”

Ranger: “Is he…?”

Warlock: “Is he…trying to…?”

Ranger: “I don’t…NOOO! Noooo. Nooooooo.”

Paladin Bard: (ooc) I’m just saying hi. I come right up behind Kari and put a hand on her shoulder where she’s watchin’ the match and say “So, where’s your money at?”

DM: (grinning) …okay! Roll a Wisdom save.

Paladin Bard: …uh oh.

Warlock: (ooc) You startled her!

Paladin Bard: (ooc) Apparently!


Paladin Bard: 15! (proudly) Wisdom is a save I’m proficient in!

DM: So, you reach over and start saying that and as you touch, her hand slaps down on yours and she goes “HO!” and you’re rock still. You cannot move. You’re frozen in place.

Paladin Bard: Shit.

DM: (as Kari) “It’s…fuckin’ you!”

Warlock: (grinning) I go over and put an arm around his shoulder and say, “Good look on you.”

(Despite the initial startle, our paladin was released and we spent the night continuing to drink heavily and dance and overall cause a ruckus in the tavern with Kari. Good times, but I think our Paladin Bard learned a very important lesson about startling magic users that night)

“Oh my god, Genos! The baby moved!”

Commission for @bulecelup​! (M)Pregnant Fox Demon Genos and Saitama. Hope you like it!

With bonus drabble ♡ please don’t take this seriously, as I am not a writer. This is also unbetaed.

Contents: Alternate Universe, Mpreg, Fox-Demon!Genos, Priest/Monk!Saitama, 

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Cookies & Cream - a Kristanna Harvest Fest Fic

I come bearing a fluffy coffeeshop AU! Hopefully this will compensate for the pain I caused yesterday (and I really am very, sincerely sorry to anyone who found that fic upsetting, if you usually read my stuff and needed to skip it I totally understand <3). I promise that this is pure fluff! 

This is another story that started life as an anonymous inbox fic but was never finished, and it’s dedicated to @snowfjord​! I kept meaning to come back to it, but it never happened, and I meant to try to finish it as a regular fic for you birthday, and THAT never happened, but here it is now and happy belated birthday! I hope it’s worth the wait <3

The incredible @sargar3000​ contributed the beautiful artwork, because she is amazing <3 <3 <3 Please heap praise upon her!

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Rated G
  • Words: 5031
  • Prompt: Rain
  • Art by @sargar3000

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Siege of Arendelle- Chapter Seven

Remember when I said this was going to be like 20 chapters long? I’m thinking it might be even more than that. Like this is just ending Act I pretty much, so I have much more planned. Also I’d like to appologize in advance as I don’t think I’ll be able to post on the regular schedule for the next few weeks due to family stuff and getting ready to go back to college.

Enough rambling. Here’s chapter 7.

Universe: Canon- Post Film
Rating: T (Teen and Up)- Soon to change <3
Words: 3578

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

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