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No Regrets - Sooner than Expected

This is a request by three different people.

@secretfurrdragon asked: Was Jensen their for the birth and Was it an easy birth or dramatic?

@percywinchester27 asked: The second baby’s birth!! Yes!! That’s my third request… I wanna know whether Jensen was there or not! Please?

@atc74 asked: OMG Kari! Can you please tell us ALL about the birth of baby #2? Thank you so much!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: pregnancy, birth of a child (not super graphic), a very stubborn pregnant woman, shifting povs

Word Count: 1628 (yeah yeah not a drabble but does that surprise you anymore :P)

A/N: So this is me trying to get over my writer’s block by writing what I enjoy the most. I love these characters and this universe and I am very grateful to all who has stuck with me from the LWR series and who are still reading the drabbles. I love you all!



This couldn’t be happening. Not today of all days. You had two almost three weeks left left of your pregnancy, so you hadn’t even thought twice about Jensen being away on set for a few days. Not just on set, in the middle of the woods to film one of the most intense episodes of the season.

The day had started out normal, granted you had felt a few braxton hicks contractions this morning getting Becca ready for school, but that was not irregular. Jensen always worried about them, but you had been through this before so you knew that was just what the third trimester was like. For you at least.

Now you were in the bathroom, trying to clean yourself up, desperately fighting a panic attack after your water had broken whilst you were rearranging things in the nursery. You had tried calling Jensen right away but the call didn’t even go through. Misha had been your next try, knowing he had stayed in Vancouver, more or less on Jensen’s orders. Misha being near by in case you needed anything was the only way Jensen had been willing leave you and Becca alone for three days. You had made fun of him then but right now you were more than grateful for his overprotectiveness. Tears were streaming down your cheeks, praying that Misha would pick up as you listened to the dial tone.  

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Weekly Reading List #16

Hey y'all… it’s time for my weekly reading list. Hope you enjoy these fics as much as I did. If you do, please let the writers know and leave feedback on their fics. You can catch up on my previous reading lists here.

About Dean’s Dreams by @fanforfanatic **flangst** (Dean x Reader)
Summary: Dean writes letters to the woman of his dreams. As in, the woman he’s with when he’s asleep.
Rating: Brief smut
Warnings: Mentions of canon events

THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Although I kinda felt where you were going with this story, it was great. I enjoyed every second of it… I loved how you threaded your story through the canon events. Stunning work!

(Gif by @jessica-bones-winchester​)

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Stay - Part 1 - I Can’t Stay

Characters: Reader (Y/N Montgomery), Jensen Ackles, Mentions of Ethan Montgomery (OC), Mentions of Kelly (OC)

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Married!Reader

Warnings: Cheating, hurt feelings, forbidden love, implied smut, actual smut, rough sex, fingering, oral (male and female receiving), unsafe sex (wrap it up, kiddos), heartbreak, a shit load of angst.

Word Count: 5,600ish (this is by far the longest I’ve ever written. *cue shocked look*)

A/N: Hey ya’ll. So this is something my dear Kari aka @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, brought up the other night. Basically she had Ronan Keating’s Stay stuck in her head and when she came to me with the song, I realized that it was the same song that I had gotten for a challenge! Kari is so amazing she suggested doing a collab. So we did. She would write in Jensen’s POV and I would write in the Reader’s POV. This is the result. This first part is also my challenge entry for @wayward-oneshots “Brook’s 100 Follower Challenge and my song is Sugarland - Stay (I decided to go with Jensen instead of Dean) Thank you to my beautiful Arie @bringmesomepie56 for beta'ing this for me. 💜💋

Get ready for one hell of a fucking ride, folks. *gets shield and helmet ready for attack*

Read @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Jensen’s POV HERE!!

Y/N couldn’t remember the last time she felt this way.

Even now, as she watched her husband drive away in a different car, leaving her to practically fend for herself after arriving in Vancouver only an hour ago, she felt her heart flutter. Her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies at the mere thought of those mesmerizing fairy tale green eyes.

Eyes that didn’t belong to her husband.

It wasn’t because Ethan Montgomery, producer of the show Arrow, wasn’t a good husband. He was the sweetest guy Y/N had ever known. It was his sweetness and gentleness that had lured Y/N in from the get-go.

But even then, something changed.

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30 questions thingy

I WAS TAGGED BY THE WONDERFUL @parkerplease lara i love you

Nicknames: none 
Starsign: aries
MBTI Type: infp-t
Height: 5′4  
Birthday: april 8
Favourite Bands: omg so many panic! at the disco, fall out boy, twenty one pilots, one direction, five seconds of summer theres more i know it i just can’t think of them
Song Stuck In My Head: location by khalid
Last movie I watched: olympus has fallen
Last Show I Watched: malcolm in the middle
Other Blog: @kute-kari its my personal

When I Created This Blog: on the 6th of this month omg it wasn’t that long ago

What I Post About: marvel, teen wolf, hp
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Favourite Colour: don’t have one
Average Hours Of Sleep: i try to get 7 at least if i get less than 6 i literally cannot function
Lucky Number: 10
Instruments: trying to learn keyboard
What I’m Wearing: floral jumper and tie day shirt
How Many Blankets I Sleep With: depends, usually one
Dream Job: writer
Dream Trip: rome!
Favourite Food: pasta or sushi idk man i just really like food
Nationality: filipino and norwegian (ig thats my ethnicity so um american then)

I’m tagging some ppl bc lara did and I’m lame @rileywrites-93 @oopsandhifandom @modellou @delacourr

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@percywinchester27 sorta tagged me

Name/ Nickname: Karina, Kari, Rina, Nina (but only mom get’s to call me that!)

Gender: Female

Time: 11.15 pm

Height: 5′7″

Sign: Virgo

Birthday: August 26th (tagging @percywinchester27 cause dumbass is a few days off herself :P)

Favorite band: Kodaline right now                                     

Favorite solo artist: Ed Sheeran also changes

Song stuck in your head: Free Falling

Last film you watched: The girl with all the gifts or Morgan (don’t remember which I watched last. Same night)

Last show you watched: Parks and Rec. Rewatching that one

Last thing you googled: Something bloody for Kill Zone no doubt.

Do you have any other blogs?: Yep 2.  

Do you get asks?: Meh not as many as I would like but I am lucky enough to get a few.

Why did you choose this blog name?: Cause Demon Dean :D

Average snooze: It varries a lot. 2-10 hours. I am a weirdo

Number: don’t have one

Instruments: A little piano

What are you wearing: pjs

How many covers do you sleep with: 2 in the winter 1 in the summer

Dream job: Open my own home for abused kids. 

Dream trip: VanCON!! @torn-and-frayed you didn’t help this!

Favorite food: Chicken :D

Favorite song right now: Dancing in the Dark

Tagging: anyone that wanna

Twenty One Facts

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I was tagged by the lovely @words-of-ivory-and-gold, thank you so much!

name?: Karrie

nickname?: Karrie is a nickname, but I also have gone by Kari, Kara, Karal, Kimmie, and Mary

zodiac sign?: Cancer

height?: 4′11

orientation?: Pansexual

nationality?: American 

favorite fruit?: Peaches!

favorite season?: Absolutely Autumn. Preferably towards winter!

favorite book?: Jane Eyre(Charlotte Bronte) and Great Expectations(Charles Dickens) are my favorite classics, favorite in general I believe is In the Shadow of Blackbirds(Cat Winters) or History Is All You Left Me(Adam Silvera). These tend to change often, though!

favorite movies?: Stuck In Love. Hands down.

favorite scent?: Right after you blow a candle out, pumpkin confectionery, and lilacs.

favorite colour? Absolutely a pastel pink. But I’m also obsessed with rich wine colors and mustards around this time of year in particular! 

favorite animals?: I love deer, they’re so graceful and gentle just… So gorgeous. Also most farm animals and felines, but deer top the chart.

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: I’m most likely to drink coffee, but I love all three almost equally!

average hours of sleep?: Ah, on a good night 8-10, but normally it’s somewhere around six or seven.

favorite fictional characters?: I’m very obsessed with Boku No Hero at the moment, so probably Deku or Todoroki. All time favorites are most of the Harry Potter characters, Percy Jackson, and almost anyone from Howl’s Moving Castle. Oh, and Usagi from Sailor Moon! So so many though, it’s hardly fair to pick favorites. 

number of blankets to sleep with?: One large comforter! 

dream trip?: It’s been my dram to go to Japan since I was in middle school, I even know a chunk of Japanese. At this point though, I would just like to go to Disney since I’ve never been!

when was your blog created?: I believe a month ago or so? I’ve been on tumblr for like seven years, though!

number of followers?: 24! I just started recently, so that isn’t too bad in my book!

random fact?: I spend a majority of my time writing and drawing. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily good at either, but they’re super fun hobbies that I hope to grow on over time!

I tag all my wonderful followers: @advice-to-revise , @patriotstudies , and @letsstudyblrandchill ! I’m not sure who’s done it and who has, so I’m just chosing a couple followers. If you want to do it though, please do and tag me! I would love to learn more about everyone!



Hair colour is set as grey coz I don’t have idea for it…my fetish is showing cough

Made from my complain on Eltrion mk2 last stage. They could have made it something, instead of a physical pilot, like some digital AI thing…..ermm like X-COM2 Codex cough.

The smacking Eltrion dicCORE phase can be removed. Eltrion won’t be in black version at first and will be later maybe at halfway with faster attack rate. Like Perkisas Human phase, she’ll appear periodically and be a flying teleporting boss compare to the grounded teleporting Perkisas like Ferdinand/Apocalypse. DANGER skill would be GiantEltrionClaw or Laser from any of the direction she is pointing to; horizontal,vertical or even diagonal, so player will be force to actually stare at her and DODGE……

Long Complaining Post!

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Bread Wolf - Chapter 19

A Modern AU in which Solas owns a bakery. Read part 1 here.

Chapter 19 - Going Home

The early morning sun hit the treeline, illuminating the rich oranges and gold of autumn leaves that for a time matched the color of the sky. The further Isii drove from the city, the denser the woods became, the highway cutting a deep swath into the otherwise pristine landscape. The exit she took quickly dissolved into a dirt road, the rumble of small stones kicked up by her wheels adding an odd percussion to the static that was gradually growing louder in her speakers. Isii clicked off the radio with a sigh. The signal was growing weak the closer she got to Clan Lavellan’s territory. She wouldn’t miss it much. Without her phone’s playlists, she had to suffer through mindless Marcher’s top forty hits for the past few hours, which was only barely preferable to silence.

She couldn’t help but smile as she saw the sign marking the edge of her clan’s border, serving as a welcome as well as a warning for outsiders not to trespass. Beside it sat a large stone wolf, weathered and stained from its years as their silent sentinel. The figure of the Dread Wolf bore a similar duality - both protective as well as a constant reminder to be wary of that which lies beyond their lands.

She thought idly about how it would be nice to take a picture of it to show Solas.

And then immediately started cursing herself for losing her stupid phone.

The woods eventually gave way to small clearings, the landscape dotted with modest portable houses nestled among the trees. It was a far cry from the grandeur of Val Royeaux with their worn siding and occasionally boarded-up windows, but she couldn’t help but feel a subtle warmth in her chest at the familiarity. While she may have spent the last few years carving out a space for herself in Orlais, with its gleaming lights and sett-lined streets, these more humble surroundings would always feel like home.

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Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Six

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING: Mature

The realm mourned Odin, but none so more than Frigga, who relied heavily on Kari for the following few days as Thor and Loki dealt with matters regarding the realm. There were dignitaries present from all the realms, including the royal families of five of them attending his funeral. Queen Anya smiled when she saw Kari barely able to stand with her large stomach.

“It has been a trying time for you Allmother.” The elfin Queen commented. “How have you been fairing.”

“Not well, I am at risk of bed rest at present. But Frigga…” 

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