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Do you guys play any sports in the Citadel?

Taichou, Hasebe, Nikkari, and oddly enough Nihongou all play tennis. My brothers and the other tantou and wakizashi play a great deal of soccer. Occasionally Kashuu and Yamatonokami will join in but they usually get their exercise in the training hall. 

Many of the older swords play boardgames such as shogi and go. Kasen is a fan of karuta but he’s so good at it that playing against him is pointless so no one really bothers. We’re kind of hoping he’ll get rusty so someone else can have a chance.

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What was your favourite childhood game?

It’s been a while and sorry for the late response. Hmm… I like most of the games that I have played with Chizu-nee, but I think my favorite would have to be karuta. It’s fairly simple where you have to touch a card that corresponds with the verse the speaker or radio is saying. I end up winning most of the time, though I’m unsure if it’s either I’m good at it or my recent matches with the other guys have made me more unconfidant and Chizu-nee might be letting me win on her own consciense….