Shiva and Family - Shiva and Parvati Strain Bhang for Drinking
circa 1810-20. India, Himachal Pradesh, Guler or Mandi

A Domestic Scene of Shiva and Parvati with Family. The scene by a riverbank with rolling hills in the background very finely painted with Parvati and Shiva seated on a leopard skin and resting against a sleeping tiger, holding a cloth sieve separating bhang in a pot, with Ganesha delightfully hugging his mother’s shoulders and suckling from her breast and Karttikeya at front holding two vessels.
(via Columbia University)

The Birth of Karttikeya

Artist/maker unknown, India

Made in Devgarh, Mewar, Rajasthan, India, c. 1820

Opaque watercolor with gold on paper

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Those who approach
have His sustaining strength
as they strive
to reach His feet.

[He’ll] say,
“Be rid of your fear.
I know why you have come.”

from Tirumurukarruppadai (Guide to Lord Murugan) translated by Layne Little