“At the End of Everything, Hold on to Anything”

So, I’ve been watching @therealjacksepticeye ‘s playthrough of “Night in the Woods” and I absolutely love it so far! These two, Mae and Gregg, are my favs. <3 This is from the bicycle scene, which was my favorite scene so far, especially for the visual effects. It was a nice little chill-out part. :)

I hope you guys like it, and Jack, if you see this, I really hope you like it too!


I’m not too happy with these both, soooo I shoved them together

Jenna Heap and Bo Tenderfoot- (her best friend who never actually shows up but is described to have “carroty hair”), and Ferdie and Oskar Sarn

silverfont  asked:

Hi. I love your drawings. They are great! Say ... How much OC has your blog?

Thanks you ^^

My OC? Hmmm…(Warning!!!Bad english X’P)

Sky Sans (Alterfell_Dream)- He is about 21 years old. Birthday celebrates 14.12. He has a black scarf and eyes like the sky. Resident of ruins.

Beta(ver. Skeleton[Alterfell_Dream]) - He is 18-19 years, 24.12 - celebrates his birthday. This is a traveler between the “saves” in AU.

Sin(Combination of souls Sans!Fell and Papyrus!Fell)-He is 15 years. Birthday celebrates 21.01 It is tsundere and bookworm.

Sarius (Combination of souls Sans!Swap and Papyrus!Swap)- He is 15 years. Birthday celebrates 21.01.It is brave, yandere and additionally has a black right hand.

Holic(???)-It is said to be Mr. Fresh’s son… ;-; He is addicted to the phone and ignores the whole world. Has ADHD.

Litt(Me) - ;w; Allegedly a girl(???), but nonetheless a skeleton. I have a birthday on 22.08.(18 years)

Aki Sans(Akitale)-This is a demon from a cursed island. Kills children after dark. He used to be a beloved (XXX). Birthday - 22.08. (18 years)

Sarn( Fusion Sin and Sarius)

Nixss(Son of Cross and Nightmare)-Currently he is about 6-8 years old, but sometimes I draw him as a teenager. Birthday - 15.03.

MirrorSoul!Sans(Light???)-He comes from the world behind the mirror … He is 20 years old, and his birthday is celebrated on 20.04. He loves playing the piano. “I’m taking care of my world only in the morning.”

How much is my oc?  ~~Ten~~


Les Miserables deleted scenes:
Father Mabeuf

He appears waving the flag in the “Battle of the Barricade” extra on the DVD. (You can see it here!) I also spotted him again a little earlier on that video, tearing up paving-stones. Okay, you can’t make out his face, but who else could it be?

Tumblr user justbeencumberbatched spotted him in the international trailer, too! There he is getting shot, on that last gif. So his scenes were filmed, and almost made it…

He’s played by an actor called Michael Sarne.