The final Fandom Christmas Card for 2013. Enjoy this beautiful watercolor created by Maiji!

It features Welkin, Alicia, Little Isara, and of course, Hans from the most underrated game ever, Valkyria Chronicles.

I hope everyone who asked for a card enjoys them as much I as I enjoyed sending them!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s pretty much tradition that Maiji draws my fandom Christmas Card. This one is from 2009 and it features Schwann and Casey from Tales of Vesperia.

Casey appears here as a blonde because the books detailing her relationship had not been published yet. So, I took some liberties with her backstory and appearance in my stories Vindication and End Game

End Game is complete and I am still working on finishing Vindication, even if it is pretty much “AU” at this point since Namco has produced a history for these two characters.