Day 24: A Picture of a Chinese skin that you find Better than the American

How about 90% of them? These two are ones that I only BARELY like better than the American versions. The Karthas one is a good bit better, the Garen one is only slightly better. Most of the artwork on the chinese skins are about 10 times better looking, especially when you compare the Classic Skins. Example of that, Nidalee and Blitzcrank.

Solitude and Conquest

It was late at night in the institute war, most of the summoners and champions were packing up for the night and finished that days round of matches. The Kaiser himself had just ended a particularly late night match. Unfortunately to say the results of it were less than satisfactory. The Kaisers metal armor was heavily dented, scratched, torn and most of all scorched. As he stalked through the dimly light hallways he muttered angrily to himself. His quite grumbled actually traveling far in the start silence of the hallway.

            “He had to feed me to that blasted fire mage Brand. Such summers like him don’t deserve to call upon me.” The colossus grumbled. His flaming red eyes widened suddenly when a loud clank was heard just beneath him. Looking down he noticed a fairly large part of his metal armor had fallen off and clattered on the ground. He howled in rage at the sight of it and shouted a few unseemly curses. The Kaiser kicked the metal piece and sent it flying across the hallway and into a nearby wall. Grumbling incoherent words to himself he trudged down the hall to retrieve the scrap of armor. However half way down he suddenly felt the presence of another. No living mortal that was for sure, not even an average undead. The being he felt was a lich.

            “Karthas…” He spoke in a low and dark tone as he looked down at the lich a few yards away from him. 


[Heroes Of The Storm] Road To Rank 1 - Lili Brightwing And Tyrande Triple Heals! (Gameplay)