“Magic is real,” is what young Charls d’Acquitart (Laurent de Vere) grew up to believe, surrounded by mirrors and flocks of cards flying in and out of existence under his siblings’ sleeves. And yet, it didn’t feel very magic when his older brother (Auguste de Vere) and sister (Jokaste Artes) were locked up in maximum security prisons after a particularly ambitious heist turned sour. Years later, a master of prestidigitation, manipulation and lockpicks, Charls is ready to attempt the most insane and rocambolesque double prison breaks of history. But that’s without counting on quickly rising FBI agent Theo Karthas (Damen Akielos) keeping an eye on the family of magician thieves…” 

—     “The de Vere brothers are as astonishing as always.” –  The Starbust
—     “Two hours of pure magic (literally).“ – The Marlas Paper
—     "Where is the sequel?” – The Ios Times

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So I was never actually part of the event, but as a member of the cp fandom who is thoroughly enjoying the works coming out of the secret santa exchange, I would like to dedicate this drabble to the @captiveprince–ss admin! Thanks so much for putting this together!

Warning: mentions of prostitution

“This is really embarrassing. I’m a cop investigating a prostitution ring undercover as a prostitute and you’re a cop undercover as a patron and wow it turns out we’ve been investigating each other this entire time” AU

If you had asked Laurent several months ago, when he had started his investigation, where he would be right now, it wouldn’t take a detective to know that he wouldn’t say here. He wouldn’t have even guessed at the possibility that he would be sitting in a chair outside the task manager’s office, cursing both his own stupidity and the stupidity of whoever was responsible for such a colossal oversight.

He had heard of two detectives being placed in the same territory for a major case, so that there was less chance of both of them switching sides over the course of the investigation. But even that was rare. It was unheard of for two top investigators to be placed, not only on the same case, but unaware of each other, in opposing personas. Laurent pursed his lips in compressed rage and humiliation. How had anyone even possibly thought that this would end in any way other than-

It was Damen, sitting in the chair beside him, who spoke the words first. “So, you’re not a prostitute.”

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bharatanatyamandballet  asked:

Which was your favourite sex scene love??

they all mean something different to me but i would have to go with chapter 19 of PG. nothing can compare to their FIRST time for me and it was so incredibly well written that i genuinely felt like my heart was being squeezed while i was reading it. the first time in KR at karthas is a veryyy close second though

whats yours?

Timeline - Kings Rising

*** This is the timeline reading from reading Kings Rising and any events that fall into the Kings Rising timeline from the other volumes inserted into it. Will note when a detail is from another Volume or short story.  Further notes on the timeline are at the bottom of this post.***

Spoilers Ahead if you choose to click “Read more”!!!!!!!!

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((Submission from a follower! Thank you so much?! Really nice short/drabble by @random-stitches. Sorry that I can’t tag you, hon!

She wasn’t the only one, she knew, who would sit at her window and wait for the tallyman. His laments for the dead seemed to soothe the grief and loss in those who heard it.

No one dared join in on Karthas’ lament.

No one sang, or cried, the only interruptions were some poor fool attempting to engage Karthas in conversation, to the ever-increasing agitation of the other occupants. As soon as they could no longer hear Karthas, the one who interrupted would be… punished. Beaten. Attacked. Assaulted. Until there was no doubt in anyone’s mind Karthas would come for them soon. Maybe tomorrow.

After a while, the slums fell silent every night as Karthas made his rounds. Every haggard, hollow face pressed to windows, withering forms filling every doorway as Death’s Siren passed by, soothing the pain of living for a few moments.

The disappearance of their tallyman had a… detrimental effect on the slums. Confusion turned to impatience, which turned to violence, the cause of which no one could quite determine.

This new Tallyman would not do. He was… harsh. Guttural. He didn’t lament properly. Not like Karthas. Not like their tallyman. He had to go. She watched, dispassionately, as her father lured the rough-voiced replacement into their house. She was the only one who watched as her father held the man’s head under the water of the sink. At least now the man would be quiet. Maybe now Karthas would come back.

You are far too young, her mother told her, to be quite so in love with Death. Even her own mother couldn’t understand. Another body for the Tallyman. A Tallyman who still was not Karthas. She was beginning to lose hope that he would come back.

Months passed. Then years. The Noxian slums had returned to the bleak, unending desolation of defeat without reprieve. The tallymen went about their work, uninterrupted, though unremembered. They were little more than garbage collectors, but the spectre that had hunted their kind seemed to have fled.

A young woman sits and waits, though she doesn’t remember what for. She never took a husband, far too in love with Death, so the neighbours said. She waits for her love in black.

She is not the only one.

At long last, on a dark night when a dark mist rolls in, she wakes. His lament rolls through the streets, perfect, clear, and all-consuming. The beauty of death, and the promise of what lay beyond.


She leaves her almshouse in the middle of the night, to join dozens of others, following the call.

Into the embrace of Death’s Siren. 

Tanrin Stonecrusher, dwarven geomancer. Once a prominent member of House of Karthas…until that one incindent which involved a bet, mithril chains, 10 pints of beer, a spoon, one roll of cheese, honey, cart, chicken feathers, a cup and grandforgers prize winning badger.

She is not at liberty of speaking of that incident. EVER. In all of 7 kingdoms. By law.

She did win the bet tho.

bharatanatyamandballet  asked:

I would definitely say ch19 of PG was my absolute favourite because the emotion and the longing just pulled my soul!! But I think the first time in karthas is basically number 1 as well because the whole scene leading up to it with Laurent and Damen both being so vulnerable and knowing everything about one another was just too much. I couldn't breathe the whole time because there was so much love and heartache and healing and growing - lots of growing together, does that make sense?

absolutely! karthas was so emotional and unbelievable because laurent finally came back to damen and the whole “I know who you are, Damianos” parallel KILLED ME. especially when you re read that scene with the knowledge that at that point, laurent had decided to sacrafce himself for damen’s baby so he was letting him be with his love once last time :(

Day 24: A Picture of a Chinese skin that you find Better than the American

How about 90% of them? These two are ones that I only BARELY like better than the American versions. The Karthas one is a good bit better, the Garen one is only slightly better. Most of the artwork on the chinese skins are about 10 times better looking, especially when you compare the Classic Skins. Example of that, Nidalee and Blitzcrank.

Solitude and Conquest

It was late at night in the institute war, most of the summoners and champions were packing up for the night and finished that days round of matches. The Kaiser himself had just ended a particularly late night match. Unfortunately to say the results of it were less than satisfactory. The Kaisers metal armor was heavily dented, scratched, torn and most of all scorched. As he stalked through the dimly light hallways he muttered angrily to himself. His quite grumbled actually traveling far in the start silence of the hallway.

            “He had to feed me to that blasted fire mage Brand. Such summers like him don’t deserve to call upon me.” The colossus grumbled. His flaming red eyes widened suddenly when a loud clank was heard just beneath him. Looking down he noticed a fairly large part of his metal armor had fallen off and clattered on the ground. He howled in rage at the sight of it and shouted a few unseemly curses. The Kaiser kicked the metal piece and sent it flying across the hallway and into a nearby wall. Grumbling incoherent words to himself he trudged down the hall to retrieve the scrap of armor. However half way down he suddenly felt the presence of another. No living mortal that was for sure, not even an average undead. The being he felt was a lich.

            “Karthas…” He spoke in a low and dark tone as he looked down at the lich a few yards away from him. 

I love you in every language

Afrikaans : Ek het jou liefe
Afrikaans : Ek is lief vir jou
Albanian : Te Dashuroj
Alsacien : Ich hoan dich gear
Amharic : Afekrishalehou
Arabic : Ana Behibak (to a male)
Arabic : Ana Behibek (to a female)
Arabic (Formal Arabic) : OOHEBOKI (to a female)
Arabic (Formal Arabic) : OOHEBOKA (to a male)
Arabic : Ib'n hebbak.
Arabic : Ana Ba-heb-bak
Arabic : nhebuk
Australian Aboriginal: Kungkungullun Ngune
bari ( A Sudanese Language) : Nan nyanyar do (I love you)
Nan nyanyar do parik (I love you very much )
basc : Nere Maitea
batak : Holong rohangku di ho
bavarian : I mog di narrisch gern
bengali : Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi
bengali : Ami tomake bhalobashi.
berber : Lakh tirikh
bicol : Namumutan ta ka
binary: 01001001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00101110
(Thank you, Roger)
bulgarian : Obicham te
cambodian : Bon sro lanh oon
cambodian : kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah
canadian French : Sh'teme (spoken, sounds like this)
cantonese : Ngo oi ney
catalan : T'estim (mallorcan)
catalan : T'estim molt (I love you a lot)
catalan : T'estime (valencian)
catalan : T'estimo (catalonian)
chinese : Wo ie ni
croatian : LJUBim te
czech : miluji te
czech : MILUJU TE! (colloquial form)
danish : Jeg elsker dig
dutch : Ik houd van jou
english : I Love You
esperanto : Mi amas vin
estonian : Mina armastan sind
estonian : Ma armastan sind
faroese: Eg elski teg (pronounced Eh els-cheh teh)
farsi : Tora dust midaram
farsi : Asheghetam
farsi (Persian) : doostat dAram
filipino : Mahal ka ta
filipino : Iniibig Kita
finnish : Mina" rakastan sinua
flemish : Ik zie oe geerne
french : Je t'aime
frisian : Ik hald fan dy
gaelic : Tha gradh agam ort
georgia : Shen me mikvarhar
german : Ich liebe Dich
greek : S’ ayapo
greek : (Ego) philo su (ego is only needed for emphasis)
gujrati : Hoon tane pyar karoochhoon.
hausa : Ina sonki
hebrew : Ani ohev otach (male to female)
hebrew : Ani ohev otcha (male to male)
hebrew : Ani ohevet otach (female to female)
hebrew : Ani ohevet otcha (female to male)
hindi : Mae tumko pyar kia
hindi : My tumko pyar karta hu
hindi : Main tumse pyar karta hoon.
hindi : Ham Tomche Payer Kortahe
hindi : Mai tumse peyar karta hnu.
hindi(Kannada) : Naanu ninnannu premisuththene
hokkien : Wa ai lu
hopi : Nu’ umi unangwa'ta
hungarian : Szeretlek “yes, peter it’s great :)”
hungarian : Szeretlek te'ged
icelandic : M-Ig elska M-~ig
icelandic : Eg elska thig
indi : Mai tujhe pyaar kartha hoo
indonesian : Saja kasih saudari
indonesian : Saya Cinta Kamu
indonesian : Saya cinta padamu
indonesian : Aku cinta padamu
irish : taim i’ ngra leat
italian : ti amo (if it’s a relationship/lover/spouse)
italian : ti voglio bene (if it’s a friend, or relative)
japanese : Kimi o ai shiteru
japanese : Watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu
javanese : Kulo tresno
kiswahili : Nakupenda
klingon : qabang
klingon : qaparHa’ (depends where you are in the galaxy)
korean : Tangsinul sarang ha yo
korean : Nanun tongshinun sarang hamnida
kurdish : Ez te hezdikhem (?)
lao : Khoi huk chau
latin : Te amo
latin : Vos amo
latin : (Ego) amo te (ego, for emphasis)
latvian : Es tevi Mlu (s teh-vih me-lu)
lingala : Nalingi yo
lithuanian : TAVE MYLIU ( ta-ve mee-lyu )
luo : Aheri
madrid lingo : Me molas, tronca
malay : Saya cintamu
malay : Saya sayangmu
malay/Indonesian : Aku sayang enkow
malay/Indonesian : Sayah Chantikan Awah
mandarin : Wo ai ni
mohawk : Konoronhkwa
navaho : Ayor anosh'ni
ndebele : Niyakutanda
nepali : Ma timilai maya garchu, Ma timilai man parauchu
norwegian : Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
norwegian : Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal) (pronounced: yai elske dai)
osetian : Aez dae warzyn
pakistani : Muje se mu habbat hai
persian : doostat daaram (written), dooset daaram (spoken)
polish : Kocham Cie
polish : Ja cie kocham
portuguese : Eu te amo
romanian : Te iu besc
russian : Ya vas lyublyu
russian (malincaya) : Ya Tibieh Lublue.
russian : Y'a liou-bliou tibya
russian : Ya vac loobyoo
russian : Ya tebya loobyoo
russian : Ya l'ubl'u t'ebya
russian : Ju ljublju tebja!
russian : LJUBLJU TEBJA!
russian : ya lyublyu tebya
russian : Ya polubeel s'tebya.
russian : ya tebya ljublju
scot Gaelic : tha gaol agam ort
serbian : LUBim te.
serbocroatian : volim te
shona : Ndinokuda
sinhalese : Mama oyata adarei
sioux : Techihhila
slovak : lubim ta
slovene : ljubim te
spanish : Te quiero (I really-really care for you)
spanish : Te Amo (I love you)
srilankan : Mama Oyata Arderyi
sudanese ( Bari ) : Nan nyanyar do (I love you)
  Nan nyanyar do parik (I love you very much )
swahili : Naku penda (followed by the person’s name)
swedish : Jag älskar Dig
swiss-German : Ch'ha di ga"rn
syrian/Lebanes : BHEBBEK (to a female)
syrian/Lebanes : BHEBBAK (to a male)
tagalog : Mahal kita
tamil : Naan unni kathilikaran.
tamil : Ni yaanai kaadli karen.
tcheque : MILUJI TE^
telugu : Neenu ninnu pra'mistu'nnanu
telugu/india : Nenu Ninnu Premistunnanu
thai : Ch'an Rak Khun
thai : Phom Rak Khun
tigrigna/ Eritrea, East Africa: yefqreki iye (to a female)
tigrigna/ Eritrea, East Africa: yefqreka iye (to a male)
tunisian : Ha eh bak
turkish : Seni seviyorum
urdu : Mujge tumae mahabbat hai
uzbek : Man seni sevaman
vietnamese : Em ye^u anh (woman to man)
vietnamese : Toi yeu em
vietnamese : Anh ye^u em (man to woman)
vlaams : Ik hue van ye
welsh : ‘Rwy'n dy garu di.
welsh : Yr wyf i yn dy garu di (chwi)
xhosa (South African tribal language): Mna Intando Wena
yiddish : Ich libe dich
yiddish : Ich han dich lib
yugoslavian : Ya te volim
zazi : Ezhele hezdege (sp?)
zuni : Tom ho’ ichema