karst china limestone


Sunrise and fog over Canola Fields, Luoping, China. Limestone/Karst hills.


Apparently this is the view you get from the road in Luoping, China - near the “Stone Forest” of eroded limestone


Kayaking through the amazing Karst Landscapes in Yangshuo, Gulin, Southeastern China


Original video caption:

Head in the Clouds is a short clip shot from a drone during our trip to a limestone hill formation near Guilin in China. Li River cuts a lazy path between emerald green hills creating a surreal landscape. In early hours of the morning before the big boats arrive the river is peaceful and soft clouds are hugging the hills.

Shot from Mavic Pro
Music by Tony Anderson

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Boat ride up the Li River in Yangshuo China, where erosion of a multi-kilometer thick unit of limestone has created one of the world’s best Karst Landscapes, with limestone pillars sticking out and collapsed cave structures in-between.