karst cave


Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece


Crystal Cave, Bermuda

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Hotel Grotta Palazzese in Italy has built a restaurant into a natural sea cave formed overlooking the Adriatic


Video taken in the largest volume known cave in the world

Of Blades and Broomsticks pt. V

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“’It’s been a while,’” Hanzo repeated flatly, “Is that all you have to say?”

“I’m… happy to see you?” Genji ventured.

“I see you’re still insisting on that frivolous and fragile form,” said Hanzo.

“Yes, well… Blue is not my color,” said Genji. He smirked beneath his mask, “It’s hardly even yours.”

Genji brought up his wakizashi just in time to deflect the sickle blade of Hanzo’s kusarigama before Hanzo retracted the chain.

“So you can still defend yourself,” said Hanzo, “I was worried. Rumor had it some monk trapped you in a teapot.”

Like many siblings, Hanzo and Genji happened to be very good at pissing each other off very quickly. Genji rushed forward and struck this time, only to find his blade tangled in the kusarigama’s chain. The sickle blade was going for his shoulder but Genji drew Ryū Ichimonji and stopped it before it made its mark. Hanzo bore his weight down on the sickle blade, but Genji knew better than to get into a battle of brute strength against his brother.

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