karsh x riddel

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I saw on a Chrono Cross blog that you did some Karsh/Riddle fanart. The CC fandom is small in general, and if there are shippiers it's pretty much all Kid/Serge. So it's cool to see someone in the fandom love one of the less popular ships.

Chrono Cross is just the most amazing, beautiful game. I love it so much, and I still play it. Storyline and gameplay-wise it’s aged really well. It’s stille epic and exciting and interesting and fun. The story is just mindblowingly awesome and I love that with all the different sidequests you can take, the different endings, and the different combinations of characters you can get the game can be different every time you play it.

Riddel and Karsh is just one of those classic unrequited love stories. He loves her so much, but he knows she’ll always be hung up on Dario. So he just does the best her can to protect her. And she’s one of the few people who sees him as a friend. The moment when she was “reunited” with Dario is so sad.