I used to hate Karrueche. Back when she was first with Chris. I was jealous.of her to be honest, because she was with my ‘husband’ *rolls eyes at my stupidity* who isn’t AS appealing to me now that he’s with rihanna for some reason idk I’m weird. I still love him but you know I’m not in that “hes my husband” mode. (i call him ex husband now tbh but that’s beside the point)

But anyways, I feel really bad for being a hater because I feel like if I was more supportive of them, and other people were too, maybe they woulda lasted longer, cause it’s like when your fans hate your girlfriend, it must not help you to want to stay with her too.

I really do like Kae, I think she is really pretty, and humble, and despite everything bad that people say, I don’t see it… and slandering her is only being like people who slander Chris, and that’s so hypocritical of me.

She even blocked me on twitter, and I never said too much on there, but I guess I retweeted someone or something cause I was blocked.

But I do feel bad, and I wish I could like apologize lol cause it’s like… I feel like I was such a shitty person tbh. And she prolly like doesn’t even care. But it would make me feel better lol.

Dani said it best though. We didn’t appreciate Kae because we didn’t think Rihanna would come back :/ and now … oh well. It’s too late to change the past. But I felt like i should explain myself to those of you who follow me about why I reblogged her.