karrueche tran fanfics

Chapter 39: Learn


“I’m hom-” I quieted myself before yelling.

We finished filming earlier than expected, so I wanna surprise Chris and Angie.

I tip toed to Angie to see her sleeping with a little too loud snores coming out. I smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead exiting. Now, where’s Chris? I walked to hear light moans. Woman moans.

“Oh fuck Breezy!”

My smile dropped at the sound of that. Oh God please. Please tell me my fiancé is not fucking another woman in our bed.

I slowly opened the door and walked inside. For some reason, the room was covered in gold. Why gold? I looked over to see Chris laying down with a woman riding him.

“Chris!” I roared with tears streaming down my face.

His eyes widened and he looked at me with a blank expression. He didn’t respond.

“How the fuck could you! Fuck some hoe in our bed!”

Once again, Chris didn’t respond nor made an attempt to. Why the hell is he not saying anything?

I looked at the woman and I grew even more angry. Bria. He’s fucking the nanny.

“I’m not some hoe.”

“You’re right. You’re a trashy hoe called Bria.”

“No, I’m someone you already know.” She smiled wickedly. “Make your brain work.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. What the fuck is she talking about? She smiled even more.

“You thought it was over, Rue. But it just begun…..”

“Kae, wake up!” I felt a hand shake me. I opened my eyes to see Joey.


“Wake up! We got a plane to catch and you over here napping when you should be packing!” Joey took his bags then looked at me. “What’s wrong?”

“I just had a weird but bad dream.” I replied.

“Well, are you ok? Do you want to talk about it?”

I shook my head standing up. “No. I just wanna go home.”

“Ok let’s go!”

“Thanks Pat.”

I exhaled deeply. Back in L.A. Home sweet home. I can’t wait to see both of my babies and get that welcome home sex. I walked into the house and dropped my bags. I watched as a blonde lightskin woman come out holding Angel. Bria. Holding my baby.

“Chris, I-” she stopped looking at me. “Oh. You’re not Chris.”

“Yes. I’m not Chris. I’m his fiancée Kae.” I took Angie from her.

I kissed her face repeatedly. “Hey cutie! I missed you so much!”

She giggled touching my nose and putting her fingers in my mouth. I bit down gently pretending to eat them. Bria cleared her throat and I glared at her.

“I didn’t know you were coming today.” She stated with an irritated tone.

“No offense, but it really wasn’t any of your buisness.” I commented. “Where’s Chris?”

“He’s filming the music video for Loyal.”


I got inside my white Porsche and drove off. That dream, that interaction. I need to figure out who Bria is.

And fast.


Fuck! What the hell is she doing here so early? This just messes up everything up! Now, I definitely can’t get Chris with Rue in the way! I’m so angry right now!

I dialed Big Daddy’s number after her bitchass left.

“What is it, Gold?” He answered. “Is Chris Brown dead?”

“There’s a flaw in the plan.” I stated avoiding the last question.

“That is…..”

“Baby Rue returned early.”.

“Damn it! Why didn’t you kill Brown when I told you to?!” Big Daddy spat angrily.

“What should I do?” I asked swerving his question again.

“You figure that out.”

He hung up and I scoffed loudly. Well, I honestly don’t care if Baby Rue is here or not.

I still want Chris.


“Ok so we’re gonna be filming these scenes with-”

I stopped talking to see Tyga walking in with a tiger cub on a leash. Everyone stared at him and he looked up.


“Nigga, why the fuck do you got a tiger?” I asked.

“Because it’ll be dope!” He cheesed feeding the tiger something.

“Well, is it tame?” I came up to the tiger.

“Uh, yeah. I guess.” Tyga walked away with the tiger and I shook my head.

I felt my eyes be covered by some small woman hands.

“Guess who?” I heard a whisper in my ear.

“There’s too many women on this set. You gotta do better than that.” I removed her hands and turned around.

There she was. Standing there as beautiful as ever. Damn, I missed her.

“Rueche!” I hugged her tight and kissed her face.

“Baby, I can’t breathe!’

I chuckled kissing her lips. “What are you doing here?”

"Finished filming early so I decided to surprise my baby.” She wrapped her arms around and looked up at me. “My Jake from State Farm.

I smiled. “Well Jake from State Farm missed his Tink Tink and is gonna tear that pussy up when we get home.”

"Why home? Doesn’t your dressing room have a lock?” Kae winked.

My eyes widened. “You are a freak!”

“Hey everyone! Um, me and Kae need to, um, talk so take a break!” I announced as Kae grabbed my arm.

“How long?” Someone asked.

“Don’t worry about it!” I replied as she continued to lead me to my dressing room.

Once we got inside, I locked the door behind us and just stared at her ass.

“Damn, I missed this ass.” I pinched it and she giggled.

“Well, it’s all yours, Papi.”

I grabbed her by the waist and planted kisses on her neck. Damn, she smells good. I planted them along her jawline as I removed her shirt and started to undo her belt buckle.

“Eager much?” Kae smirked.

I pulled her pants down and kissed her hard fighting her tongue with mine.

“Very.” I reached around and smacked her ass earning a yelp from her.

“But Chris, the couch is too small.”

I looked over at the couch then at the long make up table and grinned widely.

“Fuck the couch.” I threw all the shit off the table and took off my t-shirt. “Bring your fine ass over here.”

Kae grinned obeying. Before I could lift her on top of the table, she bent down on her knees and pulled my jeans off.

“I ain’t the only one’s that’s eager.” I commented as she pulled off my boxers too.

Kae got a grip on my dick and licked the tip. She kept licking my shit as if it was ice cream. I groaned when she took me in my mouth.

“Damn, suck this dick, baby.”

She bobbed up and down and I held her head for support. She took her mouth off, and began to give me a handjob. She went back to sucking and started to deepthroat CJ.

“Damn you sucking the skin off my dick!”

I felt my dick twitch hitting the back of her throat. I let go of my load which she swallowed without hesitating. She got up from her knees wiping her mouth.

“Miss my head game?” Kae asked innocently.

“Yes and I know damn well you missed mine. Get your ass on the table, girl.”

She got on the table and laid on her stomach. “Like this?”

“You know damn well not like that but I still like this postition tho.” My hands crept into her panties pulling them.

“I’m surprised you didn’t rip them this time.” Kae commented with a smirk.

I smacked her ass harder this time and she yelled louder. I watched as where I smacked her had a cherry red handprint.

“Did I hurt you, baby? Do you want Papi to make it better?” I rubbed her asscheek.

“Yes.” She answered in a little kid voice.

I kissed it the spot and kept rubbed it. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her ass.

“Turn over.”

Kae turned over on her back and I pulled her legs making her pussy meet my mouth. I licked up and down her clit and sucked on it as if it was candy.

“Eat my pussy already!”


I began to penetrate with my tongue and she moaned.

“Damn I missed the taste of this.” I mumbled petting it and going down again.

I spit on her pussy and rubbed it sticking a couple fingers inside. She groaned and I kissed her lips. I sucked on her titties fingering her making her moan more.

“Oooh baby!”

“You like that, baby?”

“Aww yes!” She gasped.

I slurped on my fingers and ate the box again. Kae grabbed my head pushing her pussy more in my face. I pushed her hands off and held down her shaking thighs. Without warning, Kae released those sweet juices. I wiped my mouth and pecked her lips.

“Miss my head game?” I mocked her tone.

Kae smirked rubbing her pussy. “Yep.”

“I know something you miss even more.” I pulled her legs to the edge.

“That is..?”

“My dick game.” Without any warning, I plunged into her and her mouth formed an O.

“Christopher!” She screamed.

I didn’t reply. Just kept stroking in and out of her quickly. I pushed my whole length inside her. Ooh I know she missed this dick. Who wouldn’t?

Kae grabbed her breasts that were flopping up and down due to the motion. I removed her hands.

“Don’t do that shit.” I rammed harder into her.

I spit on her pussy and she rubbed it as I kept pounding her pussy. My pussy.

“I haven’t fucked you in the air for a while.”

Before Kae could respond, I had her in the air and began to beat the pussy up while standing.

“Ooh Papi! Fuck this pussy!”

“Fuck. Who’s your daddy?” I gritted out.

Kae hid her face in my neck. So she’s not gonna answer me?

I took her and placed her on the couch in missionary position.

“I said Who. Is. Your. Daddy?” I asked between my slow strokes.

Kae smirked. “I don’t know.”

“Well you’re gonna learn today.”

I pounded her shit fast and hard as her leg went up to the air and I heard her whimpers.

“Mhh Chris!”

“Who’s your daddy!”


“Say it again!”


“Damn right!”

“Ooh Papi I’m gonna cum!” Kae breathed out.

“Hold that shit.”

She groaned and I replaced my dick with my tongue. I licked up and down making it even more wet and rubbed it hard. I bent her legs behind her head and entered her again.


“You like this position, baby?”

She nodded.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, Papi. I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum then.”

I pulled out and she squirted like a water gun. I grinned placing my dick inside and rammed her shit until I bust too. I released her and she laid on top of me out of breath.

“Damn baby. That was so good.” I traced circles in her back.

“Amazing.” Kae planted a kiss on my lips.

We got dressed and exited the dressing room.

“Im not done with your ass.” I pinched her ass. “Wait until we get home.”

Everyone looked at us as we came on set.

“The fuck y’all looking at?”

“You know we heard that, right? Like your dressing room ain’t soundproof.” Mijo stated.

“Shut up. We didn’t do anything.” I replied.

“Then why can’t Kae’s ass walk straight?” We looked at her limping away.

“What? This is my pimp walk!” She continued to limp outside and we shook our heads laughing.

“You guys are some freaks.”

“Aight, thanks everyone. Let’s call it a day.” I annouced going back to my dressing room.

I shot Kae a text:

To Wifey:

You better be naked in bed when I get there.

I found a familiar looking nigga outside of my dressing room.

“Can I help you?” I asked him.

“Uh, yes. Do you know where I can find Rue? I gotta talk to her.” He answered looking around.

“Rue-” I stopped when I realized who he was.

“You’re that bitch ass nigga that raped her.”

“Look it was a long time ago.”

“Still rape. I’m surprised you had the balls to come to my face after what you did.” I spat resisting to smack the shit out of him.

“This is import-”

“No. Stay away from Karrueche.” I ordered opening the door.

“I need to talk to her.” Thomas stated.

“Stay away from my fiancée. I mean it.” I slammed the door in his face.

When I finished, I drove home thinking. What he got to talk to her about? I pulled up in my driveway and entered the house. I went to Angie’s room and she was fast asleep. I walked into Bria.

“Oh sorry!”

“Its ok. Since Karrueche’s back, am I fired?” She inquired with fear in her voice.

“What? No. Me and Karrueche are really busy people.”

She smiled walking away and I continued to my bedroom. Kae was in bed but she wasn’t naked.

“I thought I told you to be naked.” I got on top of her.

“Oh really? I didn’t know.” Kae replied sarcastically.

I chuckled. “Well, you’re gonna learn today.”

Chapter 37

*Bailee’s POV*

My heart thumped in my chest as I approached the changing room door. I dreaded to think what Chris looked like after the fight. Breathing erratically, I forced myself to move forward. My eyes instantly landed on Chris. The room was dimly lit, making it difficult to distinguish his face as he sat on one of the benches. His head was bowed.

“Chris.” I called out quietly.

His head rose with my voice. The icepack pressed to the left side of his face was brought down and placed beside him. My apprehension was getting the better of me, not sure if I should stay put. I strained to see his face from my position.

“Come here.” His raspy voice instructed.

My fingers nervously played with the ends of my hair, biting my lip as I cautiously moved forward. He stared up at me. I think he was almost as wary as I was. I had prepared myself for the worst but his appearance surprised me. Yes, he was bloody and slightly bruised, but it was no where near as bad as the images my minded tortured me with.

Chris curiously peered at me. It was almost as if he were holding his breath, waiting for my reaction. A large hand was held out for me to take and I immediately accepted the gesture. Chris chuckled as I straddled his lap. My touch was instantly on his face, brushing over his cheeks, checking if he was hurt. All the while he didn’t take his frosty brown gaze off me. Blood was smeared across his cheek from his nose, but it wasn’t broken.


My touch travelled down his chest, leaning away slightly. Chris’ hands supported my lower back as I checked his stomach. He winced a little, my eyes darting up to his face. I tugged his arms around, holding his hands in mine, turning them over, testing his long fingers.

“Bailee, I’m fine.” He laughed.

I held his chin turning his head from side to side, ignoring his comment. I think he thought it best to let me carry on with my investigation. Chris just sat there, a smile on his face as I continued.

I frowned as he flinched, my thumb running across his overly plump bottom lip. It had obviously swelled slightly from a hit. I leant forward pressing a light kiss to the injury. Chris didn’t have time to respond before my thumb gently pushed in between his lips.

“What are you doing?” He question muffled at my intrusion.

I squinted my eyes in concentration, exploring around his mouth.

“Checking you still have all your teeth.” I replied.

He gripped my wrist, playfully sucking on my thumb before he pulled it out.

“That’s what the gum shield is for.” He laughed.

Chris grinned at me to display the whites of his teeth. His cheeky smile clearly showing he hadn’t lost any during the fight.

“See.” He confirmed.

I sighed in relief, my head falling to his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around me. I didn’t care about the perspiration trickling down his chest, just wanting to hold him. Knowing he was safe.

“Oh my God. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life.” I mumbled against his sweaty skin.

He pressed a kiss to the top of my head as I clung to him. I’m not sure how long we stayed in that position. I was just so glad he was conscious and talking. The thought of what could have happened made me feel uncomfortable. But I didn’t dwell on it for too long, knowing I would break down into tears again. I didn’t think I could take any more crying.

“Don’t you want to know how I did?” He asked quietly.

I rolled my eyes, boys and their egos.

“i don’t care, as long as you’re alright, it doesn’t matter.” I mumbled.

There were a few seconds before his fingertips pressed into me, pulling me closer into our intimate embrace.

“I had him on his ass at the end of the first round. Knocked him out in the second.” He whispered.

I pulled back, my wide eyes connecting to Chris’. They were sparkling with excitement, a grin quickly forming on his face. My bemusement clearly humouring him.

“W-What?” I stuttered.

“Bailee, I won.”

My arms tightly wrapped around him, squeezing. Chris drew in a sharp breath. I pushed him down to lie back on the bench. My lips meeting his in a rushed, messy kiss. Fingertips dug into his shoulders as I rested my weight on him. But I quickly withdrew when I felt him wince.

“Steady.” Chris strained.

His eyes were clamped shut before he focused back on me.

“You might not be able to have your way with me tonight.” He playfully joked.

“I can’t believe you…” Still trying to comprehend what he had accomplished.

“Told you I was good.” Chris smirked.

I carefully laid down on top of him, placing my head on his chest.

“You’re incredible.” I whispered.

He chuckled at my compliment, fingers brushing up and down my spine.

“So what happens to Scott now?”

Chris’ arms held me closer with the sound of his name. His reaction made me ponder over the undistinguishable words exchanged between the two fighters in the ring. The words that had provoked Chris into unleashing the violent behaviour that led to his win. I found myself glad that I hadn’t witnessed his unstoppable rage. The sight may have mentally scarred me.

“You don’t need to worry about him. He’s not going to be a problem anymore.”

The dark tone I detected in Chris’ voice told me I wasn’t to question him any further. No matter how desperate I was to discover what had been said between them. Instead I leaned up, pressing a kiss to his uninjured cheek.


Chris had tried to encourage me to go out with him and his friends to celebrate his win. But I turned down the offer. I didn’t want to intrude on what was clearly going to be a guys night out. Now I knew Chris was safe I was content in just going home and having a lazy night. I had just caught my mum as she was heading off to work; another night shift at the hospital.

I quickly grew bored of the TV, my mind wanting something with a little more depth. It didn’t take me long to find an activity I had always loved. I laid back on the grass, a book in my hands. The flickering light from the candles I had placed to my side provided a pretty glow to absorb the words on the pages. I wanted to make the most of the warm evening deciding to spend my time in the back garden. But I could hardly concentrate on the romance novel I held. My thoughts repeatedly straying to a beautiful boy who had taken my heart. The lines I read seemed nothing on comparison to what was playing out in my life. Chris had turned it upside down, it could never go back to the way it was. But I didn’t want it to.

I attempted to read for a while longer. A smile creeping onto my face as I felt someone’s presence beside me. My head rolled to the side to find Chris laid to my right. He grinned at me, taking my book from my fingers and folding the page. The novel was placed on the grass as Chris leaned into me, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Hello, beautiful.” His raspy voice spoke.

I smiled.

“I thought you were going out to celebrate.” I whispered.

“I didn’t want to. I want to spend time with my girlfriend.”

My heart swelled at his words. Butterflies erupting in my stomach as I stared at him. Now in jeans and a shirt, smelling fresh from the shower. Chris shifted his body, laying down on his front at an angle to me, his head by my middle.

Long fingers carefully tugged up my tank top. Chris’ warm touch brushed my bare stomach as the clothing was pushed up beneath my boobs. I smiled as he plucked a daisy from the grass. The petals tickled at my skin as Chris trailed the small flower lightly over my stomach. His gaze travelled up to my face, dimples deeply set into his cheeks as he grinned at me.

“That tickles.” I giggled.

The stem was pulled from the head of the daisy. I curiously peered down as Chris placed the pretty flower into my belly button. My eyes fluttered shut as he leaned forward, plump lips pressing to the area just above the new decoration.

“You look like a goddess.” His raspy voice whispered.

My long, dark hair had fanned out around me, my body laid back on the grass. I smiled as he shifted to hover over me, a knee either side of my waist. Nobody had ever looked or spoken to me like Chris had before. He made me feel like we were the only two people in the world.

“So beautiful.”

In that moment I knew it was Chris. I wanted to give myself to him. He could have me, all of me. And I desperately wanted him.

He smiled, dipping his head to kiss my neck. I gripped his nape, fingers pressing into his warm skin as I built up the courage.

“Make love to me.” I barely whispered.

He heard. His lips unmoving as he processed my words. Chris’ body seemed to tense above me, not quite sure of his next move. My fingers slid into his short hair, gently guiding his head away from the crook of my neck. Our breathing was heavy as his forehead rested on mine. My heart thumped in my chest, Chris’ stunning eyes piercing into mine.


I wasn’t naïve to the fact that Chris had had sex before, that information was evident. His knowledge and experience often intimidating me as I had no clue on most of the acts under the sex title. But making love. I wasn’t so sure he had committed to anything as remotely profound. And by his almost stiffened posture my thoughts were confirmed. This would be the first time it had actually meant something to him. I wanted him to make love to me, I wanted that sort of intimate connection with Chris. The connection that only lovers had; to put my trust in him and his in me.

He looked almost frightened as he stared at me. His eyes wide and blazing.

“Are you sure?” Chris’ voice hoarse as he desperately gazed at me.

I gave him a small nod. My touch slipped from his head as he moved away slightly. I rolled my head to the side, watching as his full lips pouted, blowing out the candles one by one. Now the only light being emitted was the full moon that hung high in the black sky. The beams breaking through the tall trees at the end of the garden.

I watched in amazement. The luna rays illuminating Chris’ face in a way that took my breath away. He was so beautiful. A kiss was pressed to the corner of my eye, his long lashes brushing against my cheek as he pulled away.

I intently observed as he got to his feet, holding out his hand towards me. I gripped it before Chris lifted me to stand in front of him. The small flower fell to the grass, my fingers tugging down my top before they entwined with Chris’. His touch so warm as we walked to the back door of my house. But he stopped me as I reached for the handle. My eyes fluttered closed as he leant down, our lips connecting in an innocent kiss, his nose sweetly rubbing against mine. The gesture made me shyly smile. We pulled apart seconds later, Chris leading me into the house, locking the door behind us.

~Twenty Five~


If Jasmine don’t get her ass out of here! Fuck outta here. Talking about “Chris, I’m pregnant.”

“Jasmine, the fuck you mean you’re pregnant?” I spat.

“I’m pregnant, motherfucker. With child. Expecting.a baby. Must I spell it out for you?”

“Jasmine, you do realize that we broke up months ago. I’ve been with Kae for 4 months now, almost 5.” I shook my head continuing my.walk away.

“You don’t know how far along I am. I could be 6 months along but have a flat ass stomach.”

I snorted. “Girl, please. We were together for barely a month. It still wouldn’t be mine.”

“This could be your child, Chris.” Jasmine growled touching her plumper belly.

“But it’s not. Better go find August.” I hissed walking past her to my locker. I shook my head trying to wrap my head around this. There’s no way I’m the father of her baby. A father at 17? No. Yet, a part of me felt like she was right. That you could find you’re pregnant in the second semester. Shit, I fully paid attention in sex ed.

I felt a sharp smack on my ass and my mouth formed an O as I turned around.

“Hey shorty. That ass is looking right.” Kae mocked a guy’s voice as she bit her lip forming an hourglass figure with her hands. When she looked at my face, she giggled covering her mouth in effort to stifle but failed. I looked from left to right hoping no one saw that. Kae was still laughing her ass off as I looked at her with wide eyes.

“Kae, that’s not funny! I’m captain of the basketball team. You can’t be doing that gay shit!” I still held my ass in shock.

“But that booty was looking plump and right. The booty is on fleek, Christopher.” Kae replied still giggling.

“I feel so violated. I’m gonna report you for sexual harassment.”

Kae rolled her eyes placing my arm around her shoulders.

“Oh shut up and take me to lunch.”

We walked into the café finding the exit of the school. We showed the floor teachers our ID’s confirming we were seniors so they could allow us to leave. We got into my car and I started the engine. Before I could pull off, Kae placed her hand over mine. I looked at her as she stared at me.

“Something’s up with you and I want to know.” she said so demanding.

“What are you talking about?”

“Chris, I know you like the back of my hand. We go way back to the crib. You mean to tell me that I don’t know when something’s going on with you?” Kae tilted her head raising one eyebrow. I sighed deeply in response.

She’s right but I didn’t want to scare her with this. I’m not ready.

“Ok it’s something but let me tell you when I’m ready.”

Kae removed her sighing. “Ok.”

I smiled pulling off. “Now let me go feed Jabba The Hutt.”

Kae’s eyebrows furrowed. “Who the fuck is Jabba The Hutt?”

“I’m dating her. Anyway, McDonald’s is about-”

A punch was delivered on my arm.

“Ow! Jabba got hands.” I mumbled and another punch came.

“I’m playing, baby! Damn!”


“What the fuck do you want?” I spat once I found my voice on the phone. I have no clue why he’s calling me. I had forgotten about him for a long time. Now, I wondering why I even answered the fucking phone.

“I missed you.”

Automatically, I snort in disgust.

“What do you miss?”

“How we were close, how we hung out, how your body feels-”

“STOP IT!” I screamed feeling tears pushing from the back of my eyes. I refuse to let this asshole hear me cry. I refuse to inform of him of the pain he caused me.

“Stop that shit right now! You’re a disgusting piece of shit, Daniel and I hate you! Fuck! I don’t even know why I picked up the phone!”

“Wait, sweetie. I need to tell you something.”

“What?!” I snarled contemplating hanging up right now.

“I’m back.”

My heart stopped as I felt all the air exit my body.

“You’re back?” I could barely form the words.

“Yes, cutie. Maybe I’ll drop in and visit.”

“Don’t you dare!”

Daniel didn’t reply. All I heard was a sound signalling he hung up on me. I tossed myself on my bed. No. No. No.

This can’t be happening.


How could he think I’d be lying about this? A fucking baby. I can’t be a mother. I’m 17. I got so much shit to do. A kid is the last thing I need. I had just arrived home and ate a bunch of chips. I was hungry. Beyond hungry.

“Hmm can Mom hurry up and announce her pregnancy? I’m tired of waiting.” Heather questioned with irritation laced in her voice. “Especially since she kept this nasty ass thing in the cabinet.”

“What are you talking about-” I was stunned to see Heather holding my pregnancy test with a napkin. Why didn’t I throw away?! Fuck!

“I’m gonna go confront her.”

“NO!” I roared hopping off the bed and blocking the door. “Don’t you dare!”

Heather’s eyebrows knitted in confusion. “Why not?”

“Because that’s not Mom’s pregnancy test!” I swallowed hard. “It’s mine.”

Heather’s eyes grew dropping the test on the floor. She was pacing back and forth covering her face. I gulped hard, trying to ease my anxiety.

“Are you fucking stupid?! You’re 17, Jasmine!” Heather finally said.

I felt a rush of anger. “Oh yeah! Like I fucking planned to get pregnant!”

“You never heard of safe sex? You’re so careless with yourself!”
I rolled my eyes. “Heather, I need help. Not a fucking lecture!”

“Yes you do need help! Pregnant at 17! Is August the father?”

I hung my head in shame. “I don’t know.”

“Unless you’ve been hoeing around, the only guy you’ve been sleeping with was August.”

“You’re forgetting someone before August.” I mumbled avoiding her eyes.

It took a while for it to click. She gasped standing up in disbelief.

“Chris?! You guys broke up months ago!”

“You don’t know how far I am.”

Heather sat down on her blue sheets, defeated and speechless.
“Please don’t tell anyone..let me do it when I’m ready.” I begged sitting next to her.

She looked at me sighing.



Sweat beads formed on my forehead as I kept making free throws. Coach told us to shoot around a little bit before doing actual drills. I was at my own little basket shooting hoops and thinking.

Am I even capable of being a father? Disregarding my age, I’m not even with the mother, not even financially secure. When I think about not being financially secure, I think of Kae and how she’s completely oblivious and how I don’t want her finding out from someone else. My life is crazy as hell.

“Yo Chris.” Trey hit my shoulder as he cradled his ball. I cradled mine looking at him.


“You see Ty?” He gestured to Ty who looked like a kid who had way too much sugar. What the fuck wrong with him? He wasn’t this energetic before. Trey and I walked across the polished gym floor over to him.

“Ty, you ok?” I asked.

“Never better. I’m just really feeling the game! Whoa look at that 3 pointer!” Ty jumped up and down in excitement. I looked at Trey who just shrugged it off. After practice, I went to look for Kae at her cheerleading practice but I didn’t see any cheerleaders. Just one white girl texting.

“Excuse me. Do you know when cheerleading practice ended?”

“Oh. Practice was cancelled today. Coach had an emergency.” she replied still texting.

“Ok. Thanks.” I walked away but looked in the window of the library to Kae sitting down with Devante. I clenched my fists stomping inside the school and headed for the library. Once I stepped in, Kae’s eyes automatically went on me and widened while Devante just smirked winking.

“Chris, this isn’t what it looks like.” Kae started as she walked up to me.

“It looks like you and Devante are having a little study date. Don’t let me interrupt. Continue.” I exited the library with Kae following behind. I ignored her calls until I heard a thud on the floor. I turned around to see Kae face first on the ground. I immediately rushed to help her up.

“Oh shit. Are you ok? That was a bad fall.”

“I’m fine. I thought you were mad.” she said the last part in far.

“Just because I’m mad doesn’t mean I don’t care.”

She blushed taking a breath. “Mrs. Filkins asked me to tutor Devante. I couldn’t say to someone who needs help.”

I sighed. Damn her heart of gold.

“Fine. I overreacted.”

She shook her head. “Yes you did.”

I hung my head thinking of how Kae was not keeping anything from me but I was keeping something huge. What am I supposed to say. ‘hey babe. I might’ve gotten my ex pregnant even though I’m 17.’? I’m scared shitless right now. I’m scared Jasmine’s not lying, I’m scared i’m the father. Most of all, I’m scared of losing Kae.

“Chris, you’re brooding. Is there something you need to tell me?” Kae kept her arms folded tilting her head in concern. “I’m your girlfriend and your best friend. You can tell me anything. You know that.”

When I didn’t say anything, she came closer.

“You’re scaring me.” she whispered examining me with her eyes.

“Yeah I know.” I shook my head thinking of changing the subject. “I’ll be back to get you, if you want.”

“Sure.” Kae smiled and I pecked her lips turning around. Before I knew it, I felt a familiar sharp smack on my ass.


“The booty is on fleek, Christopher.” Kae giggled once again. “The booty is on fleek.”

Chapter 45: Obstacles


“Kae, we still hitting the mall with Kim?” I asked biting into an apple.

“Yes. I’m bringing Angie along. Is that cool?”

I almost dropped my apple. “Of course it’s cool! You better bring my niece!”

Kae laughed. “Fine but I must warn you. Each day, she acts more and more like Chris. The other day, she tried to ride one of the dogs!”

“Aww shit. At least she look like her mommy.”

“Trueeeeee. You’re so fond of Angie. When are you popping out a baby?”

“Not now! I’m too busy for a baby.”

Kae snorted. “Funny. Me and Chris got too busy and had a baby.”

I laughed. “You guys are nasty. I’ll see you later. Bye Mami.”

“Bye Baby Mama.”.

I hung up the phone and noticed Mijo’s phone buzzing. I looked to see the caller ID and felt my blood boil. Jen. She’s still calling him. I tried to ignore but I really want to know what the fuck she wants.

“Hello?” I answered curtly.

“Hi, is Mijo there?”

“May I ask why you’re calling?”

“Who’s this?”

“I’m his girlfriend who wants to know why you keep blowing up my man’s phone.”

“I’m calling to let Mijo know his son wants him.”

With that, she hung up with her words flowing in my head. Son? Mijo had a son? And he didn’t tell me?


“I swear why don’t you go be with Chyna? Her pussy must be that bomb if you keep running back to it!” I spat in anger across the table.

It seems like all we do is fight. I swear this all started from me just asking him what he wanted for dinner and somehow escalated into this.

“Chyna you damn well I didn’t fuck her!” He stood up in a rage.

We stood there with out of breath and I squinted my eyes.

“You called me Chyna.”

Ty’s eye grew big and he took a step back.

“I meant Kim.”

“But you said Chyna.”.

“Get over it. It was a mistake.”

I had something really smart to say but I decided against it just getting up walking out.

“See? That’s your problem! You’re always walking away!”

I ignored and unlocked my phone getting in my car. Texts from Jake popped up.

From Jake:

Hey ma Did u work things out with ur bf?

I sighed and replied.

To Jake:

Nope. We were just in a fight. Ttyl

I drove to the mall meeting up with the girls. Kae mostly did shopping for Angie. I’m not gonna lie, I participated in it. She’s my adorable little niece. We hit the food court after shopping and just talked.

“So how are you and Chris?” I asked Kae who was busy feeding Angie a french fry.

“Good. Except for the fact Im not getting any dick!” Kae frowned breaking chicken nuggets into small pieces for her.

“Mijo has a son.” Seiko admitted.

“And Ty’s being a shitface.” I sighed taking a sip of my drink. “Why are you not getting any?”

“Because I wanted to practice celibacy but…”

“But what?”

“Its hard as fuck!” Kae sighed.

“Stop being celibate.” Seiko stated in an duh voice.

“No! Its good for us!” She pouted.

“Then stay horny. Mijo got a son and he didn’t tell me!” Seiko whined.

I rolled my eyes. “Its not rocket science. Confront him.”

“How is my bro being a shitface?” Kae furrowed her eyebrows.

“Well he- wait….” I looked from side to side. “Which one of you bitches ate my chocolate cake?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you did.” Kae rolled her eyes.

“Liar! You ate it!” I pointed a finger at her.

“Hell nah! That was Seiko!”

Seiko gasped. “Fuck you and your not getting dick ass! I did not!”

“Ok then who did?”

It was quiet and we heard soft chewing and licking. We looked at Angie whose face and hands were coated in chocolate.

“Angie!” Kae scolded looking at her.

“I know right! She ate my cake!”

“No, I’m mad she didn’t share!” Kae kissed her cheek to taste some chocolate. “Mhh that’s some good cake.”

My phone buzzed. It was Jake.

From Jake:

Having wardrobe problems. Help!

I smiled and replied.

To Jake:

Lol Omw

“I gotta meet a friend. So bye Seiko, Kae, and my little food thief.” I kissed Angie and walked away.


I can’t believe this shit. I rolled my eyes as Chris rubbed against me. I know this nigga is not dry humping me when I’m sleeping. I elbowed him and turned to him.

“Chris! What the hell are you doing?”

Chris squinted his eyes as he rubbed the spot I hit him. “Kae, what was that for?”

“You know what it is was for! Dry humping me when I’m sleeping!” I snapped sitting up and glaring at him.

“I had no clue. I was asleep, I swear.” He then narrowed his eyes. “Unless you want me to continue.”

“No. What are you, a dog?” I climbed out and started fixing my side. “Celibacy? Remember?”

“So? Its not sex. We’re celibate. Not cousins.”. Chris got out and went to brush his teeth.

I shook my head and followed him. I brushed my teeth next to him. He left and I started to wash my face. When I finished, Chris came behind me carressing my body. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the way his hands felt on my body. Her lips met my ear.

“Baby, stop trying to resist me. I know you want me as much as I want you.” He began kissing my neck then sang.

“Baby lets do role play
I can be anything you like
Use your imagination now just go on and close your eyes puedo ser tu corazon y talves tu profesor.”

I bit my bottom lip and moaned. He knows when he speaks Spanish, the panties are coming off! But not this time.

"Chris…” I moaned then cleared my throat. “Stop.”

“Rueche, don’t lie. This celibacy thing is killing you too.” He removed his hands and I slightly groaned at the absence.

“I bet you gonna give up that pussy soon.”

I raised an eyebrow. “So you’re challenging me?”

“Yep. I bet your ass can’t resist not getting any of this.”

“At least I don’t hump people in their sleep.”

“At least I don’t use the shower head. I hear your moans.”

I blew air out of my mouth. “Fine! I bet I can resist you without using the shower head, but you gotta do the same without your hands.”

Chris smirked. “I like your properstition, Miss Tran. If I win, you have to cook me a meal wearing socks.” He stated.

I snorted. “Wow. Really, Mr. Brown?”

“You didn’t let me finish. You have to be wearing JUST socks. Nothing else.” Chris wiggled his eyebrows folding his arms.

I felt my cheeks heat up. Damn. JUST socks? This nigga’s a freak.

“Fine, but if I win, you have to clean the house-”

“Sure.” Chris interrupted.

“You didn’t let me finish. You have to clean butt ass naked wearing a tube sock on CJ.” I smirked.

“Fine.” We shook hands and I leaned in close to his face.

“May the better person win.”

Chris chuckled. “You’re on, baby.”

The Zodiac: Book 3: Pisces - Chapter 93 Part 1


Chapter 93

* Loving and caring*
* Trusting, hospitable, and will help all in distress
* Shy
* Helpful
* Romantic
* Creative
* Mystical
* Gentle and kind
* Compassionate
* Understanding of others



Bree smiled so hard that her cheeks and jaw started to hurt. She sat up in bed as she cradled her cell phone between her shoulder and her ear. “Congratulations. I know you’re happy"she said sweetly. Maurice just called her excitedly because he was just added to the performance lineup for the Grammy’s. She was proud of him. No one deserved to perform more than him. He’s been through enough. He was at the top of his game, fell down, got blacklisted and now he was climbing his way back up to the top again. He worked hard and he was righting his wrongs and she couldnt be more proud of him.

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Chapter 30

*Bailee’s POV*

My teeth were quickly brushed before I washed my face and put on an old t shirt. The length of my hair fell in waves over my shoulder as I combed it through. When I opened the bathroom door I found Chris sitting on the end of my bed, head down, staring at his phone. He was still fully clothed.

“Are you not staying tonight?” I asked.

“You have work in the morning and so do I.” He answered.

Chris’ focus didn’t remain on my face for long, his sparkling eyes trailing down the length of my body. My shirt came mid-thigh before my bare legs swept to the floor. I couldn’t help but shyly smile as I made my way over to him. His knees parted so I could stand in between. Large, warm hands rested on my lower back, slipping down to cup my ass. I quietly gasped but allowed him to gently squeeze.

“You’re testing my patience.” He mumbled.

My fingers stroked through his small curls as his head rested on my stomach.

“No, no, you need to go to bed.” He abruptly spoke.

I jumped as he stood swiftly from the end of my bed, his height shadowing over me before drawing back the covers.

“In.” He spoke while flicking his head.

I complied, climbing into bed.

“Please stay.” I whispered.

I watched him close his eyes, quietly sighing before staring down at me. His shoes were kicked off and I made room for him to lay next to me. Chris remained on top of the covers as I snugged into my pillow, settling down on my stomach.

“I’ll stay until you fall asleep.”

“Well, I’ve been having trouble sleeping so you might be here for a while.” I teased.

“Bailee.” Chris warned, fighting to keep the smile from spreading along his lips.

He was laid sprawled on his back, head turned to me. He really was beautiful.

“You have to close your eyes to sleep.” He whispered.

“I’d rather watch you.”

I shuffled a little closer to him as he observed me. My intention for it was to be a small goodnight kiss but it became a little more. Our lips savouring one another’s as they meshed together. Chris’ tongue pried into my mouth, invading my senses but as I tried to get closer he gently pushed on my shoulders. We were both breathless as we parted. But close enough for our lips to continually brush.

“Don’t tempt me.” He warned.

I reluctantly flopped back to my previous position, head still facing Chris. We laid for a little while in silence before I broke the silence.

“You have long eyelashes.” I commented.

He smiled, slightly confused.

“Good thing?”

I nodded as Chris raised his hand, gently pushing my hair back from my face. Breath caught in my throat as he leaned over to me. A giggle escaped my mouth as he deliberately brushed his lashes against my cheek before placing a soft kiss to my lips.

“Go to sleep Bailee.”


Chris took a seat next to me on the table I usually say on while he helped people train. I would often bring a book to read as I waited for him to finish work. Tom had joined us a few minutes prior and I had continued to indulge in my novel as they talked boxing. But my wandering mind was hauled back to reality as something in their conversation sparked my interest. A fight. My book was placed beside me. Chris had noticed my sudden diverted attention, my eyes looking questioningly at him. Their conversation paused as he took my hand.

“I have a fight.” He told me.

His touch withdrew and he turned back to talking to Tom.

“Wait what?” I shook my head. “You said you didn’t fight.”

“I know, but something has been sorted out for Friday night.”

They continued to converse with me sat to the side of them. I looked down at my hands, fiddling with my fingers, remembering Chris had told me he punched above his weight. It would be a danger for his competitor. I frowned, gripping Chris’ shoulder. He looked a little surprised at my interruption.

“Is he in your weight class?” I abruptly asked.

He hesitated, staring at me. It appeared he was having an internal battle, not sure if it was best to divulge that certain detail.

“Chris.” My tone demanding.

My fingertips dug into his skin. But I grew more frustrated as a smirk spread on his beautiful face.

“You’re cute when your angry.”

I flinched away when his hand came up to brush against my cheek. Chris was trying to distract me and his plan succeeded for a couple of seconds before I realised what he was up to.

“Stop it and answer the question.” I bit back.

Eyebrows were raised at my less than pleased tone. He gave me a cheeky grin, dimples popping in his cheek. He looked so young.


Chris’ head tilted to the side, smiling as he waited for my reaction.

“No?” I asked, creasing my forehead.

“He’s in the next class up.” Chris stated.

Tom had been intently watching our interaction. Clearly surprised with my tone toward Chris. My vision flicked to him to get his input on the situation.

“Bailee don’t worry about it. Chris will take him out easy.”

Tom lightly punched Chris on the shoulder as they laughed.

“D-don’t encourage him! T-the guy you’ll be fighting, he’ll be bigger than you. This is dangerous Chris.”

I grew increasingly anxious. I didn’t want to see Chris hurt. My mind then flickered to where it was going to be held. The gym where the two boys worked out would never allow him to fight, let alone against someone in a different weight class. That’s when I realised he hadn’t told them.

“This fight isn’t legal, is it?” My voice was quiet.

Chris’ tongue swiped over his full lips. Brown eyes intensely peering into mine.

“Technically, no.”

“Oh my god, Chris you can’t do this.” I spoke desperately grabbing his hand.

“Tom, will you give us a minute?” Chris asked.

“Sure.” He smiled, standing and walking away.

Chris’ attention then diverted to me. He took my hand, guiding me to him before walking us toward the front of the gym where the changing rooms were. Chris’ frame stood squarely in front of me, height towering above. I sighed as long fingers brushed strands of hair from my face.

“Bailee, I’m going to fight.” He sternly told me.

I could tell he was frustrated at the interruption of his phone ringing from inside the change rooms. I already knew our usual routine, me having to wait while he took the call. He didn’t say anything, just left me standing on my own as he disappeared through the doorway. I grew angrier, left to dwell on my own thoughts. My head shook before I strode at a determined pace into the male changing rooms after him. My presence startled a few men, but they quickly exited as I spotted Chris. His shirt had been stripped off and he stood pacing back and forth in only his shorts.

“Look I’m already having enough trouble with Bailee, without you starting on.”

Why on earth was he going to fight someone? I balled my fists by my sides. Boys and their stupid egos. He was going to get hurt because of his bravado and lack of any sense to know when to back down. My chest rose up, taking in a heavy breath.

“I’ve already told you, it isn’t up to you.” He grumbled into the speaker.

I’d had enough of this. My anger boiled over as I stomped forward grabbing the phone from his ear.

“Will you get off the fucking phone, Chris!”

I ended the call, throwing it into his open gym bag. Before I could take another breath my wrists were taken hostage in his large hands. I winced as my back slammed against the walls of the lockers. Heavy puffs of air forced from his parted lips as he yanked my arms above my head. He was furious. Bare chest heaving up and down. I desperately tried to struggle from his grip, but he was too strong for me. I had never seen such darkness in his eyes as he pinned me with his hard gaze. His nose was millimetres away from mine. Breath trembled from my mouth but I forced my fear to the back of my mind.

“Was this someone else telling you how stupid this is?” I asked harshly. “Because you should listen to them, Chris.”

The anger fell away from his eyes.

“That’s what they said about you.” Chris spoke quietly.

My arms were released down to my sides, but I wasn’t free for long. Chris’ body pressing into mine, trapping me. I was left a little confused by his statement, but before I could question him any further on the subject his gaze hardened on me once again, shaking his head of the thought.

“What is it with you fucking women?” He asked rhetorically. “This is my decision, I don’t care if you don’t like it!” Chris shouted.

I wasn’t sure if he noticed but while he was yelling at me he had subconsciously taken my left forearm in his large hand. His grip progressively tightening with every word. I winced, cowering back in his strong hold. My body was trembling, pain shooting up my arm. Small sounds of distress escaped my lips.

“You’re hurting me.” I whimpered.

Chris’ face instantly paled, his hand falling away as he stumbled back. I held my injured arm to my chest, his intense grip having felt a feeling of burning against the skin. It was then I realised that those were the exact words his sister had told her boyfriend before Chris beat him, nearly to death, in their back garden. I realised just how dangerous Chris was. I’d tried to look past his aggressive behaviour, but when it came down to it he still had problems controlling his anger, and that frightened me.

“Bailee.” He attempted to move forward.

My eyes widened in fear, back desperately pressing to the lockers to try and increase the distance between us. But I couldn’t. I was petrified he would cause me harm again.

“Fuck, no please… Not again.” Chris frantically pleaded.

The pain in his eyes was heartbreaking but I was too scared to do anything. He dropped to his knees in front of me. My terrified gaze stayed locked ahead, not looking down. I jumped, gasping as Chris’ strong arms wrapped around the back of my thighs. His head rested on my stomach and he clutched me tighter when he felt reluctance towards his touch. I was shaking.

“Bailee please, I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. That’s the last thing I’d want to do.”

I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my cheeks. Chris’ body was warm against my own. I wanted to comfort him but I didn’t know how, my entirety was still frozen to the spot. He was like a little boy, lost and alone as he searched for some kind of love.

I didn’t want him to be alone.

“Please.” He whispered.



I rolled my eyes as I approached my ebony locker seeing Heather, my fraternal twin sister, and her boyfriend Trell practically have sex in front of there. I shook my head disgusted pulling Heather by her bright blue ponytail.

“Can you and Trell not have sex in front of my locker?” I hissed letting her pontail go as she kept hissing in pain. Her eyes formed slits as she looked at me.

Heather stuck her long manicured index finger in my face. “1. Stay in your lane. We may be twins but I’m older.”

I let out an airy laugh. “Heather, nobody is scared of you. We’re the same height.”

Trell stepped in between us as if Heather and I were going to actually go at it. You would think after dating my sister for a year, he would know that we ain’t gonna do anything. Heather is the violent sister and I’m the classy one.

“Jasmine, chill. We were just kissing.” Trell explained as if I didn’t see them swapping saliva in front of my locker.

I looked up at Trell because he was tall as shit and spoke.

“I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. Just keep away from my locker.” I pushed him to the left as I turned the dial to open my locker to retrieve my Trigonometry textbook.

Heather cleared her throat as she redid her high ponytail. “Babe, don’t mind her. She’s mad because she don’t got a man.”

I rolled my eyes once again as Trell spoke up. “Ahh. I see. I can hook you up with one of my niggas.”

I scrunched up my nose in disagreement. “No, thank you. You and your niggas are fools.”

Trell shrugged as a group of guys came and dapped him up. They were all very good looking but one of them was Trey, which was Amber’s man so I had my eyes set on one. He had on a red t-shirt, skinny jeans, and red vans. He was hot and looked hella familiar. Once they walked away, I cleared my throat.

“Trell, who’s that?” I pointed at the one I had my eyes set on.

“Oh that’s Chris.” Trell looked at me wiggling his eyebrows. “You want him, don’t you?”

“Yes she does!” Heather shouted so loudly the whole hallway could probably hear it.


She ignored me. “She’s been lusting after him since middle school!”

I smiled as he laughed joking with his friends before entering their homeroom. I bit my bottom lip hard as hell thinking about what he could do to me. Lust is correct.

External image


“Fuck!” I spat sharply as the yellow- orange school bus drove off from its stop.

I clenched my fists in a rage. I fucking missed the bus. All because I forgot to set my stupid ass alarm. Thank God I at least woke up in time to get dressed. How the hell am I gonna get to school? My parents have left for work.

Opening the door to my house, I considered staying home. I hated that fucking school. The teachers were whack as fuck and the students are a bunch of dipshits. Although it’s Senior Year, I fuck with nobody because I’ll be damned if they fuck with me.

Realizing I would have to show up so my parents won’t jump down my throat for skipping, I resolved to walk to school. The school was pratically 20-30 minutes by foot and I will be late, but better late than not showing up at all.

I made my way up the sidewalk and the worst thing imaginable happened to any girl who had just straightened their hair.

It began to rain. I didn’t have a umbrella and I was halfway to school so I wasn’t about to turn back. I ran the rest of the way. Making it inside the practically empty hallway, I went inside the bathroom to fix my hair. I groaned seeing a bunch of clown looking bitches taking up the long mirror that stretched from the sides of the bathroom. All the bitches disappeared and I went to the mirror seeing that my straight hair was ruined and my black OBEY hoodie was a little wet.

I proceeded to wet the rest of my hair allowing to become wavy and put it in a messy updo at the back of my head. I thought I was alone until a girl with brunette hair in a Diamond Supply t-shirt and snapback appeared from behind a stall. She stared longingly at me and I grew annoyed.

“Can I help you?” I snapped still staring at my reflection.

“You’re Karrueche.”

I looked at her with an obvious face. “And?

She sighed as if she was refraining from giving an attitude and continued.”You went to West Junior High. At the start of 7th grade, you moved away but you’re back.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “How-”

“Everyone bullied you calling you Boyrueche.” She stated calmly.

I felt my blood boil. “How the fuck do you know all that shit?”

“Because I was bullied alongside you. You were the only one nice to me. You don’t remember me, but I’m Sochitta.” She stuck out her hand. “But my nickname’s Honey.”

I shook her hand but I was honestly confused by this mystery girl. Then it hit me. She was my fellow victim to those assholes.

“Wow. You changed a lot.” I spoke looking her up and down.

“Yeah you did too. A whole lot.” Honey smiled then frowned shaking her head. “What happened to you?”

I crossed my arms. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“I mean, what happened to the sweet, innocent Karrueche who did nothing but care for people? She was always positive, putting others before herself, and always wearing a smile. What happened to her?”

I slammed my shit down lacing my upcoming words with a shit load of venom.

“Listen. That sweet, naïve bitch died a long time ago.” I replied curtly as I tried with all my strength not to smack her.

“Did she really die, Karrueche?” Honey crossed her arms as she made her way to the exit but turned around to finish:

“Or are you just hiding her?”

With that, she left and the late bell sounded throughout the quiet bathroom. I placed my bag back around my shoulder and exited the bathroom. What the fuck does she know? She doesn’t know me.

Hell, No one knows me.

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“Look, that Kae bitch needs to watch her attitude. I ain’t afraid to fight her.” I declared as I placed a french fry in my mouth and chomped on it.

I was at the food court with the crew complaining about this girl in our homeroom. The other day, she threatened to punch if I looked at her the wrong way. Is there a right way to look at a crazy bitch?

Trell shook his head. “Nigga, you can’t be fighting a female.”

“She ain’t no female. She’s a crazy bitch!” I spat annoyed at this nigga Trell.

“She may be crazy-” August took a sip of his soda then stopped. “But she’s hot as fuck. You can’t even lie.”

Chris spoke up shaking his head. “True. I don’t even fuck with petite girls but little mama is a certified 10.”

“But she’s still rude and crazy.” I emphasized the last part for these dumbasses.

“Crazy girls be hella freaky in bed tho. I would know.” Trey smirked throwing a ball in the air catching it.

Chris spoke again. “But is it just me but she looks familiar. Really familiar. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

I shrugged my shoulders taking my soda. “I don’t remember a raging bitch in my past.”

All the guys mumbled in agreement and Chris stood up dapping us up.

“I’ll see y’all later. I gotta get back to work.”

Trey’s eyes widened as he placed his drink on the table. “Shit, me too.”

As I sipped my Mountain Dew, I saw a fine ass girl with tannish skin and long brunette hair. I could’ve sworn I seen her around school.

I nudged Trell and pointed to her. “Yo who’s that shorty over at Dunkin Donuts?”

Trell looked over and then smiled at me. “Her? Nigga, that’s Sochitta. Remember? She used to be a braceface with blonde hair. We called her Soshitta and Braceface freshman year. Her nickname is Honey now.”

I licked my lips in full lust. “Well Braceface got hella sexy. I’m about to go spit game.”

Removing myself from the round table, I wiped my mouth brushing off my shoulders and got up to the counter. She was busy wiping the counter as her hair bounced.

“Hey. I’d like to order.”

She tossed the rag to the sink and stood in front of the registar. “Would you like a number?”

“Yes. I would like yours.” I stated smoothly as I bit my plump lip at her.

“That’s not on the menu.” She snapped with annoyance dripping her tone. “Either order something or leave.”

I stepped back. “Damn shorty why you so mean?”

“1. Shorty is not my name. And 2. Because I am. Now leave me alone before I call security.”

I sucked my teeth leaving the counter and returning to the table. Trell smiled at me with his goofy ass smile.

“So you got Honey’s number?”

“Nigga no. Ain’t nobody want her bum ass anyway.” I took my seat and continued drinking my soda. I stared as she took the orders of other customers. Looking fine even if she working. I chuckled to myself. It may not happen now, but I’m gonna get that number.

And so much more.

External image


Finishing the rest of my hot wings and fries, I had to return to Foot Locker or my manager DeRay will get in my ass for being late. Foot Locker was a cool job because I love sneakers and I get a discount on my kicks.

I also get a lot of numbers from the ladies that shop there, so Foot Locker was my hook up place too.

Stepping on the escalator, instead of speeding down there, I decided to take my sweet time getting there. Yes, Deray will get in my ass but nigga knows he can’t fire me. I’m the best worker there.

I noticed that two steps ahead of me was Kae with red beats on her head scrolling down her phone as she clutched her yellow Forever 21 bag in her other hand. I moved getting on the same step as her. She looked up at me with wide eyes sucking her teeth.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What’s wrong with you?”

“You’re stepping on my fucking foot.” Kae answered through clenched teeth.

I looked down to see my fire red toros pressed on her Oreo 5’s. Damn she got the Oreos? I’ve been trying to cop those.

“So are you going to take it off?!” She snapped waking me from my daydream.

“Oh shit! I’m s-”

Before I can get my apology out, Kae stepped off the escalator in a rage walking away quickly.

“I said I’m sorry!” I shouted then shook my head and lowly muttered to myself. “Bitch.”

I walked across the white tiled floor into the shoe store. I quickly made my way to the back changing into the black and white striped shirt. As much it annoyed me, I couldn’t get that Kae girl out of my head. What’s so special about her that she gotta be stuck on a nigga’s mind?

Once I stepped out into the store, DeRay already told me what to do.

“Chris, go tend to that customer!” He pointed to a lightskin blonde girl who had blue eyes. She had on shorts and a tank top. She’s fine as hell. I’ll definitely tend to her.

“Hey beautiful. Is there anything I can help you with? I’m Chris and you are..?” I stucked out my hand.

She blushed shaking my hand. “Jasmine. I go to your school.”

My mouth formed an O. “Oh so no wonder why you look so familiar.”

“And we went to the same middle school.”

“West Junior High.” I smiled and she nodded smiling. Still, Kae was on my mind. Her innocent, sweet face but it was filled with anger for no damn reason.

I pushed her to the back of my head and continued to help Jasmine. Although baby girl was hella fine, she was not a sneaker girl and I was trying to figure out what the hell was she doing at Foot Locker, but I failed to say anything. She decided on a pair of denim Converses and I rang it up for her.

“Ok, so that’s 45.50.” I stated looking at her. “Cash or Credit?”

“Cash.” She began to look through her purse then frowned. “Not enough through.”

“Don’t sweat it.” I gave her my employee discount. “You’re at 40 now.”

She smiled handing me the money. “Thank you Chris.”

“You’re welcome, beautiful.” I smiled as I handed her the bag containing her shoes.


“I love Bad bitches that’s my fucking problem! And yeah I like to fuck I got a fucking problem!” I sang loudly as the song blasted through the radio.

I got off work and I feel good. Mama ain’t home, met a cute girl,and I got a full stomach. Pulling into the driveway, I watched as Kae placed something inside our mailbox and spin on her heel. Getting out of the car, I stopped her from leaving.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned her.

She rolled her eyes continuing to walk away until I grabbed her little arm and she pulled away roughly.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch me.” Kae spat with the coldest glare ever.

“Why were you on my property?” I stepped up to her staring her down.

“If you must know, the dumbass mailman gave us your mail. No one was home so I placed in the mailbox.”

I stared at her for a while studying her. Her face, her voice, her body language, everything. Trying to see if something rang a bell of where I could know.

“Take a picture. It lasts longer.” She spat sarcastically crossing her arms.

“Why the fuck are you so damn angry? I didn’t do shit to you.” I looked her up and down. “More importantly, Do we know each other? Like have we met before?”

She sighed as her eyes got glossy and shook her head closing her eyes.


“Are you ok?”

“No! Leave me alone already!” Kae roared suddenly pointing a finger in my face. Her mouth twisted into a frown as her voice broke and her arms dropped to her side.

“We’re not friends anymore so don’t pretend that you care.”

Chapter 15


“I honestly don’t know why you continue to be so nice to this chick, but do you Chris” Robin said slipping on her shoes.

I was leaning against the door frame watching her get ready for work, and telling her my plans for the day. Of course she wouldn’t want me to see Rue, she hates her. I just need to make sure of somethings. I hate unfinished business.

“Come on Melody. You trust me right?” I asked her making her look at me.

“I don’t know the last time I trusted you to be with her you woke me up at 3am to tell me you kissed her” she said fluffing her hair.

I sighed “Mel, come on. It was a mistake I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, you keep telling me. Look I gotta get to the store, and then I’m heading over to Mama J’s to see my baby. I’ll see you later” she said kissing my cheek before leaving.

I sighed and shook my head. Rob was just gonna have to understand that this was something I had to do. I had questions that needed answers, and I wanted them answered today. She was just going to have to trust my judgement. I wasn’t about to fuss or fight where she was concerned anymore. I knew what I was doing.

I turned around and headed downstairs grabbing my keys. I headed out the house and made my way to my Lambo climbing in. As I whipped out from the house I decided to dial Kae up, and see where she was at. It rang a couple times, and then she finally picked up.

“What is it?” She snapped.

I chuckled “I know your not honestly mad at me. I answered the phone without looking, besides it don’t even matter, I don’t gotta explain that I love to fuck my wife. You know first hand how I am.”

She smacked her teeth “whatever I know nothing, what do you want?”

“I’m on my way to your house, unlock the door. Lose the attitude to before I make you loose it” I said seriously.

“Chris, you can’t make me do shit, you know where the extra key is. Bye.” She said hanging up.

I chuckled and shook my head. I really didn’t know what has gotten into Kae these past few weeks. She was fine, and now it’s like she made a 180 degree turn into someone else. I was just exhausted with everyone around me at this point.


I pulled into Rue’s driveway and killed the ignition. I grabbed my phone, and turned my last kings snapback toward the back of my head before getting out the car. I walked around to the back of the house and moved the patio table getting the keys. I unlocked the back door and put in the alarm password.

“Rue!” I called out locking back the door.

“Family room!” I heard her yell out to me from the kitchen.

I kicked off my kicks, and walked over to the family room. She was stretched out on the couch watching TV. She looked at me and quickly look away causing me to smile. Always playing games.

“What is wrong with you huh?” I asked plopping down on the couch next to her.

She stood up to move away but I quickly grabbed her and she fell back into my lap “nah we not playing this you run I go after you shit. What the fuck is up with you?”

She was quiet for a while, and I waited patiently for her to speak “oh I don’t know you kissed me. You kissed me and it isn’t fair because I want you to kiss me again, but you can’t cause your married, and- and I’m ok with that. The part that I’m not ok with is I’m just not quite over you. I hate the fact you make it so hard to stop loving you because your so perfect.”

I sighed “Kae there’s nothing I can do. Robin’s my wife. I’m sorry I kissed you, and I’m sorry I can’t give you want you want, but you have to let me go Kae. You were amazing to me, and I always took it for granted, let someone else be to you what you were to me. This can’t keep happening. I literally argued with my wife to be here with you right now.”

She got up of my lap I guess because she couldn’t deal with the contact anymore between us. I really wasn’t going to entertain her to much simply because I couldn’t. I just wanted her to get it, and know I still cared about her in the end.

“There’s never anything you can do. I have no place to be picking a fight so I’m done. We just need to be friends from a distance right now or maybe not at all.” She said looking at me.

“Rue, stop the guilt trip shit. We aren’t going to stop being friends your just going to understand you can’t have me in every and any way anymore. I’m going to rehab in a few days, so this is also bye until next year. Hold it down bruh.” I said getting up and hugging her.

She squeezed me tight and I could feel her tears soaking my chest. I knew that she’s been wanting closure, so I was giving it to her. People get mad at her for things she does, but I play a part because of how I treated her.

“Thank you” she whispered.

“You know I got you, I told you that” I said letting her go.

She looked at me, and I could still see all the hope in her eyes, but I could see that she understood her hope was lost. Damn near five years, so I get it, but it had to be given up.

“Look, I gotta get up out of here. I’m tryna see everyone I can before I go. I’ll holla at you though cause I know you gonna come visit a nigga” I said walking back into the kitchen to get my shoes.

“Good luck in there, and don’t turn all spiritual on us. I love you Chris” she said watching me.

“You know that I love you too Rue. Always. I’ll holla though ma” I said heading out.

I hope she got it. I was really being nice, so it couldn’t get any clearer.


“Where that big head boy I call a son?” Mama J asked making me laugh.

“He went to go talk to Karrueche. Could you believe he thought I wasn’t giving him a hard time about it?” I said rolling my eyes.

Mama sat down at the kitchen table “baby whether you like it or not he loves her. I don’t think you have to question who he loves more, but she was a lot to him in those dark times before you, and when you left.”

I sighed “I know, but we’re married now. He can’t keep running to her whenever he feels he needs to be there for her. She is still in love with him. I see how she looks at Chris.”

Mama rested her hand on mine “baby, my son loves no one more than you. Chris just wants to save everybody, and make everyone feel good about themselves. That’ll never change. Stop worrying y’all are fine.”

I sighed because as much as I didn’t want to admit it. She was 100% right. Chris was going to be Chris, and I had to stop trying to behave as though I didn’t know this. Didn’t mean that I wouldn’t put anything pass Karrueche though.

“You have four more days together. Stop fighting and make the moment last. Now go so I can continue to enjoy my grandbaby” she said making me laugh.

“Ok, when my baby wakes up tell him I said bye. Thanks Mama J really” I said kissing her cheek.

“Of course, you know I’ll do anything for you baby love. I’ll talk to him and make sure he leaves that girl alone. Always want to play captain save a hoe.” she said hugging me.

I giggled because of how serious her tone was. She didn’t play with Chris and these girls running behind him. I knew he was in for an ear full.

“Bye mama, take care. See you Monday.”

“Ok, baby call me when you get home so I know you got there safely” she said waving as I walked out the front door.

I always feel better after talking to Mama Joyce. She always knows what to say. I wish I could have that relationship with my mother, but I tried and it just is what is. I just leave Eva for Mercedeh to deal with. I’ve accepted we’ll just never be that close, and that’s fine.


I walked in the house, and kicked off my red bottoms immediately. I picked them up, and headed upstairs to replace them inside my closet. When I walked in Chris was walking out of his closet on the phone.

“Yeah, mama shes here. Ok, I’m hearing you I’ll talk to her. Love you too ma.” He said hanging up following me.

“Damn Rob, you told my mama on me?” he said crossing his arms.

I rolled my eyes “no Christopher, I was just venting. Don’t start alright.”

He sighed “Robin, what do you want from me?”

“I want you to respect my feelings. But, I don’t seem to be getting that so I won’t say anymore” I said relieving myself of my clothes.

“Baby that isn’t true. I love the hell out of you man” he said walking toward me.

“I never said you didn’t love me. There’s a vast difference. I don’t want to argue though. We have four days together, and fighting is far from what I need right now” I said pulling my hair into a ponytail.

He bent down and put his arms out on the vanity in the closet trapping me in front of him. I looked at him, and he looked so stressed. I was beginning to feel bad about arguing with him. I hated that I was adding to his stress, but started this.

“I went to her to explain that I needed her to fallback. Your where I’m at, and I wanted her to get that. I had to give her the closure she never got so she can move on. Sounds dumb, but you don’t know her, so you won’t get it. Just I don’t want to do this anymore baby” he said putting his head down.

I picked his head up and pecked his lips “ok, I’m trusting you. Don’t make me regret it.”

He hid his face in my small neck “you won’t beautiful I promise.”

I hope what he says is true. I don’t know why that bitch need closure, but whatever to get her to sit down. Shit is putting a strain on my marriage.


“Carmen, enough of the bullshit!” I snapped.

“Why you mad?” she had the nerve to ask.

“Oh well maybe because your using my child as a pawn to win my brother back!”

She laughed “you don’t even fuck with Trey anymore. If he knew about all the shit your pulling he’d kill you. And please you never cared about Violet before.”

“Carmen how was I supposed to believe the baby was mine when you were fucking my brother?”

Yeah thats right. Trey and I are half brothers different moms. Long story short we both used to fuck with Carmen. He just didn’t know I was piping. She ended up pregnant with my baby, and now she’s using her to win Trey back. The night she showed up to meet with Chyna I just pretended I didn’t know her.

Now the plan is underway I’m beginning to get very annoyed by my child calling my half brother daddy. He doesn’t know I’m in LA, but I might pay him, and my former partner in crime India a visit.

“Kevin please, you knew you were the father from jump. Look just go with it alright. As soon as I get Trey back we’ll fix all the Violet drama. Trust me” she said walking off.

“Yeah, we gone fix it just not your way” I mumbled.

Gotta do what we gotta do right?

Chapter 54: Clarity


My heart pounded against my chest being held at gunpoint. At the moment, I was scared but mad at myself for not suspecting anything suspicious about Jake.

“You’re the one who’s been after Kae….” I spoke up swallowing hard. “You’ve been using me this whole time!”

Jake chuckled in a despicable way. “Wow, it took me aiming a gun at you for you to figure it out?”

I looked at Seiko expecting her to speak up but she remained mute so I spoke up.

“Where’s Kae?” I questioned shooting daggers at him.

“Don’t worry about that. Give me the damn address!”

“No!” Seiko found her voice.

Jake looked straight at her and aimed his glock. On impulse, I tackled Seiko behind the couch to prevent the bullet from traveling into her body.

“Run!” I whispered harshly as we went our separate ways. I moved from behind the couch and crawled to the kitchen. I grabbed our long slender yellow broom and hid myself in the wooden closet. Im beginning to think a broom wasn’t the best choice of weapon.

I saw Jake creep into the kitchen with his gun in the waistband of his jeans.

“Kimmy, come out, come out wherever you are.”

I burst out of the closet hitting him hard in the head with the broom knocking him out. Looking him unconsious, i was out of breath and feared he would wake up.

“Kim, quit standing there and let’s go before he wakes up!”

I looked up at Seiko and followed her running out of the house. We got to get to the guys.


External image

I slowly opened my eyes to the white tile of the kitchen floor. I groaned getting up rubbing my head. Where was I? I looked around. Oh Tyga’s house.

I lift myself off the floor and looked out the window to see Kim’s car speed off. I must’ve not been knocked out that long, but now I have to get the address to the studio before the police come. I felt my iPhone buzz in my pocket and I answered it.


“Did you get the address or nah?”

I rolled my eyes rubbing the back of my head. “No, Gold. The blonde bitch knocked me out and left.”

She sucked her teeth in annoyance. “Well, get the damn address! I did my part!”

I began looking through the drawers.”Don’t yell me. I’m pretty sure there’s something around here with the damn address on it-”

I got a piece of paper and smiling reading it.

“Got it.”


I laid in bed staring at the ceiling. It felt so cold and lonely here. I looked over to the other side of the bed and sighed. Taking my phone, I awakened it seeing Kae as my lockscreen. I kissed my phone.

“Kae, come back to me. I need you.” I whispered touching my screen. I mentally cursed at myself for not marrying her sooner. Like marriage was gonna stop her from getting captured.

The bedroom door creaked open and I looked fearfully towards it. No one was there. I was scared as fuck until my little curly haired angel stood up.

I smiled putting her in my lap. “So we’re gonna scare daddy now?”

Ty appeared before us. “Nigga, are you done being in your feelings? We still got a mixtape to record.”

“Nigga I got no one to watch Angie.” I stated bouncing her in my lap.

“Take her with us.”

I shrugged taking Angie and walking outside buckling her in her car seat.

“Raincheck on the studio!” Ty shouted jogging towards me.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What? Why?”

“Apparently somethiing happened with the sound control causing a explosion. They don’t know what happened. Some people are hurt. It looks like someone tampered with the system.”

My eyes widened. “Oh shit!”

Suddenly, A car pulled up and Kim and Seiko exited with Mijo.

“Guys, you know the Jake guy I was friends with?”

We both nodded as I removed Angie from my car.

“Well it turns out he was one of the people after Kae and-”

“Where’s that motherfucker?! He knows where Kae is!” I yelled cutting off.

“Well I kinda left him in my house unconscious- ”

Ty cut her off this time. “You didn’t call the police?!?!?”

“We forgot! We were too concerned about coming here and warning you. He demanded the address to the studio.” Seiko spoke up.

Finally it clicked. “Kim, he aint at your house anymore.”

Kim furrowed her eyebrows. “How do you know?”

I sighed setting Angie down and she clung onto my leg. “Because someone sabotaged the sound system at the studio causing an explosion.”

Mijo’s eyes grew big. “You don’t think it was-”

“I know it was.”
Ty placed his face in hands walking back. “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” Then looked back at us. “We were gonna hit the studio. Angie was gonna go to the studio with us!”

My heart dropped hard at the fact that Angie could’ve been in that explosion.  She could’ve been……I don’t even want to think about it.

“Dada.” She mumbled looking up at me with so much naivety in her big brown eyes. I picked her holding her tight. I lost Kae, I can’t lose my princess.

“Chris Brown.”

We all looked at a young white guy with the old Bieber haircut walking up to us with a Kodak around his neck and a video camera in his hand.

“What? Are you a pap?” I questioned in anger.

“Yeah, but i’m here to help you. I know where is Karrueche!”

I stopped myself looking at him with an eyebrow raised. The crew looked at me with a look that asked “do you believe him?”

He continued. “Look, I’m the only pap that follows Karrueche around. I have a footage of her kidnapping. My boss told me not to release it because we could be putting the company in danger so I decided to show it to you.”

“Show it.”

He flipped open his video camera showing footage from a few days ago. Kae was walking into someone’s house. Whose house is that? He fastforward to Kae dragged out by a huge strong man and she was fighting back.

“I zoomed in on the license plate to see it was a New York license plate.” He said looking at all of us.

“Wait…Kae, Kim, and I are from New York.” Seiko looked at us.

Ty’s eyes widened. “Nigga! That unknown number that left a voicemail had a New York area code!”

“Oh shit!” The unknown had to be Kae. We have a code. I turned towards the dude. “Thanks man. I owe you one.”

He smiled walking away and I unlocked my phone to listen to the voicemail.

“Chris, baby, it’s Rueche. My love stretches from West to East. Where I am, it’s sent from Jets. Never abandoned, love is building. 1809 feet high, Alec Baldwin, and every avenue. Love you baby.”

I hung up the phone smiling that not only is she safe, but I know exactly where she is. East Coast. Jets are the New York football team. She’s in an abandoned building and its address is 1809 Baldwin Avenue.

Ty looked at me with one eyebrow raised. “Nigga why you got that look on your face? What are you going to do?”

“Correction: WE. WE are going to New York to get my baby.”

Chapter 52: Reveal


I felt my veins thump against my skin as I punched the large punching bag in Idris’s gym. Yeah I don’t call that nigga Big Daddy because he ain’t no daddy of mine. He threatened my family’s life if i leave. Talking about having more guys in L.A that are willing to shoot on command. For now, I have to act like a good little assassin then hit him when he least expects it.

Hunter walked up in front of me. I tried to ignore him still punching the swinging bag.

“You know I missed you, Rue.” He smiled at me as he watched me punch the bag.

I sighed stopping. “Hunter, go away before you replace this punching bag. ” I got in fighting stance again.

He held up his hands in defense.”Still feisty.”

I walked away and felt a sharp smack on my ass. Oh no he didn’t. I turned around to his stupid chersire cat grin.

“Good set, babe.”

I walked up with a seductive look and once I got in front of him, I grabbed his crotch hard. His dumb grin faded away and a look of agony came. I stared up in his eyes and held up my fingers on my other hand counting down.

“One, don’t you ever touch me. Two, I’m not your fucking babe. Three, leave me alone. If you fail to follow the above, you will become a dickless son of a bitch. Understand?”

I twisted a little and Hunter quickly nodded. I smiled releasing him and walked away.

“Damn Rue.” Thomas blew air out of his mouth. “Anyway, Boss has a mission for you and me.”


“We have to steal drugs. 300 pounds of cocaine from a warehouse.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “I’m an assassin.”

“Yeah. But you’re an assassin with sex appeal so you could be a distraction while I load the coke.” He explained.

I shook my head. “T-drop-”

He cut me off. “Look I know and we will get away out. Right now, he expects to us to leave. The best time to attack him and leave is when his defenses are down.”

I sighed looking at my left ring finger with the beautiful large rock resting on it.

“I want to go back to my baby.” I felt my heart break.

“I want to go back to mine too. But we can’t risk them getting killed.”

I nodded getting out of my trance. “Fine. Let’s do this.”


“Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Rueche! Leave a message and I’ll get to back to you! Deuces!”

“Kae, boo, please call me back and tell me you’re ok. Im worried as fuck right now.”

I hung up after i left the message and placing my hands on my face. Those guys…..they could’ve done something to her. Shit, I should’ve known those guys weren’t legit.

“Did she answer?” Ty asked with a sandwich in his hand.

“Yes she answered and I told her to call me back.” I spat in sarcasm then looked at his sandwich. “Nigga, why are you eating my shit?”

“Look, nigga. I’m worried about my sister and I’m an emotional eater. So shut the fuck up and let me eat my PB&J.” He took an aggressive bite out of his sandwich.

I sighed putting down my phone. “Nigga it’s been a day. I can feel her feel pain, you know?”

Ty swallowed hard. “What about calling the police?”

I scoffed. “Those niggas ain’t gonna do shit. Kae’s not a little girl or a teenager. She’s a grown ass woman so they ain’t gonna believe she got kidnapped.” I sighed again. “It would kill me if something happened to her or Ang-” my eyes widened as I shot out of my seat.

“Angie! Ty, did you see her?” I asked him.

“No. Was I supposed to?”

I shook my head smacking the sandwich out of his hand. My heart raced as I looked up and down for her. I looked into the bedroom to see her sitting on the bed crying and.eyes planted on the TV screen.

“Aww baby girl what’s wrong?” I held her to my chest and I saw the video of Fancy by Iggy Azalea playing. I chuckled bouncing her.

“I don’t blame you. I would cry too”

I turned off the tv and she continued to cry. I shushed her as I went back inside the living room and took my phone. She needs to listen to some real music. Playing Loyal, she quickly stopped crying and began giggling and dancing in my arms.

“Let me try calling her.” Ty pulled out his phone

I sighed. “Be my guest.

There was a knock at my front door. I answered my eyes landed on Carla. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hi, Chris. You got a minute?

I ooked back inside the living room where Ty sat with his iPhone 5s pressed to his ear and Angie in his lap touching his face and he pretended to bite her fingers.

I shrugged my shoulders turning my attention back on her. I froze for a second realizing her usual green eyes were now brown. Maybe she’s wearing contacts.

"I guess…”

“Goody!” Carla brushed past me and went to Ty. “Hey Ty!”

Ty gave the finger indicating one second and Angie just stared at her.

“Hi baby!” She cheesed at Angie.

Angie kept that blank, stank expression on her face. I picked her up and looked at her.

“Stop mean mugging company.”

She turned and mean mugged me too as if she knew what I said. She’s only 1.

“Can I hold her?” Carla stretched her arms towards Angie.

“Uh, sure.”

She took Angie in her arms and bounced her up and down.

“She’s a cut-”

Carla was cut off by Angie vomiting on her hair. I took Angie back and Carla squealed.

“Eww she threw up on me!” She screeched in disgust.

Angel just giggled looking at Carla freak out.

“Bathroom’s upstairs.” I sighed and she ran up the stairs. I looked at Angie who played with my chain seeming satisfied with what she did.

I pressed against hers and shaking my head as she did the same.

“Bad girl.” I took my forehead off and she kept shaking her head as if she was saying no.

I traveled upstairs and went inside the bathroom not knowing Carla was already in there.

“Oh sorry I-”

I was cut off by seeing Carla with a long brown wig in her hand and her long blonde curls out. Looking at her face, I shook my head as all the pieces came together and everything made sense.

“Oh hell no! Bria?!?!?”


I popped my lips after applying ruby red lipstick. I donned on a medium length jet black wig with a black dress and my leather utility belt around my thigh which contained a handgun and a knife. I sighed staring at my reflection.

“You’ll be back home soon.” I reassured myself as images of Angie and Chris flashed through my head. Tears began to slowly roll down my cheeks.

Thomas knocked entering the room. “You ready?”

I wiped my fallen tears quickly. “Yeah. *grabs black clutch and stands up* Let’s go.”

“Were you crying?” He questioned as we made our way to the red mercedes parked in the garage.

I looked at him and replied bluntly:

“Yes. I miss my husband and my baby girl. I miss my life. Everytime i try to get away, that bitch ass nigga I once called my father pulls.me back in.”

He sighed deeply and his phone began to ring and my eyes widened.

“They didnt destroy your phone?” I questioned as joy filled my heart.

“No, they did. But i had to get a new phone in order to keep in touch with the Boss.”

I smiled wickedly. “Then give it to me so we can leave.”

“I would but he monitors calls.”

“I dont give a fuck!” I snatched the phone and dialed Chris’s number. Unfortunately, he didnt answer.

“He didnt answer.” I sighed as his voicemail played.

“Leave a message.”

“Chris barely checks his messages but it’s worth a shot.” Once the beep played, I spoke.

“Chris, baby, it’s Rueche. My love stretches from West to East. Where I am, it’s sent from Jets. Never abandoned, love is building. 1809 feet high, Alec Baldwin, and every avenue. Love you baby.”

I sent the message and handed Thomas the phone. He looked at me.

“What was that?”

I sighed. “Dont worry about it. Its a poem.”

He shook his head trying to comprehend what I said and I got into the passenger seat. What I didn’t tell Thomas is that me and Chris came up with a code so I pray to God Chris checks his messages.

Chapter 47: Love and War


“What the fuck you mean Attica is here in L.A?!” I stood throwing the papers down in disbelief.

The man who swore revenge on us is here. In L.A. Where my family and my friends are. This is fucking crazy.

“This is fucking crazy!” Erin screeched going up to Thomas. “How long has he been here?”

“Acccording to the tickets, about a week.” He sighed.

I held my forehead pacing the ground. “Oh My God! Oh my God!”

I stopped to look at the two of them.

“What if he found us?”

“Rue, chill. If he found us, we would know.”

“How? Attica is sneaky!” I reminded the two imbeciles. I swear if my family’s lives weren’t at stake, I swear I would be ignoring them.

“She’s right.” Erin sighed sitting down. “What am I gonna do? I finally got a boyfriend.”

I snorted. “So you’re done going after men that don’t belong to you?”


“Chris! You fucking played me, bitch! Don’t act stupid!” I stuck my index finger in her face. “You fucking told the media I aborted my baby knowing damn well that bastard killed it!”

“Rue, do you really think it’s the time to be getting angry again?” Thomas stepped in between us. My blood boiled more.

“Don’t get me started on you! You lied to me! You beat me, and you raped me!” I felt my tears coming but I sucked that shit up quick.

I refuse to cry in front of them. I refuse to show how this whole situation is killing me. Especially since Chris, Ty, and anyone else has no clue.

“I’m sorry, ok?! Look, if we want this shit to be over, we got to find him and reason with him!” Thomas shouted looking at both of us.

“Um, am I the only one who knows Attica is as stubborn as gum on your shoe?”

“Yes. Because your hoe ass fucked him.”

Erin rolled her eyes ignoring my comment. “Like I was saying, he loved me and we were all friends but when that event took place years ago, he was the only one who went down for it so I doubt he would want to hang out anytime soon.His mind is set on revenge, guys. He’s not gonna stop until he gets it.”

I sighed deeply realizing that Erin was correct in her statement. All four of us were to blame but he suffered the consequences so he ain’t trying to break bread with us.

“I get that but-”

Loyal, which was my ringtone, went off and they both looked at me. I pulled my phone out.

“What? A girl can’t like her man’s music?” I rejected the call not bothering to look at the caller ID.

“Even though he’s the reason why the past is after us.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Because Chris is famous, it made it easier for Attica and The Boss to find us.”

“Shut the fuck up, Thomas. You’re just looking for someone to blame but sorry, sweetie. It ain’t Chris.” I snapped walking out his house slamming the door.

I sighed looking at my phone and back at the house. What if it is because of Chris?


“Oh my God! Really?!” I laughed holding my stomach.

“Yeah my password is short nigga but my dick tall!” Jake took a sip of his soda.

Lately, I’ve been ignoring Ty and hanging out with Jake. I know what you think and It’s not cheating. We’re just friends. A girl needs a friend that’s a guy. Sometimes, girls are too much.

He released the straw from his mouth. “Yeah I listen to ASAP Ferg.”

“But you’re not short!” I smiled.

“But my dick is still tall.”

I spat out my Sprite to the left side of me into someone’s jeans.

“Oh my god I’m so-”

I looked up to see the owner of the jeans was Ty. Next to him, stood his stripper ex-bitch.

“Ty, what are you doing here?” I questioned then glared at Chyna. “And with her?”

“I should be asking you that! You cheating on me?!” Ty yelled causing a scene.

Jake stood up. “Maybe I should go.”

“Yeah you should.”

I reached around grabbing his wrist. “No. Stay. We’re not doing anything wrong.”

I felt Ty’s eyes burning through my head but I didn’t care.

“Kim, I’m not gonna ask you again. What are you doing with him?” He hissed.

I stood up looking dead in his eyes and replied:

“I’m doing whatever you’re doing with this thottiana.”

Ty squinted his eyes and Chyna’s mouth dropped. Before she could reply, I cut her off.

“Don’t act surprised. You know your body count is neck and neck with your age.” I turned to Jake.

“Come on, Jake. Let’s go.”

We walked out of the restaurant and began taking a walk to our respective cars.

“I’m sorry about”

I held my hand up smiling. “Don’t apologize. It’s gucci.”

My iphone 5s fell on the pavement and I gasped turning around.

“Jake, check it. I’m scared.”

He chuckled and I heard he pick it up.

“Your screen is fine, ma.” He handed me my phone. “Who’s those girls with you as lockscreen?”

“Oh.” I unlocked it and pointed to Seiko. “This is Seiko, my friend.” Then pointed at Kae. “This is Kae, my boyfriend’s sister and her daughter Angelina.”

He let out a low whistle. “Beautiful ladies.”

“But all taken. Don’t you see that big ass engagement ring on Kae’s finger?” I laughed.

“Damn She’s engaged AND got a kid? Nahhhhhh, but I don’t see a ring on Seiko.” Jake replied staring at Seiko.

“Still taken. Bye Jake.” I hopped inside my car and waved at him. He waved back and I drove off.


“Mama, can I get Angie back?” I requested outstretching my arms.

Shit, I don’t know why the fuck I’m asking. She’s my daughter.

“But I think Angie wants to stay with her grandma another day.” She gave her eskimo kisses. “Don’t you and Karrueche have plans?”

I smirked doing the birdman hand rub. “Oh yeah I got plans for Karrueche. Believe that.”

So I ended up letting Mama keep Angie and went back home. I got naked but kept my basketball shorts on with the outline of my dick visible.I grabbed the baby oil from Angie’s room and squirted it all over my chest. Shit, I look sexy as fuck. She can’t resist me now.


She appeared in front of me in a crop top and a thong. Oh, she gonna wear a thong? She is something else. Her nipples poked through her shirt and her ass pressed against the door as she suck hard on her strawberry blow pop.

“Tú me quieres, Papi?”

I felt my dick twitch at her speak spanish. Fuck, I can’t lose. I just can’t.

“Sí.” I maintained my cool composure coming up to her and lifted her up pressing her against my erection. She groaned and I smirked.

“You feel CJ?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“If you want him inside you, you just gotta say it, Mami.” I whispered sucking her neck.

I felt her hand reach down and get a grip on my dick. Fuck. She rubbed it.

“Does CJ want Oreo?” She moaned rubbing the tip. “Just say it.”

We made eye contact and found ourselves kissing. My tongue stroking her tongue as my hands squeezed her ass earning a moan. I bit her bottom lip and sucking it and bringing it back to a kiss. Her hands gripped my head. I reached around her ripping her thong off and tossing it to the side. Falling onto the bed, I planted kisses on her stomach and cupped my treasure.


Kae sat up removing the damn crop top and I threw that to the side too. Grabbing her, her legs went around my waist and I placed my mouth dragging my tongue all over her nipple and sucking hard releasing a popping noise.


“You like that?”

“Fuck yes.”

I released her and laid on the bed on my back.

“Sit on Papi’s face.”

She smirked climbing up while kissing and licking my tattoos. I grew impatient and pushed her pussy in my mouth. I felt her turn around with her chest pressed against mine and her pussy still in my face. I began twisting my tongue in and out licking her sweet clit.

“Mhh.” Kae moaned bouncing on my face.

As I continued devouring my Oreo, she pulled down my shorts licking up and down CJ. She finally placed it in her mouth deepthroating my shit.

“Damn baby. Suck this dick. Do it just like that.” I groaned slapping her ass and going back to my dessert.

Mhh good old 69. How come this is our first time trying this position?

“CJ tastes so good.” She mumbled going down again.

I kept slurping Oreo until I detected warm fluid on my lips. I played with her glut as I licked clean.

“You done, baby?”

She nodded sitting up and wiping her mouth. I grabbed her kissing her lips and rubbing my dick against her pussy. She groaned rubbing CJ against her and I switched places.

“Spread those legs.”

She spread them but not wide enough.

“Wider, babe. Wider!”

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can!”

I took her thighs spreading them wider. I took one last lick of Oreo before plunging into her. She was tight as hell, like virgin tight. Her walls squeezed my dick but stroking in and out I’m demolishing that shit.

“CHRIS!” She screamed as I pumped in and out of her.

I grunted spitting on her pussy and rubbing it in. I began ramming her shit again as her manicured nails dug into deep in my skin. Standing up, I fucked her pussy in the air earning passionate screams. I laid on the bed and she placed CJ inside her pussy riding it. She began to bounce up and down and I held her ass.

“Mhh Papi I can’t take it!”

I slapped her ass. “You better take this dick!”

She came all over me but continued riding my dick. I grinned and taking her off. I know my baby likes doggystyle so I’m gonna fuck her doggystyle until she squirts.

Putting her on all fours, I spread her legs and entered her vagina from the back.

“I like doggystyle, Papi.” Kae stated then started yelling. “Oh fuck yes Chris give it to me!”

Pounding into her, I took a fistful of her hair.

“Whose Oreo is this?”

“Yours, baby.”

I smacked her ass watching it turn crimson at my touch. She came but didn’t squirt. I went faster.

“Chris, I came!” She screeched.

“Oh baby you should know by now that I don’t stop because you came.” I replied.

Turning her over, I grabbed her hips pounding that pussy.

“Chris, I’m falling off the bed!” She half whimpered, half moaned.

“You better hold on because this dick is not getting out of you like that.”

Kae slid off the bed with CJ never exiting her. I reached to the end of the bed continuing my strokes until she squirted. After she squirted, I automatically came and we both fell off the bed with my dick still inside her.

Kae smiled kissing my lips. “That was so fucking good. Wait, who won?”

I sucked my teeth. “Shit..”

“I mean neither of us said we wanted each other. We just went at it.”

I pushed her hair back kissing her neck. “Nothing new.”

Kae blushed. “So it’s a tie?”

I climbed on top of her.

“Yep. Now I gotta teach you a lesson for keeping my Oreo away from me.”



U got, u got it bad
When you’re on the phone
Hang up and you call right back
U got, u got it bad

I hung up my phone and tossed it to the side as Usher’s voice flowed out my MacBook. I bit my lip grabbing my phone once again calling again, and hanging up on the first ring. Again. Why was I so scared to call her? Maybe because I didn’t want to be rejected again. I turned to the old picture.

By someone I love.

I slammed my fists down at my sides in frustration. Why the fuck did it take me so long to realize how much I loved her? Signs were all there. I couldn’t go a day, not even a hour, without thinking about her. It took breaking up with Jasmine for me to finally make a move.

And to finally realize that she loved me too.

But she rejected me. Branding my love for her false and temporary. That shit hurt.

My door burst open startling me and revealing Trey.

“Um, Chris, nigga, did you forget we were supposed to hit up the basketball court? Basketball is starting soon!” He complained and then took time to absorb what song I was listening to. He took a seat on my bed and sighed.

“Female problems too?”

I sighed sitting up. “Yeah. I’m in love with Kae-“

“I knew it.”

“Damn was it that obvious?” I furrowed my eyebrows and Trey nodded in response so I continued. “That’s not important. Anyway, Jasmine cheated on me so I broke up with her. I confessed to Kae that I love her and she rejected me.”

“Damn, just like that?”

“Yeah. She said that she loved me but I didn’t really love her. I was just saying that because I needed a rebound.”

Trey let out a low whistle. “Damn.”

“Yeah, what’s your problem?” I asked getting off.

“Amber messed around with August before me and lied to me about it.”


Trey rubbed his forehead before speaking. “Yeah, these girls are gonna kill us.”

I shook my head. “No. The love that we have for them is gonna kill us.”

Love is the most dangerous feeling in the world. I looked towards Kae’s house. However, I still want it. I still want her, and I’m not going to stop until I get her.

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“Karrueche!” I cheesed as she walked her little ass up the concrete stairs smirking at my voice. I followed her inside the school.

“No hi Devante? Good Morning Devante?” I placed my hand in my chest in feigned pain. “Kae, I’m hurt.”

She turned a little to smirk. “Shut up, Devante! I’m trying to get to my locker! The bus was late!”

“So? I deserve a good morning!”

We finally stopped at her locker and she turned the dial. Once her locker opened, Kae took off her black North Face denali jacket revealing a nice outfit underneath.

“Damn ma, you trying to look cute for me?”

She threw her head back letting out a giggle. “Boy bye. I just want to look cute.”

“For me.”

“No. Not for you. Byeee!” Kae stuck out her tongue walking to her homeroom. I smiled licking my lips. She’s funny and cute and not one of these thots running around here.

I like that. I really like that.

“Hey D!” Chris pat me on the back hard. Shit caught me by surprise and hurt me so I held my shoulder in pain.

“Hey what’s up, Chris?” I dapped him up clenching my teeth.

“Nothing. Just peeped you eyeballing my girl.” Chris spat casually.

My eyes widened. “Oh. That’s all you?”

“Hell yeah, that’s all me. She’s mine. All mine.”

“Kae didn’t say-”

He cut me off. “She didn’t have to say shit. I’m telling you now. Go on and hang out with her but remember that’s all me.”

Chris walked away and I shook my head in shock. Did this nigga…? Fuck that nigga. Kae didn’t say she was cuffed, therefore I’m gonna treat her like she’s single.


As his tongue glided against mine, I struggled on my tippy toes and he observed this giving me a boost and I smiled pulling away.

“Ty, I got to get to class.” I blushed when he pecked my lips once more.

“Personal problem.” He smiled as he kissed me again.

We’ve been dating for a while but it was kinda hard to say what our relationship was. I mean we never made it official. Just went on dates, text, and kiss but he never officially made me his.

“Mr. Stevenson, Ms. Sal,.can you two stop exchanging saliva and get to class?” Mr. Albertson, our Oceanography teacher, scolded passing by. I pushed away from Ty wiping my lips and turned to his direction.

“Sorry, Mr.Albertson. ” I apologized politely.

Go to class, Ms. Sal.”

I rolled my eyes turning to Ty who sucked his teeth.

“Nigga stay on my dick.”

I laughed pecking his lips. “You’ll be aight.” I began to walk away when Ty spoke up.


“What’s up?” I turned around looking in his eyes. He scratched the back of his head and I grew fearful of what he was about to say.

“Honey, I want you to meet my mom.”

I felt all the air get knocked out of me. Holy shit. Ty wants me to meet his mom. Fuck.

External image


I took my notebook out on my desk as I waited for the late bell to ring. When it did, Mrs. Filkins began teaching on shit I already knew. I contemplated speaking to my guidance counselor about moving up a level, but I was scared. I needed my GPA to be on point. I started thinking about Devante’s cute self but then Chris popped in my head causing me to smile hard. I dropped my smile and went back to pay attention.

“Honey, you’re late.” Mrs. Filkins sang looking dead at Honey who sat in her seat next to me.

“Sorry. I stopped at the bathroom.”

“Next time, you ask.” She went back to her lesson and I turned to Honey who was shellshocked.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

She turned to me sighing. “Ty wants me to meet his mom.”

I squinted my eyes. “Ok….”

“Kae, that’s a huge step! ” She responded in exasperation.

“Do what you feel comfortable with it.” I simply stated turning to the front. Am I following my.own advice?


“Hey baby!”

I turned around and my heart dropped. Chris. I haven’t spoken to him since I rejected him at his house. As he ran towards me, I wanted nothing more than to hug him tight and kiss him and be his but all I said was-

“I’m not your baby.”

Chris cheesed wrapping his arm around me. “But you replied, boo.”

I smiled taking his arm off. “Chris, no.”

“Your mouth is saying no. But your heart saying yes and I hear it, baby girl.”

At this point, I was blushing hard as fuck and attempted to hide my smile by looking away. His arm wrapped around me once again.

“Let’s walk to Oceanography , bae.”

I was about to deny it, but I shook my head walking with him. His lips met my ear.

“Didn’t deny it.”

I moved out from under his arm and entered class. Chris purposely sat next to me and would talk to me.

“So we will be presenting projects tomorrow. I hope you guys are prepared. Chris, why are you talking?” Mr. Walker narrowed his eyes at us as the rest of the class turned their attention.

“I’m talking to my cinnamon apple, Mr.Walker! Chill!”

Everyone erupted in laughter and I shook my head.

“Cinnamon apple?”

“Yeah, Karrueche is my cinnamon apple. Isn’t that right, baby?” Chris kissed my cheek and I blushed hard moving away.

“He’s not my cinnamon apple.”

“Yes we are. Beautiful, don’t hide our love!”

Chris had the whole class dying with his antics. At the end of class, Chris announced that he was giving his cinnamon apple a ride home and I rolled my eyes. He came up to me touching my hands.

“Why are you telling everyone I’m your cinnamon apple?” I asked kinking an eyebrow.

“You might as well because everyone is well informed.” Chris smiled and I laughed before sighing and getting serious.

“Chris, I just feel like I’m- ”

“A rebound?” He finished and I nodded.

“Well, baby girl, you’re absolutely not that and I’ll do anything to prove to you that you’re not a rebound. You’re the girl I was into all along. All you gotta do is tell me you’re not in love with me and I’ll back off.” Chris declared and seemed really serious about it. I opened my mouth to form the words but I couldn’t look him in the eyes and deny my love for him. There’s too much to deny. After a while, Chris grinned.

“I knew it.”

I huffed trying to disguise my blush. “Whatever, Christopher. We’re still not together. Take me home.”

“You got it, baby.”




“YOOOO YOU LYING!” Ty jumped out of his seat with his fist covering his agape mouth and wide eyes. “Nigga tell me lying!”

“I’m not.” I sighed taking a sip of my soda. “I’m in love with Kae. I’ve always been. Just realized it now.”

“I FUCKING KNEW IT!” Ty screeched and I shushed him. We were in a public food court at the mall and this nigga really wanna be rowdy. Having the white people look at us like we’re the stereotypical black boys.

“Shut up! And sit down!” I hissed and he obeyed, calming his laughter as he rested his hands on the marble square table.

“Aight. Damn, Trell owes me 10 dollars. I bet him 10 bucks that you loved that girl and shit, I’m right! Thank you!” Ty pulled out his silver iPhone 5s and began scrolling when I snatched his phone away.


I shook my head. “No. You are not telling Trell.”

Ty sucked his teeth. “Can I tell Honey? Let me tell Honey! Or Trey?”

“No. You can’t tell anyone.”

“Please. Come on, you can’t tell a nigga something this juicy and expect him to keep to himself!”

“Well, nigga, I do. And you should especially since you’re the only one I told, which I am regretting.” Why in the hell did I tell him? I should’ve told Trey instead.

“Aight, aight. I’m gonna chill. Why don’t you tell her?” Ty snacked on his fries.

I looked at him like he got two heads.

“Are you forgetting that I have a girlfriend?”

Ty sighed. “Yeah…..you should dump her.”

My eyes widened. “What? Why?”

“Fool, you said it yourself! You’re in love with someone else!”

I sighed scratching my head.

“Besides, Jazz is cool and all but she’s not your type. She ain’t right for you. Everyone can see it. You and Kae, on the other way, are exactly alike. It’s fucking annoying.”

I chuckled punching him not too hard. “Shut up.”

“Seriously though. Dump Jasmine and get with Kae.” Ty finished thowing his trash away next to him.

“Easier said than done. What if Kae don’t feel the same?” I sat back rubbing my forehead and groaned. “She probably just sees me as her best friend.”

“Love how you’re considering Kae’s feelings and not Jazz’s feelings.” Ty cackled and I sideeyed him making him cease.

“Forreal though, you never know until you find out. Something tells me she’s feeling your light bright ass too. I don’t know, but if you don’t do anything, someone is gonna end up hurt.”

I pondered a little before my alarm went off indicating I had 5 minutes left of my lunch break. I got up dapping Ty up and returning to Foot Locker to clock back in and continue my shift. As I fixed the front display, I felt a small tap on my shoulder.

“Excuse me, sir, do you guys have this in a 4?” A sweet soft familiar voice questioned holding up a pair of Sport Blue 3’s. I turned around coming face to face with the girl I always loved. The girl I couldn’t stop thinking about. Kae flashed her winning smile nudging me with a sneaker.

“Hey butthead! How come you didn’t tell me you worked here?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know- wait, did you just call me a butthead?”

“You are a butthead.” She blushed. “Or would you prefer Raichu? Since I’m Pikachu.”

“Hmm I like Raichu.”

“Hmm I like both.” She cheesed even more. I gave her a pair of the shoes in 4’s and she tip toed to kiss my cheek.

“Thanks butthead”

“So Kae-”

“Chris! Stop flirting and get back here and do inventory!” My manager DeRay’s loud ass commanded. I slapped my forehead as Kae giggled.

“Get to work, butthead.”

“Alright, nigga.” I tickled her side before obeying DeRay but looked back to look at her browse more shoes.

Damn, she has no idea.

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Chris is a bitchass nigga. How the fuck is he gonna tell me he’s dating Jazz but fell for Kae and expect me to not tell anyone? I mean, I don’t got a big mouth but the rest of the crew should know. Shit, I hate being a good friend.

I looked over to see Honey wiping down the Dunkin Donuts’ counter. I forgot she worked there. I threw away my empty cup and went up to her.

“Hey baby girl.”

Honey turned to me and smiled pecking my lips. “Hey baby boy.”

“So what’s up?”

“Nothing. Just about to go on my lunch break.”

“Aight. Cool. I’ll chill with you.”

Honey clocked out and exited Dunkin’. We sat down as she got her pizza from Papa Gino’s.

“You ever had to keep a juicy secret for someone but you gotta tell someone?” I questioned and she looked up at me with enlarged eyes.

“Yes! Omg. Right now!”

“On the count of 3, we tell each the secret.” I held up three fingers and she nodded. “1…”



“Kae loves Chris!”

“Chrie loves Kae!”

We confessed in unison and sat back in surprise.

“Oh shit! You lying!” We replied in unison once again. Honey smiled wide.

“Well, tell Chris Kae loves him and I’ll tell Kae Chris loves her.”

“So? They’re both thickheaded as fuck. They’re not gonna believe us. Besides..” I sat up. “There’s Jasmine.”

“Oh true. So what do we do?”

I shrugged my shoulders taking a sip of my second soda.

“Sit back and let shit happen.”

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“Ok, Jasmine, what are your special skills?” I was beyond nervous right now. I was at a job interview for Forever 21. I really need this job. My parents aren’t going to spoil me forever and Chris works in this mall.

“Well, I have great people skills. I just love people. ” I lied through my teeth. I hate people. I’m not a people person.

The interviewer who was the manager, a 20 something year old Starbucks addicted white girl, nodded looking up at me.

“Ok, lastly, why do you want this job?” To get paid. “To gain experience and really connect with people. I love clothes.” I plastered on a smile and she smiled shaking my hand.

“Thank you. We’ll call you.”

I adjusted my black pencil skirt before rising from my seat to exit. That interview was fucking hell. I returned home to receive the news that I was hired. I jumped up and down in excitement as Heather just stood there, not able to care less.

“I got the job at Forever 21!” I cheeser looking at her. She shrugged her shoulders showing she really didn’t care.

“You know what? You’re a fucked up bitch, Heather!” I screamed going over to her. “He apologizes and you take him back but when I apologize, I get the cold shoulder! I’m your fucking sister!”

Heather’s face softened and she sighed. “You’re right. If I forgave Trell, I should be able to forgive you.”

I smiled outstreching my arms. “So can i get a hug?”

Heather sighed smirking a bit and giving my hug. We finally mad up. Finally.

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“You should be working on your experiments by now. Or and another thing-”


Once the final bell rang, I got up from the cold concrete seat. Packing my books quickly so i could make the bus. Chris walked up to me spinning my textbrook with his index finger. Boy got some strong fingers.

“Kae, you coming over my house? Right?” Chris questioned as I removed the book from his finger.

“Yeah. What’s wrong with my house?” I closed my black and gold Michael Kors bag throwing it over my shoulder. Chris shrugged.

“Nothing. Just like my house better.”

I sucked my teeth. “Fine. But I’m bringing X with me.”

“Go ahead. Now let’s go!” He pulled my hand leading me outside to his car that was parked in the parking lot. No Jasmine. I inwardly smiled. The car ride was filled with jokes and jamming to music. When we reached home, I brought X to Chris’s house and began our experiment.

“X! Boy if you dont get- get the fuck off my dog!”

I laughed hard to see X humping the shit out of Nike on the hard woord floor. Nike was enjoying it too. It was a weird yet entertaining sight to behold. Chris picked up Nike.

“Kae, me and your dog, we’re gonna fight.”

“No you’re not.” I stuck my tongue out going back to work when Chris’s phone went off and he answered it.

“Oh Hey Jazz…..you got the job? *sighs* I’m proud of you, babe……..” I watched from the corner of my eye as Chris grew extremely hesitant at whatever she said then looked st me.

“I love you too.”

My heart fucking shattered. I fucking knew it but a part of me was still holding on. Chris hung up and came next to me going back to work. I used all my strength to blink back my tears.


Why do I keep running from the truth?

All I ever think about is you

You got me hypnotized

So mesmerized

And I’ve just got to know

David Archuleta’s voice flowed throughout my room as I gripped my body pillow releasing the tears I was holding back the whole time I was next door. I feel foolish. I feel like a idiot. Damn it, Why does Love hurt so bad? That’s why they call it a crush. I want to fall back but I can’t. I love him too much. I opened my mouth to sing along.

“ ‘Cause I’m trying, trying to walk away

But I know this crush ain’t going away.”

Chapter 59: It's Time


External image

“Gold! Get in here!”

I groaned loudly at Idris screaming for me. I don’t want to be dealing with his bullshit. I got my ass making my way into his office. He had a familiar baby girl in his hands who was squirming in his grip like a little worm.

“Who’s that?” I gestured towards the child.

He narrowed his eyes at me. “Rue’s daughter.”

My mouth formed an O. “Oooh.”

“Yeah. I thought kidnapping her would be easy but I was wrong. She doesn’t stop moving.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Take her.” He shoved her in my chest. I scrunched up my nose.

“Oh hell no.”

“Do what I say, Gold.”

I sighed then let the baby down on the floor.

“You know what? No.”

His eyes widened furiously and I swallowed hard but refused to back down.


“You heard me. No. I’m done doing your dirty work. I’m out.” I got up to walk away when a gunshot was heard and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I fell to the floor holding my stomach helplessly as the baby ran away crying. He walked up to me with the most menacing eyes with the gun secured in his hand and came face to face.

“Read my lips. You staying with your father until death. It’s either you stay here or you die. Understand?”

I nodded feeling myself slip into darkness when he slapped me awake.

“Wake the fuck up and go clean yourself.”

This time, I followed his command. I had no choice.


A gunshot went off making Thomas and I stop in our tracks. We were on a way to a mission. Angelina ran out crying and clutching my jeans. I picked her up wiping her tears.

“What’s wrong?” I cooed bouncing her.

“Honey, she’s one. She isn’t gonna reply to you.” Thomas snorted shaking his head.

“Oh shut the fuck up. I told you it’s Erin and it’s your fucking fault she’s here fearing for her life when she’s only one!” I snapped still bouncing. We watched as Gold walked towards us holding her shoulder. She had blood leaking looking weak as fuck.

“Gold, what happened?” I questioned.

“He……shot me. Because….I was going to, to……leave.” she dropped to the floor and Thomas held her head up.

“I ….just… want out. I want to be free.”

“You’re losing too much blood. You gotta get to the hospital or something.” Thomas stated full of concern.

“No……This is it. Thomas, you were right. I am jealous of Rue. Tell Rue I’m sorry and that she needs to beat him. She’s the only one who can.” Gold closed her eyes and I screamed.

“Gold, you can’t die!”

She smiled faintly. “Yes I can. Rue, Erin, Thomas, end it. End it all.”

With that, she finally let go with a peaceful expression on her face. Thomas felt her neck for a pulse and shook his head standing up.

“She’s gone.”

I looked at him stunned. Her last words replayed in my head.

End it. End it all.

“We gotta end it.” I declared. “We gotta find Rue.”

Thomas sighed agreeing and we went into the car with Angelina.

It’s Time.


“Chris, what the fuck are you doing?” I asked him seeing him searching the cabinets of the hotel.

He gazed at me scoffing. “You must’ve thought I was joking when I said I was going to glue the ring to your finger.”

“I did! Chris, stop looking for the glue! I won’t take it off! Promise!” I held back a laugh.

“Nah. I don’t believe you.” He continued looking and I sighed giving up .

“Ok. Does anyone know how to use guns?” I questioned in front of the room full of my friends and family. My parents were here which was awkward with Ty burning holes through them the whole time. Mijo raised his hand.

I sighed. “What, Mijo? “

“Do water guns count?” His stupid ass asked and everyone glared at him.

“What? I’m being serious!”

I looked at Chris who was now in the corner shaking his head. I looked at Seiko.

“Seiko,.can you?”

She nodded slapping Mijo upside the head.

“Ok. Well you’re gonna need to know how to work one. And how to fight. Can I get a volunteer? ” i asked then pulled Mijo up.

“Mijo, try to attack me.”

Mijo snorted. “Aight.”

When he did, I took his arm swiftly twisting it behind his back. He screamed in pain and I looked at the crowd.

“See? See how I did that?”

“Can we learn how to flip people over?” Kim asked with a smirk. “Because I really want to do that.”

“Of course.”

Training commenced and I felt my adrenaline pumping. I wanted to go after Idris and his men now.

Chris gestured me towards him.

“Come. I gotta talk to you.”

I nodded following him to the bedroom. He locked the door behind him with a smirk on his face. I know that smirk. It was the “let’s get it on” smirk.

“Chris, no.”

“Girl, I saw you out there. You turned me on how agressive you got.” Chris bit his lip. “Let’s go on half on a baby real quick.”

“You always wanna go half on a baby. When we gotta get our baby.”

“Quick?” He pouted.


“Aight pull them leggings off and sit on my face.” He commanded licking his lips laying on his back. I removed my leggings along with my panties. Taking a seat on his face, he got to work with his tongue and I moaned almost immediately. Oh yes. I needed this. His tongue swiping my clit making my legs twitch.

“Oh fuck!” I gasped in ecstasy as I grabbed his curls.

“Shh!” He shushed playing with my throbbing clit before diving in again. He was right. Can’t have our family hearing us. My liquids ran loose and Chris continued to lick me up before moving me down to his dick.


“Yeah you like that?” He began to beat it up from the bottom, not giving me a chance to ride him. I did it anything bouncing up and down. I stopped hearing a knock.

“Yeah?” Chris answered pulling me towards his body, grabbing my hips and pounding my pussy.

“Ooh!” I let out earning an “shh!” From Chris.

“Um, are y’all done talking? There’s a surprise out here.” Mijo’s voice remarked as I covered my mouth to prevent a scream from escaping.

“Yeah give us a sec.” Chris grunted.

“Kae, you good?” Mijo asked.

“Oh fuck yes!” I yelled, half replying and half in pleasure of Chris’s dick stroking me up.

“Ok.” Mijo got away from the door and shouted. “Give them a sec. They fucking!”

“Fuck….shit……give it to me! Fuck!”


I felt his load fill me up and I got off him gasping out of breath. I kissed his lips smiling.

“That was the best quickie I ever had.”

“Me too. Get dressed.” Chris replied smacking my ass.

I pulled my leggings and panties back on exiting the room with Chris behind me and stares from everyone.

“What?” I laughed nervously putting my hair behind my ear.

“Kae, your leggings are backwards and Chris’s fly’s down……freaks.” Seiko shook her head.

Chris pulled his fly up and I continued towards them rolling my eyes when a small figure hit my legs. I looked down to see my Angie smiling up at me.


I gasped in joy picking her up and attacking her with kisses.

“Baby! Lovebug! I missed you so much!”

Chris took her hugging her ti h ht and kissing her forehead.

“I’m never letting you out of my sight, my princess.” He cuddled her in love and I felt my heart swell as tears came down. I looked back at Erin and Thomas.

“Thank you so much.” I hugged both of them then slapping Thomas.

“Ow! What the fuck was that for?” He questioned holding his face

“You brought her to that bastard!” I hissed.

“But I brought her back. Safe and sound.”

Erin cut in. “Rue, we gotta end this once for all.” I nodded in agreement looking back at my family who all nodded and walked back to Chris holding his hand. He planted a kiss on it looking at me with confirmation and I looked back at them breathed.

“It’s Time.”

Chapter 23: Happy Birthday Kae


“I can’t believe you’re leaving me.” Chris said in a sad voice following me.

I rolled my eyes and continued grabbing my stuff.

“Come on Kae!”

I ignored him. When I did that, he dropped on his knees and hugged my waist.

“Kae, don’t leave me baby! I’ll change!” Chris pouted looking up at me.

I laughed at his basicness. “Nigga, you know damn well I’m not leaving you!”

Chris rolled his eyes and scoffed. “Yes you are.”

I laughed and put my hands on his shoulders. “I’m just going back to my condo. Stop being so dramatic.”

“Why you got to leave? Most of your stuff is here anyway.” Chris indicated sitting down.

“I know but I like being independent, babe.” I answered.

“So you don’t wanna live with your bae?” He pouted widening his eyes to look like Puss in Boots.

“I would love to live with my bae. What’s Bow Wow’s address again?” I joked avoiding Chris’s eyes which I could feel burning holes through me.

“Oh it’s like that? I got you.” Chris started to walk out but I pushed him on the bed and got on top.

“Get off me.”

“No.” I smirked bouncing on his crotch.

“Shouldn’t you be doing that with your bae?” Chris asked sarcastically.

I swear, ever since we started dating, some me rubbed off on him.

“You are my bae.” I answered still bouncing.

Chris smiled getting a handful of my ass. “Damn right I am.”

I leaned down and pecked his lips. “But I gotta leave my bae.”

Chris groaned loudly and I laughed.

“You’ll be fine. So what are you gonna do for my birthday tomorrow?” I asked.

He sat up. “Nothing. Because you’re leaving me.”

“Chrissss” I whined.

“I’m not telling you.”

“There is something I really want though.” I told him.

“What?” Chris inquired.

I started singing Birthday Sex by Jeremiah and Chris laughed.

“Ok. I got you.”

Seiko came and I went back home with her. I put a bomb ass outfit together to wear tomorrow. I heard a knock on my door and I opened it to see Erin.

“Erin?! Oh My God!” I hugged her tight.

“Rue! You cut your hair?!” She hugged me back. “I like it. It’s sexy.”

I thanked her and told her how much I missed her. She told me she missed me too and that Big Daddy has gotten worst. A pang of fear hit me. What if he finds us again? Chris, Ty, Mijo, and Kim came over and met Erin.

“How old are you gonna be?” Mijo asked.

“21.” I answered.

Mijo gasped and Chris spit out his drink.

“You’re 20?!”

“Until midnight.” I muttered embarrassed.

“My baby is a baby.” Chris commented in a aww voice.

“Shut up. You’re 22. You got me by a year.” I snapped.

“Wait, when we first met and you were working for me, you said you were 22.” Chris furrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s real simple, babe. I lied and you believed me.” I finished off my apple juice.

“Rue, why would you be with a man who abuses women? Haven’t years with Big Daddy meant anything?” Erin glared at Chris.

The room fell silent. When she said that, I felt my blood boil. How dare she judge Chris when she’s no saint either. I was so consumed by anger I didn’t realize how hard I was squeezing my glass until it broke in my hand. I got in her face holding a piece of the glass.

“Bitch, you’re no angel either. Don’t talk shit about the past especially when you weren’t there. Best believe I’m a woman beater too. Talk shit about my man and I’ll slit your throat. And you know I will. I’ve done it before.” I spat dropping the glass then turning to the crew who had their mouths agape.

“Well it’s late and I need my beauty sleep for my birthday tomorrow. Goodnight guys.” I went into my room and got under the covers. To be honest, I couldn’t sleep. What she said really bugged me. How dare she compare my sweet old Chris to the devil they call Big Daddy!

I heard the door open. Footsteps came closer and I felt two familiar arms wrapped around me. I turned to see Chris with gratitude in his eyes.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I wanted to thank you for sticking up for me. Usually, people would stay quiet, but you didn’t and threatened to kill her.” Chris told me. “Thanks.”

“I can’t let people talk shit about my bae.” I winked.

“Happy Birthday.” Chris smiled and kissed my forehead. “It’s already midnight so I wanted to be the first to say it.”

I attacked his lips with mine. “Thank you baby. Stay with me.”

“I don’t know……”


“Fine. Move over.” Chris ordered laying behind me.


I felt this shot of pleasure in my lower area. I felt my vagina getting moist by this long penetrating object. I opened my eyes and looked down. My legs were propped up and Chris’s head was between my legs. I moaned loudly as his soft tongue hit my G-spot.

“Fuck……yes! Oh fuck yes!” I moaned out as my hands found his head.

He went deeper and started forming letters that I couldn’t really make out. I came and he cleaned me up with his tongue and looked up at me.

“What a perfect way to wake up on my birthday.” I smiled. Why didn’t I wake him up like that on his birthday?

He chuckled pulling my shorts back up and kissed between my thighs.

“So you want that birthday sex now or later?” He traveled up to meet my face.

“How about both?” My hands went up his shirt.

The door barged open and we both groaned.

“Oh come on!” I groaned and Chris got off me giving a view of who it is. “Really Ty?”

Chris’s phone rang and he took it outside of the room.

“Hey, don’t think that just because it’s your birthday you can speak to your big bro any kind of way.” Ty jumped on me. “Happy Birthday little bit.”

“Thank you. What did you get me?” I questioned looking around.

“The fuck? I’m your present.” He answered popping his collar.

I squinted my eyes in annoyance.

“You can squint all you want. It doesn’t make a difference with your asian ass eyes.” Ty stated closing his thumb and index finger together.

I hit with my pillow. “Shut up, Michael. You got asian eyes too.”

Chris came back in. “Ty, we gotta hit the studio.”

“What? But its my birthday.” I informed sadly.

“Sorry. We’re gonna have to celebrate some other time, bae.” Chris kissed my cheek.

Ty hugged me. “Yeah. See you tomorrow.”

They left and I got a text from Seiko telling me she had to work. Damn everyone got to work? I decided to the club with Kim but I had to the other half of my stuff from Chris’s house. I got dressed for the club and Kim drove me to Chris’s house. I saw a bunch of cars in the driveway and on the street including Chris’s car. This nigga told me he was at the studio. I opened the door and everyone jumped up.


I smiled. “Thanks you guys!”

I went up to Chris and he smiled.

“Happy Birth- OW!’ I punched him before he could get his sentence out.

"The fuck was that for?” Chris asked rubbing his arm.

“You told me you were going to the studio!” I yelled over the loud music.

“It’s real simple, babe. I lied and you believed me.” Chris mocked my words from last night.

“Dipshit.” I pouted.

Chris kissed my lips and held me close.

“Happy Birthday Beautiful.”


“Happy Birthday Beautiful.” I smiled down at her.

She smiled back and hugged me tight.

I suddenly remembered my gift.

“Come. I have another surprise.” I grabbed her hand. “Close your eyes.”

“No.” She scoffed.

I rolled my eyes. “Fine.”

I moved behind her and covered her eyes. I walked behind her towards outside.

“Chris, where are we going? Chris, I’m gonna fall!” She panicked.

I laughed. “Calm down. We’re almost there.”

“Chris, I’m gonna fucking fall!” Rueche screeched. “I’m wearing heels!”

“Damn, Rueche, can you shut up and let me show you your present?” I asked as we approached the white porsche I got her.

“Fuck you.”

“Don’t worry. You’re gonna do that tonight.”

She giggled and I took my hands off her eyes. Kae gasped putting her hands over her mouth and looked at me.

“You got me a car?!”

“Happy Birthday.” I cheesed at her.

“Chris, you didn’t have to spend all that money on me!” She scolded.

“But I wanted to. You’re worth it, babe.”

Kae smiled tackling me making me fall on the ground. She attacked my face with kisses.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love it! I love you! I love you! I love you!”

“Ok, ok. I get it.”

She laughed and kissed me once more. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Now let’s get back to your party.”

We went back inside and Kae automatically grabbed a bottle of Ciroc. Now that she’s legal, she’s gonna drink her ass off, I guess. This party was turnt the fuck up. When it was over, everyone left except the crew. Kae was fucking wasted.

“Come on, guys! Turn down for what?!’ Kae slurred as she twerked in Seiko’s face.

"The fuck? Chris, come get your boo.” Seiko demanded.

“Come on, baby.” I grabbed her and she started grinding on me. She faced me as she kept rubbing on me.

“Birthday sex, birthday sex. It’s the best time of the year, boy.” Kae sang to me with a seductive look in her eyes.

I picked her up and her legs wrapped around my waist.

“Good night, y’all.” I said kissing Kae’s neck as I carried her upstairs.


The sunlight hit my face and I groaned turning over. I sat up rubbing my face and looked over at Rueche. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little drunk last night but I wasn’t as drunk as her. Her hair was messed up and she was wearing my shirt from last night. I gave her that good birthday sex. It’s a good thing both of us are double jointed, but I did not know her little ass did yoga! Goddamn but she’s gonna have a huge headache when she wakes up.

I went to my bathroom, brushed my teeth, and drank two advils. I put two advils at her bedside and a glass of water. I wrote her a note saying:

Now that your little ass is legal, learn your limit. Smh getting shit faced drunk.

I chuckled and left the room. I headed downstairs and jumped when I saw a woman.

“Damn mama you scared me!” I held my chest.

Mama stood up and hit me.


“Why didn’t you tell me you had a girlfriend?” She crossed her arms.

“How did you find out?” I asked.

“Are you kidding me? There’s pictures of you and her all over the blogs!” Mama answered with annoyance evident.

“Her name is Karrueche. She turned 21 yesterday. We’ve been dating for a year now.” I answered all mama’s non-existent but obvious questions. “Oh and she’s a model.”

Mama furrowed her eyebrows. “How did you-”

“Mama, I know you.”

She sucked her teeth and all that was heard was footsteps.

“Chris! You can go fu-” Kae stopped her rant to see Mama.

“So this is the famous Karrueche.” Mama smiled and then looked her up and down. “Wearing just my son’s shirt.”

Kae’s face turned as red as my shirt she was wearing.

“I’m so sorry! I had no clue you were coming!” Kae started babbling but Mama hushed her.

“Karrueche, it’s ok.” She smiled at her.

Kae relaxed and smiled. “I’ll go make myself decent.”

With that, she went up the stairs and I watched her go.

“She seems like a sweet girl.” Mama told me.

I raised my eyebrows. “Uh, did you not hear her about to cuss me out?”

Mama laughed. “Boy, sometimes you need to be cussed out.”

I pouted and Mama hugged me.

“You better hold onto her. I haven’t seen you this happy before. You seem to light up when you see her and vice versa. I can already sense I’m gonna like her.”

I smiled. “You should. She’s wifey.”



“Where are my fucking shoes?!!?!!” I groaned getting down on my knees and searching under the bed. I’m gonna be late for homecoming. Why the fuck did I listen to Heather when she said to be fashionably late? What fashion when I can’t find my shoes?

“Damn bitch what the fuck is wrong with you?” Heather held a pair of tweezers up to a eyebrow and plucked a hair. “Shit!”

“What’s wrong is that I can’t find my shoes! Did you see them?”

“No.” Heather answered pulling two lipsticks. “Should I do Bubblegum or Cherry Red?”

“Do what you want.” I sighed walking out of the room. “I’m using Bubblegum though!”

I went into my parents’ room where my mom was naked and my dad was undercovers.

“Eww what the hell?!” I covered my eyes.

“Honey! I was getting dressed!”
Mom covered herself.

“I don’t care. Did you see my gold heels?”

“Yeah i borrowed them. Take them and leave.”

I took my golden heels and returned to my bedroom trying to get the image of my parents about to fuck. Everything has to be perfect. Homecoming is pre-prom. I have to show Chris how great I am at homecoming so he can’t wait to take me to prom.

“How do I look?” I spun around.

Heather snorted jokingly. “Ugly as shit.”

“Shut the fuck up, you fat cow.” I hissed grabbing the lipstick.

“Bitch fuck you. This fat cow is going to homecoming with her dream man.”

“So your dream man busts your sister wide open sophomore year?”

The words left my mouth before I could stop it. I was so angry I didn’t think about what I said. Heather looked at me in horror and I felt a pang of guilt. I frowned.


“You fucked Trell?!” She screamed as her tearducts began to produce tears.

“It was before you guys started dating.”

“But I liked him! You’re a dirty hoe, Jasmine. I wish you weren’t my sister.”

Shit, that hurt. Before I could apologize, Heather pushed past me and went into her bedroom. I knocked on her door.

“Heather, I’m sorry!” I felt some tears roll down. Damn, I really didn’t think it would hurt her that bad.


No answer. I gave up going down the stairs to meet up with Chris who dressed in a tux.

“Damn, Jas, you look hot!”

“Don’t I always?” I smiled meeting with him.

We said our goodbyes to my parents and as we walked to his car, Chris turned to me.

“What’s going on with you and Heather?” Chris asked opening the passenger door for me.

“Nothing, babe. Just sister stuff.” I lied through my teeth getting into the car. This bullshit is not gonna ruin my homecoming.


I put on my suit jacket and brushed myself off. I look too fly.
I might have to get more than one date. My phone buzzed signaling a text. That must be Karrueche. I smiled until I saw it was a text from Ty.


Yo we meeting up McDonald’s b4 we pick up the girls. Come thru.

I placed my phone in my pants pocket and grabbed my canister full of vodka putting it in my suit jacket. Whether Karrueche means to or not, this is going to be an interesting night.

We met up at McDonald’s where all the niggas were.

“Why we here? Homecoming is in 10 minutes.” Chris complained taking a seat in our booth.

“Because you know damn our ladies are going to take forever to get ready.” Trey answered taking a sip of soda. “I know damn well Amber aint ready.”

“True. Jasmine got to be looking like a damn supermodel everytime she go out.” Chris agreed.

“I don’t know about Honey but shit nigga I can’t fuck this up.” Tyga shook his head sitting up.

Trell laughed. “Aww Mikey catching feelings for Honey!”

“Eww nigga. Don’t call me that gay shit.”

“So your government’s gay?” I asked.

Ty turned to me. “So is August. Who tf names their kid after a month?”

“My mama. It don’t matter because Karrueche likes my name.” I smirked sitting back.

“The fuck you mean Karrueche likes it?” Chris questioned with wide eyes. “You bagging her?”

“Well not without the help of this.” I smirked wickedly revealing the medium metal canister filled with vodka.

The crew’s eyes widened as they stared at the canister. I quickly put it away due to the fact I was underage.

“It’s my pop’s. Shit’s filled with vodka.” I answered their questions they were going to ask.

“And what do you plan on doing with that, my nigga?”

I chuckled. “Vodka mixes well with punch. I’m gonna slip some in every cup of punch i give her and then after a few cups, I’m gonna be in between them thighs!”

Instead of dapping me up like I expected, most of them got up shaking their heads and states they were going to pick their girls. Chris shook his head.

“Nigga, you’re dead ass wrong. It’s one thing to try to sleep with a girl but it’s another to get her drunk to do it. Don’t fucking do it.”

I stood up. “Nigga, why the fuck do you care? Last time I checked, Karrueche hated your ass and she’s going to homecoming with me so mind your damn buisness.”

Right when I said that, my phone buzzed and I pulled it out reading the text notification.

From Kae:

I’m ready.

I smirked holding up my phone in Chris’s face.

“And look at that! She’s ready and so am I.”

External image


I stared longingly at my white and golden dress on my bed along with my gold jewelry and beige heels. Shit. Why in the hell did I agree to go to homecoming with August? Why? Was I that desparate for a date?

I removed my towel lotioning my body and putting on my panties and dress. I strapped on my heels and put on my jewelry. I pinned my ombre hair up in a updo and applied lip gloss. I sighed deeply before stepping in front of the mirror.

“Wow.” I mouthed at my reflection before doing a little spin. I look…..hot.

“Karrueche, baby-”

Mom looked at me smiling wide.

“You look gorgeous.”

I smiled looking down. “Thanks Mom.”

“Anyway, I came to tell you that
We’re not gonna be home.when you get back, remember your key, and no sex!”

I was taken aback then narrowed my eyes smiling. “That was Dad, huh?”

She nodded smiling and left the room. I quickly sent August a text telling him I was ready. As soon as I stepped outside, August was waiting for me cheesing hard. Aww shit. What did I get myself into?

"Well, don’t you look beautiful?”

I smiled a little. “Thanks August. Why are you cheesing so hard?”

“Because I’m really looking forward tonight.” He bit his lip escorting me to the beige Toyota he pulled up in.

When we arrived to homcoming, it was already turnt! Dim lighting, hip hop music playing, and people dancing.

“You want some punch?” August asked in my ear.

“Yeah. Thanks.” I shouted over the music. I scanned over the crowd and peeped Amber and Honey coming towards me.

“Damn Kae! You look fine! I’m not even gay and I want to fuck you!” Amber exclaimed looking me up and down.

“Yeah!” Honey agreed. “Looking like Aphrodite! Work it Coochie!”

“Thanks guys. Where’s Heather?” I asked as August returned with my drink.

“I don’t know but I’ll leave y’all alone and look for her.” Amber smirked pulling Honey away. I noticed August staring mad hard at Amber. I rolled my eyes drinking my punch. Damn that was some good punch. In the corner of my eye, I saw Chris and Jasmine walk in and Chris began dapping up his crew. He looked happy with his group of friends. I guess he doesn’t care about me anymore. I wiped my stray tear looking straight ahead.

“You want more punch?” August questioned taking my empty cup.

I looked at him nodding. “Yeah.”


I drove away from Jasmine’s house gripping the steering wheel.As much as I wanted to push the thought out of my head, I couldn’t. August’s bitchass is really gonna get Kae drunk to sleep with her. That’s a fuck boy move and it makes me really angry. Kae doesn’t deserve to be treated. My angry face and I sighed.

Why do I care so much? Is it because I have a big heart or is because I feel guilty knowing of August’s plans. Knowing August, once he has his mind made up, God and his mama are the only people that can change his mind. I silently prayed that he wouldn’t go through with it because for some reason, it would kill me if Kae got hurt.

“Chris, are you ok?” Jasmine placed her hand on my shoulder. I looked at her shrugging.

“I’m fine. Just deep in my thoughts.”

We finally pulled up in the school parking lot where people were just arriving and taking pictures.

Jasmine pulled out her phone and handed it to someone.

“Come on Chris! Let’s take pics!”
After we posed for many pics, we finally made it inside and danced a little. When we got tired, Jasmine went to her friends while I went towards the crew. I dapped each of them up.

“How’s it going?”

“Man, Honey is a bomb chick! Why didn’t I ask her out earlier?” Tyga cheesed sipping his soda.

“Because you’re a bitch nigga. Where’s Jaz?” Trey asked over the loud music.

“With Amber. Where’s- ”

Trell stormed in and went up to us with anger visible on her.

“Damn nigga did something happen between you and Heather?” Ty looked him up and down.

“Yeah because of that bitch she calls a sister.” Trell huffed and I stepped in.

“Chill on calling my girl a bitch.”

“Nah fuck that! She wanna ruin my homecoming? I’ll ruin hers! Chris, you know Jasmine ain’t a virgin, right? ”

I shrugged. “Well I’m not surprised. A lot of girls aren’t. “

“Yeah she ain’t a virgin cuz she lost her virginity to me!” Trell spat out of breath. “It was sophomore year and we were both virgins so we decided to lose it to each other. I’m sorry bro, but I had to tell you.”


Jasmine walked up to me grabbing my arm and I jerked away from her.

“Let’s go dance!”

“You fucked Trell 2 years ago?”

Jasmine glared at him. “Seriously Trell?”

“Karma’s a bitch, Jasmine. Just like you.”

She rolled her eyes turning back to me.

“Chris, it was a long time ago. I’m sorry.”

“I just need some space, Jaz.” I walked out of the gym to the bathroom where August was with Karrueche. She had no balance in any part of her body and giggled like a school girl. August got her drunk. I clenched my fists walking up to them.

“Hey Chris! You likey homecoming?!” Kae giggled drunkenly almost falling on the floor and I grabbed her pulling her close to me.

“August, nigga you make me sick. You actually got her drunk? Was hitting that important? ” I almost screamed.

August grabbed her back and began kissing her neck.

“Augusttttttt stopppppppp you’re my friendddddd!” Kae slurred pushing him away.

“Not tonight!” He pounced on her and I punched him making him drop to the floor. Karrueche gasped and began giggling again. I grabbed her hand and led her to my car.

I drove back to my neighborhood while Kae was babbling and slurring random shit. Once we made it back, We went up to her doorstep.

“Kae, you got a key?” I turned my attention from her door to her, who was struggling to keep her balance.

“I think…..” she was about to hit the concrete floor when I caught her. Fuck it. I have to bring her to my house. Mama isn’t home because of her night shift at the hospital anyway. I carried Kae to my house and once we went inside, I laid her on the couch. Although she was drunk off her ass, she looked like a petite goddess. It’s a damn shame everything got fucked up because of bitchass August.

As I turned to leave, she stopped me.

“No, Chris. Stay.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

She nodded moving over and I went behind holding her tiny waist but I backed up due to the fact we were too close for a nigga in a relationship. Kae turned to face me looking up at me.

“Chris, I miss you.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?” 
Kae began to tear up. “As much as you hurt me, I love you because you’re my best friend. I miss you and our friendship so much and as much I try to hide it…..I just can’t hide what I truely feel anymore. I miss my best friend.”

Even though Kae was intoxicated, I could tell she was speaking from her sober heart. Drunken tongues speak sober thoughts.

“Karrueche, I’m so sorry.” I pecked her lips and held her closer kissing her forehead. “I love you too. I’m sorry. I wish I could take it back. I want it all back. I want my best friend back too.”

Kae wiped her face and smiled widely. “Well she’s right here.”


“Wake up!” I felt someone shake me. I got up squinting my eyes at the small girl in front of me.


She swallowed hard pacing the floor. “Ok I just texted my parents telling them I spent the night at Honey’s. Tell me the truth. Did we sleep together?”

“No!” I exclaimed with wide eyes and looked at the time. 4:30 a.m. Mama still ain’t home.

“Do you remember last night?”

She nodded. “Yeah I remember. Kinda.”

“Well August got you drunk to sleep with you so I brought you here to prevent.”

Kae shook her head. “Bitchass.”

“Do you remember what you told me?” I asked slowly.

Kae sat next to me resting her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah. It was all true.”

“I said-”

Kae grabbed my face making me look at her smirking.

“Chris, I remember. I wasn’t that drunk. I forgive you.”

I smiled widely wrapping my arms around her. “Is my Pikachu back?”

Kae giggled a little before responding.

“Yes. Yes she is.”


External image


“WHAT?!” Honey shouted shooting up from my bed and jumping up and down. “I knew it! I fucking knew it!”

Honey came over my house so we could do some Trig together. When the conversation went from math to boys, I let it slip that I was in love with Chris and now she’s freaking out.

“Honey, shh!” I attempted to shush her but failed because she continued to jump up and down giggling like the Energizer bunny on crack.

“I KNEW YOU LOVED CHRIS! I KNEW YOU WERE IN LOVE WITH HIM! I FUCKING KNEW IT!” She screamed running around my room and I placed a hand over her mouth.

“Damn, say it loud enough for Vietnam to know!” I snapped removing my hand and sitting down with my face in my hands.

She finally calmed down taking a seat next to me. “I’m sorry.” Suddenly, I heard dialing on a iPhone.

“Who are you calling?”


“NO!” I roared chasing her around the room.

“Fine. I won’t tell Ty. But can I please tell Heather?”


She stepped onto my bed and I stepped in front of her.

“Please. Can I least tell her and Amber? Please!”

“Fuck no!” I growled wrestling the phone out of her hand causing her to tumble falling onto the floor with a thud. I sat down when Mom opened the door scanning the scene.

“What happened?” She questioned helping Honey off the ground.

“Honey had an accident.” I smirked looking at Honey.

“Honey, be careful.” Mom scolded her leaving the room. I got off the bed shutting the door that my mother always refused to keep shut.

“Count your blessings that I love your ass or I would’ve kicked your ass.” Honey got back onto the bed. “Why don’t you tell him?”

I looked at her like she had 7 heads shaking my head.

“No way!”

“Why not?”

“Because……he got a girlfriend and that’s fucked up.” I answered looking away.

“True, but what’s the real reason?” She pressed on coming closer to me and I sighed looking in her eyes.

“He doesn’t feel the same way. I know he doesn’t. Could I blame him? He has Jasmine. Why would he drop her for me?”

“Because have you ever considered that you’re beautiful, smart as hell, funny, and a fucking sweetheart and that Chris fell in love with that?”

I shook my head once more. “No, because I’m nothing more than his best friend.”


“Shh! Be quiet in the library!” The librarian scolded for the 18th time at some rowdy raggedy ass spohomores. I rolled my eyes turning back to my book. This period I have study hall, but I decided to come to the library. As much as I tried to focus on my book, I was thinking about Chris and felt so much sadness. Why am I thinking so much about someone who doesn’t even think of me that much? I sighed clicking the replay button on my music to hear Crush by David Archuleta once again.

Someone sat at my square table and I didn’t bother to look up. I felt my earbud be pulled out of my ear and I almost snapped until I saw Chris smirking at me, holding my grey earbud. Somehow through my cloud of unhappiness, I was able to give a small smirk.

“Heyyy Pikachu.”

“Hi Chris.” I attempted to hide my dismal tone.

Chris shook his head. “Ok. What’s wrong? You over here all sad and shit. What happened?”

Shit. How’d he know? Before I could open my mouth to respond, he continued.

“And don’t say nothing because I’ve known you too damn long to know when something’s up with you.” He moved from across me to the chair next to me. “What’s up?”

I swallowed looking in his eyes. I used all my might to restrain any sigh of my racing heart. The cause of my remorse yet happiness was staring me in my eyes. Shaking my head, I went back to my book.

“I’m just moody, Chris.” I muttered flipping a page.

“Aight. But I can make you feel better tho.”

Before I knew it, Chris was digging the tips of his fingers into my sides and I stifled back laughter.

“Say Pika Pika!” “Stop!” I breathed out and he obeyed touching his chin.

“Hmm that didn’t get you in a better mood? Ok.” Chris cleared his throat looking around and sang:

“I said if y'all don’t mind, can I talk about my- myyyyyyyyyyyy TH-TH-THOTS?! MY TH-TH-THOTS?!”

Everyone laughed and luckily, the librarian was nowhere in sight. I began to laugh cracking a smile but covered it quick shaking my head.

“Chris, give up!”

“Fine. I’m just gonna bump to my music until this period is over.” Chris placed his earphones into his ears. I nodded returning to my book and taking a sip from my water bottle. Out of nowhere, I felt Chris next to my ear and he sang loudly and proud:


I spat out my water launching into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Tears sprung out of my eyes as I felt my stomach twist in pain.

The librarian came with a frown on her face. “You two, out of the library!” She pointed her wrinkly white finger towards the exit. Chris and I grabbed our stuff as I continuted dying of laughter.

“Can’t believe you did that!” You got us kicked out!“ I tried and failed to sound upset.

"Yeah but it was worth it, seeing that smile again.”

I smiled even wider once he told me that.

“Chris, I-”

The bell rang, cutting me off.

“Oh, Kae, I gotta go. I gotta meet with Jasmine. We’re going to McDonald’s for lunch.” He gave me a quick hug leaving. “Bye, Pikachu!”

“Bye.” I waved sadly feeling stupid. Jasmine. How could I forget about his beautiful girlfriend he’s in love with? I need to chill. I need to listen to my brain.

Because My brain’s telling me to fall back, but my heart is still holding on to hope.

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“What do you want, Jasmine?” I groaned seeing that she had moved next to me in History. Ms. Handler was putting on a documentary and I was trying to catch some Z’s but her ass comes out of nowhere.

“I need to ask you something important. ” She hissed tapping my arm to get my attention. I groaned laying my head ignoring her prying.

“Go on and ask already. I’m trying to sleep.” I mumbled.

“Why are you and Chris not friends anymore?”



“Nunya damn buisness. Now get the fuck off me.”

Jasmine sucked her teeth poking me. “Tell me!”

I turned to her in frustration. “Fine. I got Karrueche drunk at homecoming to fuck, but Chris stopped me before I could. Happy?”

She looked taken aback. “Oh no. Then i’m right. Chris is in love with her.”

“Jasmine, shut up. Stop being so damn insecure. If that nigga loved her, he would be with her and not wasting time with you. So shut up and let me sleep!” I snapped turning over. But she did put something in my mind.

I ain’t giving up on Karrueche so easy. Amber too.

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To Trigga Daddy 😘:


I sent that text this morning and no reply. I sighed rolling my eyes and texted again.

To Trigga Daddyὡ😘:

Bae why you not responding?

I placed my phone in my pocket and sighed. He better answer me. Shit, we got the same history class so he has to talk to me.

When I arrived to History, I greeted Jasmine but swerved August who was sitting next to her.

“Class, we’re watching a documentary so while I get things set up, talk amongst yourselves. ” Ms. Handler turned back to her computer and I turned to Trey.

“Why have you been ignoring me? Trey, if we got a problem, we need to talk about it.”

He turned to me. “How come you never told me you and August had a thing?”

Uh oh. I was speechless. I wasn’t expecting that.

“Trey, that’s why you’ve been swerving me? Because I used to go out with your friend? Trey, that’s stupid.” I scoffed shutting my binder.

“Fine. If it’s stupid, what if Jasmine and I had a thing but I never told you and even lied about it? How would you feel?”

Once Trey used that example, again I found myself dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? Yeah, I lied but only because that was a part of the past I want covered up.

“Exactly.” Trey turned to the movie that began playing and I looked at August who smiled at me then turned back to fall asleep.



Leaving Kae, I made my way to the cafe to meet up with Jazz. If another freshman bumps into my tall ass, Imma stomp them pretending it was an accident. Straight up, be like “what? I ain’t even see them?”

Making it to the cafe, I realized I never found what was wrong with Kae. Just got her smiling and laughing with talking about penises for vaginaholes but never got to the root. It annoyed me

I turned back bumping into Jazz.

“Damn babe. Run me over.” She giggled looking towards the exit and back at me. “Ready to go?”

“Yeah. Sure.” I wrapped my arm around her and peeped Devante, one player on the basketball team walk up to Kae handing her a piece of paper and the shit made my skin itch for some reason. Jazz and I left while I continued to stare at the scene. I wonder if that motherfucker was the reason why she was sad last period.

For his sake, he better not.

“Baby, will you ever leave me for someone else?” Jazz mumbled sadly from under me.

I looked at her furrowing my eyebrows. “No, baby. Where’d you get that idea? I would never.”

“Good. I don’t want you falling in love with someone else.”

“Ok.” I mumbled still staring at Kae and Devante. Better not.


“Chris, did you come up with an idea? We’ve been procrastinating long enough!” Kae folded her arms dropoing her pen. She came over my house to officially start on this science fair project because we’ve been slacking and Walker is gonna rash if we don’t get our shit together.

“Girl, I do!” I stated taking an agressive bite of my honey bun.

“Ok, tell me.”

“Uh…..” I swallowed my bite. “We go to the beach and test the water and shit.”

Kae blinked before taking the honey bun out of my hand ninja- like. She took a bite chewing.

“1. That’s stupid and 2. This honey bun good as shit. Next time, get the one with icing.” She licked her fingers looking through her binder. “We can study Hurricanes or study the acidity of the oceans. And the saltiness.”

“Yeah that’s cool. Can I get my honey bun back?” I made a gesture.

She smirked before taking off, stuffing the honey bun in her mouth.

“Girl if you don’t get-” I chased her around the house where she bumped her hip into the corner and held it.

“Sssss ahhh! Sss ahh!” She began imitating Peter from Family Guy. Shit was funny.

“I’ve been shot!”

“That’s what you get for stealing shit with your clumsy ass but I got you.” I went behind her to examine.

“You just gotta rub it.” I started to rub her hip which turned into me giving her a hug from behind. She turned around giving me a tight hug and looked up at me smiling.

“I feel like 50 cent.”

I laughed,looking in her beautiful eyes, face, everything and I realized something.

I’m in love with my best friend.

Chapter 33: Superhuman

Idris “Big Daddy”

External image

“Let’s go!” I yelled as my men ran out the warehouse.

One of them nicknamed Blue turned to me.

“We shot Rue, sir.”

“You WHAT!” I replied.

“Was that not the order?”

I wanted to punch the shit out of him but I still had Rue’s illegitimate daughter in my arms. I looked down at her and her mouth twisted into a frown. Fuck no.

“Wahh!” She began to wail.

“Shut up!” I snarled but she continued crying.

I placed on her on a blanket near the back door. I’m not trying to hear all that. We piled into the truck and sped off. When we reached our secret place, I called a meeting. I pulled out a cigar and placed it in between my lips. I glared at the girl in the corner.

“Light this shit, bitch.”

She came up and did what she was told. I took a puff and exhaled.

“No, who the fuck thought it was smart to shoot Rue?” I questioned feeling my blood boiling.

“I thought you wanted to kill her.”

“Why would I kill that bitch when I need her?” I snapped rubbing my forehead.

“Well, Rue didn’t get shot. Her boyfriend stepped in and took the bullet.” One indicated.

My eyebrows raised and I smiled taking another hit.

“That’s good.” I exhaled the smoke smiling. “That’s very good.”

“Sir, we have a message from Attica.” They handed me a note and I began reading.

“You and your fucking team ruined everything. Now I’m gonna make you pay the fucking price. I’m going after everyone. You, T-Drop, Honey, and Baby Rue. Everyone.”




I watched as the bullet came towards me. It was like slow motion, but it was too late. I can’t dodge it. I closed my eyes as tears start to produce and I waited for the bullet to come in contact with my chest. This is it.


I stood in confusion. What the fuck? I’ve been shot before, and I had always felt a sharp pain, but this time I feel…..nothing. Like the bullet didn’t hit me. Maybe I’m dead. I deserve to be dead. I opened my eyes. Big Daddy and his corporation had disappeared. I guess this is just like the movies. I’m a ghost and I look down to see my corpse. I sighed deeply and looked down. I gasped placing my hands over my mouth. My heart tore into two and jumped down my throat. I couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t my body that was laying before me.

It was Chris’s.

He laid there on his back with the bullet meant for me lodged into his chest. Oh My God. Chris jumped in front of me. Chris took a bullet for me.

“Chris!” I screamed dropping to my knees and touching his face. “Chris, baby, talk to me!”

Chris’s eyes opened a little and he touched my face.

“Rueche………” he whispered weakly.

“Baby, stay with me!” I begged as tears kept rushing down my face.

I felt Ty’s hands trying to pull me away.

“Come on, Kae, you gotta get up. The ambulance is here.”

“Ty, let me go! I’m not leaving him!” I shouted fighting back.
The paramedics put Chris on a stretcher and rushed out with him. Watching them drive away, I buried my face in Ty’s chest.

“Why did he do that?! It was meant for me! What if he-”

“Kae, no. Don’t say negative shit. Chris is gonna be fine, ok?”

I nodded reluctantly and my eyes widened. “Angie!”

“Right here.” Kim walked towards me bouncing her and placed her in my arms. “Those bastards left her crying.”

More and more tears came as I held onto her tightly.

“I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault!” I sobbed.

Ty drove me to the hospital where the entrance was crowded by a mob of paps. I quickly got out holding Angie tight avoiding their questions. I sat down in the reception as Ty comforted me and Mama J held my hand crying and praying. Waiting. Waiting for the results. Waiting to see my baby’s ok or not. I caused this all.

“Family of Christopher Brown?” The doctor appeared before us.

We all stood up. I looked down at Angie who was fast asleep.

“Please tell me my son’s ok."Mama J whispered.

"Well, we managed to remove the bullet from his chest. He lost a lot of blood causing him to go into a coma and he is in a serious but stable condition.” the doctor informed.

“When will he wake up?” she asked.

“To be honest with you, ma’am. It’s all in God’s hands.”

I handed Angie to Mama so I can drop myself on the chair and cry more. I felt Ty’s arms around me.

“Come on, sis. You have to be strong. For Chris and for Angelina.” He informed me. “Come on, let’s go see him.”

“I can’t!” I replied looking up at him. “I just can’t!”

Ty kissed my forehead and hugged me tighter. “It’s ok.”

“No it’s not! It’s all my fault!” I cried.

He shushed me. “No it’s not. Stop it. It’s ok, sis.”


Watching your little sister cry is the worst shit ever. Watching your best friend get shot is the worst shit ever too. It hurts because I can see in her eyes she really loves Chris and vice versa. This nigga literally took a bullet for her. That’s some real love right there.

I continued to hold her as she cried and the rest of the crew walked in.

“What they say?” Mijo asked me with fear evident in his voice.

I sighed. “He lost a lot of blood so he’s in a coma.”

Kim frowned looking at Kae. “Karrueche….”

She looked up.

“He’s gonna be fine.”

“It’s my fucking fault!” She roared walking out of the exit.

“I’ll go follow her.” Seiko announced going after her.

We sighed and walked inside Chris’s room to see Mama praying and crying and bouncing Angel.

“Dada.” She kept babbling trying to reach out Chris.

It was seriously the saddest shit I’ve ever witnessed. Kim turned to me with tears in her eyes.

“Baby please don’t cry.” I begged silently.

She ignored me and released her tears and I held her close.



I have been crying and crying for weeks
How’d I survive when I can barely speak
Barely eat
On my knees

But that’s the moment you came to me
I don’t know what your love has done to me
Think I’m invincible I see
Through the me
I used to be

It’s been 3 days. 3 fucking days. He’s still not awake. It’s my fault. It should’ve been me. I wish he never jumped in front of me. I wish that bullet hit me. Thomas told me this isn’t over until we’re dead. Well, if I’m dead, everything will be easier. I just keep putting everyone in danger. I took the bottle of Advil out of my purse and stared at it.

“Kae!” Seiko banged on the door frightening me.


“Chris woke up.”

“What?” I felt joy in my heart.

“Yeah he’s asking about you and Angel. Come out.”

I put the bottle back in my purse. I took a deep breath and walked down the hall to Chris’s room. I stayed in the corner as everyone held a conversation with him.

You changed my whole life

Don’t know what your doing to me with your love

“Where’s my fiancée?” Chris questioned.

Everyone parted like the Red Sea giving me a clear view of him looking in my direction.

“We’ll give you guys some alone time.” Mama J announced heading out with the crew.

They all left and I remained in the corner. A silence fell upon the room and I refused to break it. I was observing every detail from afar. He was dressed in all white. His gown white and blankets white. My baby.

I’m feeling all Super human
You did that to me
Super human heart beats in me

“Why you stay in that corner? Come.” Chris’s voice broke through my thoughts.

Once he said that, tears began to surface and I let them fall.

“No, I’m good.” I attempted to wipe them away but they continued to produce.

“No, I wanna see you.” He sat up a little and I watched as he winced in pain.


“Come! Damn it!” He gritted out.

I sighed and stepped out of the corner and into the light. I didn’t realize how much tears were on my face until it hit the light. Chris reached up and touched my cheek.


“Why did you do it? Why did you jump in front of me?” I began crying more. “Why?”

“Because you’ve my heart, Karrueche. If I let the bullet hit you, I’d think I would have a heart attack. Because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, knowing I failed to protect you.” He answered staring my eyes.

I said nothing. I just pulled a chair next to his side and stared at him. I wanted to touch him but I refrained from it. Chris took my hand by surprise and held it.

“I’ll always take a bullet for you.”

I gave him a weak smile. “Me too.”

Nothing can stop me here with you, superhuman

Super human

Super human

Super human


External image


No. I won’t accept it. After all these years, He can’t just suddenly pretend to care. We’re not friends anymore. He ruined our friendship.

“Anymore? What do you mean anymore?” Chris came up to me closer the distance I had set between us. I swallowed hard as I stumbled on my words.

“Wha-What? What are you talking about?”

“You said anymore. I know you, don’t I?” He held my wrist staring into my eyes.

I regained my anger and strength pulling away from him. “No you don’t! If you really knew me-”

My lip quivered and I took a deep breath before continuing.

“You would know.” I spoke. He didn’t realize it but those three little words held so much more meaning than assumed. If he really knew me, he would remember me and our friendship and how much he wrecked me worst than the rest of them.

But he didn’t. And I don’t think he ever will. Which angered me even more.

“So do me and yourself a favor. Don’t touch me or approach me again.” I spat turning on my heel.

“Whatever. You bitter old bitch!”

On impulse, I turned around and my hand came in contact with his cheek. His cheek turned red and my hand started to sting from the slap. My heart stopped at what I had just did. I smacked Chris. I never laid hands on Chris in that manner.

“I’m not bitter and I’m not a bitch! I’m mad as hell!” I snapped at him and walking back to my property to prevent myself crying in front of that dipshit I once called my best friend. Chris would never call me out of my name unless it was Pikachu, the cute nickname he had for me. But never a bitch. It honestly hurt me to the core that this is how we are now. However, it didn’t hurt me that long.

It’s not my fault. It’s his.

The next day, I dressed in my crimson Obey crewneck, black and white tribal print leggings and black combat boots with a black beanie on my head. I walked into homeroom busy on my phone and jamming to Looking Ass Niggas by Nicki Minaj. Looking up, I smiled at the relavance of the song at this moment. Chris and his bitchass crew. I felt a tap on my shoulder and almost clocked the person but saw my annoying ass homeroom teacher. She did a motion meaning to remove my earbuds. I paused my music and pulled them out.


“Beanie too. School rules.” Her grating voice stated.

I rolled my eyes taking off my beanie and made my way to my seat when I heard a wolf whistle. August was looking me up and down biting his bottom lip as Chris watched what would go down.

“Damn Ma, you looking extra fine today. You should slide me them digits.” August casually slid his phone into my hand. I smiled and handed him back his phone.

“And you should go die in a hole.”

August stood there offended as Chris laughed at what I had just said. I felt Chris grab my wrist and before I could react, he slid a gold bangle on it. I landed my eyes on Chris in confusion. By his expression, I could tell he expected me to go off.

“You dropped that in my driveway. I tried to give it to you but you walked away fast.” He explained in a soft tone.

I swallowed hard as every fiber of my being was screaming “Remember me! I’m Karrueche! We were best friends in middle school! I’m your Pikachu!” But instead, I said:

“Thank you and I’m sorry for the slap.”

Chris flashed his winning smile. “It’s cool, baby girl. I disrespected you.”

I felt my lips tug up to form a smile but my anger towards him came back real quick.

“Yeah, don’t let that shit happen again.” I spat rolling my eyes and walking away.

Luckily, I didn’t have that many classes with those idiots and if I did, I wouldn’t have to deal with their basicness. When lunch time came around, I went to the cafe to grab my lunch and scanned the area. To be honest, this is when having no friends really suck. I usually just sit at an empty table and people would just sit with me but we wouldn’t talk. I looked over at Chris’s table where they were clowning as always. Part of me yearned to sit there but the other part didn’t care.

“Kae, come sit here!” A girl’s voice shouted.

I looked over to see Honey waving.me towards her table. I went over to her and sat down. She smiled at me.

“Hey girl!” Her greeting was friendly and warm.

I smiled. “Hey.”

Honey gasped. “Girl, I’m not trying to be on any gay shit but you got a really pretty smile.”

I smiled more blushing. “Really?”

“Yeah! But it’s a damn shame I barely see it.” Honey shook her head then looked over at Chris’s table. “Because of those fuckers.”

“How are you not angry? They made our lives hell.” I asked as Honey took a sip of her water bottle. She put the bottle down and wiped her lips.

“I was. I was mad as hell. But i decided to get over it because staying mad doesn’t hurt anyone but myself.”

I nodded understanding what she said. “Fuck that. I want them to be hurt like they hurt me.”

Honey laughed. “The revenge card. I see you.” Honey looked towards the doors and then back at me.

“Wanna go outside? I don’t want to stay here.”

I swallowed my bite of apple. “Sure.”

We stood up and discarded our trash in the trashbin. We made it outside to cliques chilling and talking. Honey ran up to a couple of a tall darkskinned guy and a lightskin girl with blue hair. I noticed it was Trell. One of my bullies. I stayed behind and began going through my phone. Honey may be ready to forgive-

But I’m sure as hell not.

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I didn’t tell Kae this but the reason why I didn’t want to stay in the cafe is because Tyga’s creeping ass was staring mad hard. That fool needs to put his eyeballs back in.his head if he wants to keep them. Yes, I forgave but I didn’t forget shit.

Heather smiled seeing me arrive. “Hey Honey girl!”

I hugged her tight. “Hey Blue Ivy.”

Heather was my girl but due to the bad past I had with her boyfriend Trell, I tried to ignore her as much as possible. Now I’m tired of that.

“Baby girl where have you been?” Heather questioned releasing me from the hug. I looked over at Trell and pointed at him.

“Because of him!” I stated playfully yet seriously at the same time.

Trell chuckled rubbing his chin. “Still mad about Freshman year?”

Heather stood there puzzled.looking between us. “What happened?”

“I use to tease her a little.”

“A little?” I crossed my arms kinking my eyebrows.

“A lot and I’m sorry.” Trell apologized and I smiled. I turned to see Kae had disappeared. She was standing a corner texting. I grabbed Heather’s wrist.

“Come. I want you to meet someone.”

I led Heather to Kae who looked up from her phone scoweling. Heather scrunched up her nose and looked at me.

“Her? Seriously? I already met her and she’s a rude ass bitch.”

Kae stuck her middle finger at Heather. “Fuck you.” And began to walk away but I stopped her.

“Kae, wait. ” I looked at Heather. “Come on, Blue. She’s really cool, funny, and sweet. She’s been hurt a lot. That’s why she’s a raging bitch.”.

Kae scoffed looking at me in disapproval.

“It’s true.” I defended staring at her as she rolled her eyes.

Heather spoke up. “Baby girl, I’m sorry you got hurt but it’s not my fault or Amber’s. You ain’t gotta be rude. But i get where you’re coming from.”

Kae’s hard expression softened as she uncrossed her arms.

“I’ve just been hurt too much.”

Heather’s face softened as she hugged Kae. It made me smile seeing that Kae stopped being mad at everyone. All three of us began talking when Tyga came up to us.

“Hey Honey. You looking fine.”

I looked him up and down. “And you don’t so swerve boo.”

I got up and walked away feeling myself. Who the fuck does Ty think he is? He was the worst of my bullies. I had a major crush on him back then but he didn’t give a fuck about me.

It’s funny how the roles are reversed now.


To Blueberry Bae:

Aight bae about to go sleep. :*

Heather quickly replied:

From Blueberry Bae:

Sweet Dreams, Papi :*

I smiled at my phone and locked it placing my earphones into the jack. After lunch, I got study hall.at the moment, I’m trying to get comfortable in my seat in study hall, which was difficult due to the fact this school had some cheap ass plastic chairs that swing back and forth. Study hall was whack as fuck but It’s my oppurtunity to catch some Z’s.

The old gray haired white teacher spoke up in a some European accent.

“Alright you know the deal. I’ll call attendence and you guys say here if you’re here and nothing if you’re not.” He began to let out a weird ass laugh as the whole study room remained. I had to take a sip of my water because that joke was too dry.

Jasmine walked into study casually as if her lightskin ass is not late. The study teacher laid his pale blue eyes on Jasmine.

“Young lady, you’re late.” He stated in disapproval.

Jasmine gave him her wicked half smile that makes her resemble a witch and got in his face.

“But I’m here, sir.”

Some students snickered and others went “Ooh!” And the rest said “Kill em! Feeling satisfied with herself, Jasmine went up to the back, pushed my feet on the chair, and sat down.

I sat up looking at her. “Did I say your lightskin ass can sit here?”

Jasmine smirked. “Didn’t have to. So tell me what to do to get Chris to like me?”

I shook my head placing my black Beats earphones into my ears. “Oh so you do want me to hook y’all up?”

Jasmine rolled her eyes like that answer I gave her was false.

“No. That’s gonna make me look desperate. And I don’t do desperate.”

“Shh!” The study teacher shushed us. “I’m about to take attendance.”

“Then do it.” Jasmine turned back to me. “So what turns him on?”

“What’s in it for me?”

“I won’t tell my sister about how we lost our virginities to each other sophomore year!” She whispered harshly but smirking.

I scoffed shaking my head. “You’re a foul ass bitch, Jas. That was 2 years ago. I didn’t even know Heather. We vowed to forget that ever happened.”

She pursed her bright pink lips. “Well if you dont help me, I’ll suddenly remember.”

I sighed irritated that I was not going to take my nap and sat up.

“What do you want to know?" 

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I furrowed my eyebrows mugging her as she walked away. What’s her deal? How is she gonna just give me an apology then an attitude. Damn Karrueche. Yeah I can pronounce her weird ass name because I swear I’ve heard it before. The question is……How?

August nudged my side knocking me out of my thoughts of Karrueche.

"Yo what was that about?” He questioned looking back at her then at me.

I sucked my teeth. “If your nosy ass must know, she’s my neighbor and she dropped her gold bracelet in my front yard.

“Good. I need to make sure you and my bae ain’t got anything going on.” August replied more relaxed.

I squinted my eyes at her. “Ain’t nobody want her rude ass and Nigga, she ain’t your bae. She don’t want you.”

August smirked stupidly. “Not yet.”

I shook my head and waited until the first period rang. All my periods were live even lunch. At lunch, it’s usually me, Trell, Trey, and Tyga because August got a different lunch. Our small square table only held 4 people. In mid conversation, Heather came up to our table.

“Heather!” Ty yelled getting up and hugging her causing Trell to stand up and break it up.

“Hey that’s my girl. Go holla at Honey. I’ll see y’all later. Deuces!” Trell chucked up a deuce with his arm around Heather walking out of the glass doors. Trey began texting under the table because it isn’t allowed and Tyga was staring hard at some table.

“Ty! Who tf are you staring at?”

Tyga turned around sucking his teeth and pointing. “Honey’s whack ass! Damn I want her bad.”

I laughed and looked over to the table that contained Honey and some other girl. They were laughing and I realized that it wasn’t some girl. It was Karrueche. Smiling and blushing. The first time I’ve seen her smile. Damn she looks so damn beautiful when she’s not being rude and ready to kill someone.

Karrueche and Honey got up and threw away their food and I felt Ty snapping his fingers in my face.

“Nigga, I know damn well you ain’t staring at Honey! I called dibs on that.” Ty snapped mugging the shit out of me.

“Ty, Shut the fuck up. No one was looking at Honey.” I looked over as the girls walked out of the doors.

Shit, shit, shit. I’m late to Oceanography. I’m usually late to class but a nigga is beyond late. I know Mr. Walker is gonna rash a nigga, i know his white ass is.

I slowly opened the classroom door and prayed that he wasn’t in the middle of talking. His back was towards the class and I snuck inside making my way towards my seat.

Mr. Walker dropped the chalk on the ledge and turned around crossing his arms.

“Chris, you’re late.”

I threw a little tantrum. “Damn Mr. Walker. Whatchu got, eyes behind your head?”

“Yes and where is your ID?” He questioned turning all the negative attention on me.

“You see OG’s don’t wear ID’S.” I sat back as the rest of the class erupted in laughter.

“Wear your ID.”

I groaned and pulled my ID over my head and around my neck.

“Like I was saying, Senior Science Fair!”

We all groaned and he continued.

“Stop complaining. I had to pick partners.” He scoffed sitting down at his computer and logged in. “Ok Sean, you’re with Naya.”

Sean, a dark skinned guy, sucked his teeth. “Nigga got me working with this hoe.”

I laughed and continued texting on my phone. Shit’s funny as hell when exes gotta work together.

“Chris, you’re with…….”

I crossed my fingers and quietly prayed. “Please no weirdos. Please no weirdos.”

“There it is. Chris, you’re working with Karrueche.”

I uncrossed my fingers and opened my eyes. I made eye contact with Karrueche who rolled her eyes and continued texting on her phone. Karrueche’s my partner?