karrie k


My trash Undertale ocs- Karrie and Carrie.

Karrie is from the main Undertale universe, while Carrie is from the Underfell AU world. They’re the same person but I needed to layout the differences in their essential designs.

Figures I’d make an Undersona that’s basically a lewd party chick. Also both their names are pronounced “Carry”- just one’s with a K.

Karrie is typically always levitating off the ground. Unlike Carrie- Karrie’s vamp traits are a lot closer to the surface. She basically rocks what she is; a trashy monster who just wants to have fun and indulge in life’s pleasures.

Carrie is a lot quieter. She doesn’t say much and hides her vamp traits to the best of her ability. She just wants to be a normal person and wish she could rid herself of her “monster side”.

That’s all I have on them. I dunno. I’m always self conscious when it comes to posting fan characters sooo don’t take these girls too seriously. They’re mostly for my own enjoyment.