Breakfast in Bed || Kari & Everett

It was around nine in the morning when Kari’s eyes just wouldn’t remain shut anymore. She rolled over, greeted by the sight of Everett’s sleeping form. It was rare that she woke up before him, but she was going to take this occasion and run with it. Knowing that neither of them had any big plans for the day, she wanted to give Everett a relaxing morning that would de-stress him from the rough work week he had had. She sat up in bed, stretching out her body a little before slowly and quietly slipping out from beneath her blankets. She crept out of the room to be greeted by Cody, who was standing there with his tail wagging and his tongue hanging out of his mouth. “Let’s go cook for Daddy,” Kari said to the dog in a hushed tone. Kari nodded towards the stairs and sent Cody dashing down them, watching as his form disappeared towards the kitchen. She filled his bowl with some food and clean water, smiling to herself as he began to happily eat.

“What can I make? It has to be good,” Kari mumbled to herself, opening every single cabinet in search of some sort of answer to her breakfast prayers. Finally, she found a thing of pancake mix that Nita made her buy recently so they could have breakfast for dinner one night. “Please don’t let me burn the house down. Please don’t let me burn the house down,” she murmured to herself as she got the pancakes going. As they were cooking, she started to get the rest of her surprise breakfast ready. She grabbed the newly purchased strawberries from the fridge and put them in a bowl, sprinkling a little sugar on them to make sure they were sweet enough. Then, she poured them each a glass of orange juice and got mugs ready for coffee. When both the pancakes and coffee were finished, she arranged everything on a serving platter that she rarely ever used and slowly headed back to the bedroom.

“Perfect,” Kari whispered, seeing that Everett was still asleep. With a smirk, Kari nodded towards her sleeping boyfriend, silently telling Cody to go jump on him and wake him up. As she let the dog do her work for her, Kari grabbed a small table and set it up beside Everett’s side of the bed, placing the tray with their breakfast on top. She climbed back into bed, wrapping her arm around Everett’s waist and pressing her lips to his shoulder from behind him. “Good morning,” she said softly into his ear before placing another kiss on the back of his neck. Kari smirked as Cody curled into a ball at the end of the bed, letting Kari have her chance to greet Everett that morning.

Let's Do Something || Kari & Everett

So, Kari’s birthday party seemed to be a success. Although she was nervous about hosting something in her home, everyone seemed to have fun and nothing was broken by the end of the night. She wasn’t sure who was going to show up or if anyone was at all, but all of the people who ended up coming made it a good night. Well, she assumed that everyone else had a good night; she was a little preoccupied. Kari hadn’t noticed how attractive Everett was before. Okay, she did, but she had never thought anything of it until that mind-blowing kiss in the middle of her living room. When he agreed to head upstairs with her, it was like none of the other party guests even existed. 

Everett had been hesitant about taking things further, and Kari felt good about knowing that he didn’t want to make anything awkward or ruin their friendship. In Kari’s point of view, nothing was ruined. She couldn’t stop thinking about the way his lips felt as they moved against hers, and she really wanted to be near him again. Deciding that it would be good for them to have a night out, she sent him a text reading "busy tonight?“hoping that he was free. Maybe they could go to the bars or something; she really wouldn’t mind as long as she got to hang around with him. Kari was nervous to see how Everett would act after the birthday party, but she knew that she had to play it cool.