People who didn’t live pre-Internet can’t grasp how devoid of ideas life in my hometown was. The only bookstores sold Bibles the size of coffee tables and dashboard Virgin Marys that glowed in the dark. I stopped in the middle of the SAT to memorize a poem, because I thought, This is a great work of art and I’ll never see it again.
—  Mary Karr, The Paris Review Art of Memoir No. 1

to: japanese imperial demon army | subject: vampire nobles

1st progenitor: unknown.
2nd progenitor: saito. urd geales.
3rd progenitor: krul tepes. lest karr. gabel parthe.
5th progenitor: ky luc.
7th progenitor: ferid bathory.
10th progenitor: fuola honte.
13th progenitor: crowley eusford.
15th progenitor: lucal wesker.
17th progenitor: chess belle. horn skuld.
19th progenitor: mel stefano.


Owari no Seraph Chapter 51 TRANSLATED (2/5)

Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope​ (I honestly feel like death at this point LOL this week has been really busy for me :V )

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Rough translation of Owari no seraph chapter 51

Page 1
Gekkoin : It’s the enemy!! Kill the enemy!! Kill the enemy who murdered your sister!!!
Yoichi: …Guuhhhhhh
Yu: Huh?

Page 2
Yu: Yoichi, what’s wrong?
Yoichi: …Da…Dangerous. Stop…Gekkoin

Chapter 51 Crucifixion of the immortal 

Page 5
Gekkoin: That vampire Lacus, killed your sister
Gekkoin: And still you’re holding your wrath again, coward.
Gekkoin: You’re going too far, Gekkoin. Let the image of sister dissappear.

Page 6
Gekkoin: If I let it dissappear, your thoughts on vengeance will fall into oblivion again.
Yoichi: I never had that.
Gekkoin: And you run away as soon as possible
Yoichi: I didn’t run away.
Gekkoin: Then share your body with me, I’ll this vampire for you.
Yoichi: And when I share my body?
With your power, you cannot destroy all vampires.
Gekkoin: Then I’ll borrow your precious comrade’s power.

Page 7
Yoichi: Don’t involve my comrades in my revenge act.
Gekkoin: If it’s too difficult to request I ca-
Yoichi: This my own problem.
Gekkoin : But that Yu guy is only using you. If you want your family back, you have to use your comrades. It’s both the same.
Yoichi : No, it’s different.
Gekkoin: How is it different?

Page 8
Yoichi: Yu-kun is really kind. Even in a world without anything, he doesn’t give up. To bring one’s family back, to protect, to fight.
Yoichi: It’s incredible! Really incredible! If I hadn’t become family with Yu-kun, I probably would died as a desperate existence

Page 9
Gekkoin: …I see…So that means that you aren’t as kind as Yu.
 Yoichi: Someone like me, is nowhere near that kind. Too violent to show anybody. Hmmm…for example? …Gekkoin
 Gekkoin: Um?

Page 10
Yoichi: I won’t kill that vampire named Lacus peacefully. I will bring despair over him to the degree of him regretting his own life/birth
Gekoin: Hahahahaha!!!
Yoichi : That’s something I don’t want to show the other….don’t want to show it my comrades…Give me your power, Gekkoin
Gekkoin: Ahhh, I love it! That’s the reason why I like you, Yoichi
Yoichi : ….

Page 11
Yu: Yoichi, whats wrong?
Yoichi: Hmm it’s nothing. I’m just tired since I’m recently tensing up
Yu: Since here are vampires everywhere go inside and rest there
Yoichi: I will!

Page 12
Shinoa:Mika-san looks alright Yu: Yep
Shinoa: Yes?
Yu: I’m sorry getting you involved in all this
Shinoa: …Excuse me?

Page 13
Yu: Ferid’s target was me, the [Seraph of the end] experiment. And you all…
Shinoa: Didn’t we already talk about this?
Yu: But still,we threw it away all together
Shinoa : This is really something serious, please take responsibility in a right way  
Shinoa: Yu-san

Page 15
 Shinoa: Everyone, the queen and Ferid-san have returned!

Page 16
Yu: What is happening?
Shinoa: I really don’t know…

Page 17
Yu: Somehow, he’s still waving… Narumi: Just don’t react…
Ferid: There, Lest Karr-sama. For now I’ll say it, I never betrayed anyone  Lest: You are Riegr Stafford’s kin. It’s impossible for you to have no ties. Ferid: Then, does Lest Karr-sama still have contact to the First Progenitor?

Page 18
Ferid: It’s the same. I didn’t met father in 1000 years.
Lest: I cannot believe you Ferid: Urd-sama know it, right? I am no match against my fath-
Urd: Shut his mouth
Ferid: Gah…Uah…

Page 19
Urd: We captured the two traitors!! From now on, we will carry out the sunlight torture!! Prepare it!!
Krul: What!!!
Others: The sunlight torture!!?What kind of sin did the queen of Japan commit!!?

Page 20
Urd: From now, you will be burned from the sun for ten days. Everything you want to state after the ten days, I’ll let you say one word.
Ferid: No no, you can ask anything right now. I will answer everything
Urd: Kie Luke, you are the councilor

Page 21
Kie: Eh. Do you mean me? 5th Progenitor Kie Luke
I don’t mind Ferid but the 3rd Progenitor is a bit…
Urd: Make sure to tie them thight. If Riegr Stafford is behind this matter/secret, wr won’t know the interests/ambitions. This means, there are no problems.
Kie: Hm.
Ferid: Please wait. If you already know it then there is now reason for torture-
Urd: But Sanguinem got captured by the humans. You will have to pay for the incapability

Page 22
Urd: Because of your responsibilities, we will now go to Sanguinem. We will come back after 10 days. If you cannot tell an attractive story after those 10 days, we will use you as torture experiments 
Kie: Uahhh- Awesome- You really lived long and the your ends are being torture experiments?

Page 23
 Kie: What kind of feeling is that? Ferid: Really, honestly I think I wet my pants because of those words
Kie: Ahahaha, to wet your pants. There is something that comes out from a human body. I don’t know how long that’s been. Well then, alright, let’s complete it. Ehh, someone the ropes-

Page 24
Krul: Hey Ferid.
Ferid: Hmm?
Krul: Do you have any measures?Ferid : Don’t have any
Krul: …What’s with you

Psge 25
Ferid: But we’ve got comrades. They’ll surely come to save us
Krul: What? Comrades? Where the hell are these comrades?

Page 26
Yu: What’s wrong?
Yu: My heart feels strange. Those are probably your emotions
Yu: It’s there anything?
Asura: Onis haven’t any emotions Yu:….Then what’s this?

Page 27
Asura: I don’t know…I really don’t know…

Kie: Then shall we destroy that sunlight prevention gear?
Ferid: Would you please-

Page 28
Ferid: Aha…it’s just like daybreak as human, eyeblen….ding….

Page 29
Kie:Now, it’s the queen’s turn Krul:…Kk
Yu: Ehh that
Crowley: I won’t save them. I cannot do that right now. But it’s stunning how Ferid-kun is screaming “Gyaahhh” like that.
Yu: It’s not the time to joke!

Page 30
Crowley : But you can’t save them. Yu: Then what are you going to do?
Crowley :…Do you want to save them?
Yu:Eh, ah no…

Krul: Gyaaaahhhhhh!!!

Page 30
Lacus:…didn’t know that queen had a visage like that
Yu: That…do you think that hurts?
Crowley:If it wouldn’t they wouldn’t scream like that

Page 31
Yoichi : Sunlight torture…
Mika: What will you do, Yu-chan?

Page 32
Yu: We will save them. Is there a way to save them, Crowley?
Crowley : Then for now we will tame the [Seraph of the end] inside of you. Let’s go to Ferid’s mansion.


Page 33
Soldier : That’s…it’s Kureto Hiragi-sama!! Kureto-sama has returned!! Open the gates!! The hero that annihilated the vampires is returning!!

Page 35
Soldier: Aoi-sama we will arrive in Shibuya soon
Aoi: Kureto-sama, it’s time. We may talk about Onis later on
Kureto:Ah should we?
Invoke the [Seraph of the end]. We are going to gain control over Shibuya.

Page 36
JIDA’s second capital Shinjuku Guren: …the coup d'état has begun. Once started, we can’t stop it

Page 37
Mito:Eyyy Guren!! How could you jerk just put me in jail!! Explain what’s happening!!!

Page 38
Guren: Everyone’s here
Mito: Just explain-
Guren: Explanations later. First we have to move.
Shinya:Where the hell are we going?
Guren:…To Osaka

T/N: that chapter was really something….hot Gekkoin, burning Krul and Ferid, Kureto about to overthrow his dad and Gurens squad…I’m really looking forward to the new chapter because drama is about to happen c: